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Bring It On! – October 23, 2017


Tonight’s episode our host Clarence Boone and Roberta Radovich interview with two inspiring Performance Directors from the African American Arts Institute. First, James Strong, a recent hire as director of the IU Soul Revue.  Strong is a critically acclaimed bassist, musical producer and director, and has played for multiple artists such as Toni Braxton, En Vogue, Tupac, MC Smooth, New Edition and LL Cool J. Second, Dr. Raymond Wise, the director of the African American Chorale Ensemble.  Dr.Raymond Wise discusses his ongoing vision for the African American Chorale Ensemble. Dr.Wise has served as a church musician for more than 30 years, in his time as a musician he has recorded 22 albums, performed with various opera singers, orchestras, dance companies, and has and will continue to tour throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, as a singer, dancer, pianist, composer, choral director, lecturer, and teacher.



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