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EcoReport features and special reports
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EcoReport – Rebecca Barthelmie: Atmospheric Science and Sustainability

In today’s EcoReport feature, Rebecca Barthelmie, IU professor of Atmospheric Science and Sustainability, talks about Climate Change from a local perspective.

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EcoReport – Bloomington Food Policy Council

In today’s EcoReport feature, Members of the Bloomington Food Policy Council talk about their proposal to include ambitious local food production goals in the city’s Imagine Bloomington urban growth vision.

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EcoReport – Jody Perras: Sierra Club

In today’s EcoReport feature, the Sierra Club’s Jody Perras talks with Correspondent Joe Crawford about new EPA rules on power plant emissions.

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EcoReport – Alex Jarvis: Solar Systems of Indiana

In today’s EcoReport feature, Correspondent Norm Holy speaks with Alex Jarvis, President of Solar Systems of Indiana, who provides a snapshot of the status of solar power in southern Indiana.

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EcoReport – I-69 Contruction Continues to Raise Evironmental Concerns

In today’s EcoReport feature, we learn about water pollution from sediment, erosion problems, and other environmental violations by contractors building I-69.

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EcoReport – Sierra Club: Indiana Supreme Court Justice Unfit to Rule

In today’s EcoReport feature, we hear about allegations from the Sierra Club that one of Indiana’s Supreme Court justices is unfit to rule on a case involving the future of a proposed coal gasification plant in Spencer county.

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EcoReport – Dr. Brian MacGowan: Importance of Non-Game Species in Forest Mgt.

Dr. Brian MacGowan from the Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources department talks about the importance of incorporating the needs of reptile, amphibian and other non-game species in land management plans.

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EcoReport – Mike Ryan: National Weather Service

In today’s EcoReport feature, Mike Ryan from the National Weather Service talks about this summer’s weather and why global warming is not a linear function.

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EcoReport – Sierra Club Reports: Power Plants Polluting Water

In today’s EcoReport feature, a new report from the Sierra Club shows that Indiana Power Plants discharge toxic coal Ash or Wastewater into the state’s streams. WFHB investigates the pollution practices, as well as an effort to stop a new Indiana coal mine from being built.

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