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BloomingOut – Spencer Pride – October 12, 2017


On this week’s episode of BloomingOut, we welcome Judi Epp and Marissa Mallo from Spencer Pride.

Judi is the Volunteer Coordinator for Spencer Pride, and Marissa is a director for the organization. We spoke a little bit last week about some big news for Spencer Pride, and we wanted to make sure to give time to find out what is next on their agenda.


From Travel and Leisure:

Approximately 80 percent of 1,000 LGBT couples surveyed by Virgin Holidays responded that they did not feel safe holding hands abroad.

From The Indy Star:

LGBT organizers from around the world gathered on Saturday to discuss how to protect themselves in an environment that may not be so friendly to their cause.

From The Associated Press:

A few hundred people held the first ever pride parade in the Kosovo capital, Pristina, to promote the rights of the gay community.

From The Las Vegas Sun:

Advocates pushing for an unaltered Dream Act to protect young immigrants are warning of the discrimination that some in the LGBT community would face if they were deported.

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