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Inside Outdoors – February 24, 2018


Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Bill and Rich give the Lake Monroe report. Severe weather and flooding in Indiana, the midwest and south from Texas to Pennsylvania. Lot’s of snow in Wyoming, local flooding on roads near Lake Monroe, Don calls in from Florida, more discussion about the weather, application period Feb.1st through March 18 for the reserved turkey hunt at hunting.in.gov , floods and the effect on wildlife, not so much the mammals, but birds, spring birds in Ketchican Alaska, hot weather in the arctic, DNR posting pictures of flooding, Smithville Winters Farmers Market is on the 1st of each month, so coming up next week in March, gun control issues, and discussion, NRA and their agenda, the real meaning of the 2nd Ammendment, discussion about the Florida High School and the deputy accused of doing nothing to help during the shooting, arming teachers and the possible ramifications, trapping otter and huntin bobcat, elimination of bluegill, fishing almost ready to go in Indiana this spring, Buffalo and problems in Yellowstone, a flurry of earthquakes in Yellowstone, the bill concerning commercial regulated logging on West Virginia state park lands is dead.

Our Anchors are ‘Buddy Bill’ Moser, Don Jordan, and Rich Reardin.
‘Inside Outdoors’ Producer is Rich Reardin.
Morrison’s Appliances and Service underwrites the program.
Executive Producer is Wes Martin.

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