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Inside Outdoors – April 14, 2018


Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Lake Level and temperatures, anti-fungus powder for tomatoes, talk about garden seeds and varieties, what it was like growing vegetables in the ‘old days’, caller “Ben” calls in to talk about finding Morrell mushrooms, talk about mushroom hunting as now is the time, quarry holes and how they’ve changed through the years, fishing in the old quarry holes, firearm safety in the 70’s at grade school, blizzards in the Dakotas, local news about the mulch fire in Lawrence county, standing water in Monroe county, bad situation about I-69 construction, Don talks about a mockingbird he’s heard, and other species of birds who have been showing up now that it’s spring, owls, and Bill does his owl calls.

Our Anchors are ‘Buddy Bill’ Moser, Don Jordan, and Rich Reardin.
‘Inside Outdoors’ Producer is Rich Reardin.
Morrison’s Appliances and Service underwrites the program.
Executive Producer is Wes Martin.

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