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EcoReport February 8, 2018


The proposal for a waste transfer station on Bloomington’s Northwest side was officially withdrawn; At a January 23 Board of Public Works meeting, Public Works Director Adam Wason discussed the City of Bloomington’s winter de-icing efforts with the Board of Public Works; The ban on transporting Ash wood in Indiana has been lifted. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced the change in a press release; The Indiana house of representatives has voted down a measure to protect state forest from logging; A January 31 memo released by the US Bureau of Land Management allows land leases to oil and gas companies to be processed within an expedited 60 day period; The Trump administration has withdrawn its nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White to lead the White House’s top environmental office, the Council on Environmental Quality.

This week’s news stories were written by Sarah Vaughn, Wes Martin, Andrew Brown, Norm Holy, and Linda Green. Jonah Chester produced our feature. Jan Walker produces Get Out and Hike. Cindy Beaule edits the audio. Julianna Dailey compiled our events calendar. Script Editor and show-runner is Andrew Brown.Producer is Rebecca Mueller. Executive producer and engineer is Wes Martin.

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