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bloomingOUT – LGBT News Chat – March 1, 2018

Tune in to this hour long discussion of LGBT issues impacting lives in America. Topics include the transgender military ban and Donald Zarda, who was fired from his job as a skydiving instructor. The second half of the show turns to bloomingOUT’s new co-host, Grant Rollins. They discuss what it’s like being a youtube vlogger and being gay on social media. …

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bloomingOUT – Bloomington North United Students Discussion – February 22, 2018

BloomingOUT hosts lead a conversation with guests about problems concerning gender identity in the school systems. They also welcome a new co-host, Grant Rollins, a local youtube content maker and social-media guru; to discuss Queer pop-culture. ​​They are joined in the studio by Greg Chaffin, a guidance counselor from Bloomington High School North. Greg was the 2014 Indiana Counselor of the …

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bloomingOUT – Round Table Gun Control Discussion – February 15, 2018

In response to the tragic school shooting in Florida yesterday, BloomingOUT hosts Alex and Frankie debate gun control laws in the US with several guests. Our guests this evening include: Rachel Guglielmo (pronounced Goo-lee-ay-mo) Rachel Guglielmo leads the Indiana chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She has three school-aged kids, and began volunteering with the organization …

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bloomingOUT – Jessica Bussert – February 8, 2018

Tonight we are joined in the studio by Jessica Bussert, a Transgender Health Professional who participated in one of the largest gender discrimination cases in the United Kingdom. In this episode, they discuss LGBT rights, the Kinsey Institute, and the struggles of being a traveling nurse.   Featured song “Stand Up” by The Sissies.  CREDITS BloomingOUT is Produced by Alex Ashkin. …

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bloomingOUT – Tim Donovan – February 1, 2018

In this broadcast, we are joined in the studio with Tim Donovan, a local therapist helping individuals with various issues ranging from depression, anxiety, and gender identity counseling. We discuss the constantly evolving literature and psychiatric understanding regarding the LGBTQ community. Additionally we also talk about how mental illness impacts both the LGBTQ and local communities as a whole, and things …

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BloomingOUT – Tim Donovan – February 1, 2018

Madison True, 2018.

BloomingOUT hosts Frankie, Rachel, and Alex discuss the evolving literature and psychiatric understanding of the LGBTQ community. They’re joined in the studio by Bloomington-based therapist Tim Donovan, who speaks to how mental illness, and stigma, impacts the LGBTQ community. Tonight we will be featuring the music from Bloomington band, Sleeping Bag with a selection from their 2017 release, “Wet.” It was …

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BloomingOUT – Liz Watson – January 25, 2018

BloomingOUT hosts Frankie, Rachel, and Alex examine a recent article from Huffington Post writer, Rebecca Klein, regarding the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, recent dismissal of several Title 9 discrimination suits. They discuss the importance of Title 9 protections for Transgender students, and what we can do to help lend our voices to help benefit some of the …

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BloomingOUT – Janae Cummings – January 18, 2018

Join BloomingOUT hosts Rachel, Frankie and Alex as they welcome Chair of Bloomington Pride, Janae Cummings. They start the show discussing the recent news of Indian prince Manvendra Singh Gohil who is opening a LGBTQ community center in his palace. This decision has created a unique resource for the queer community in a country where same-sex marriage is still illegal. …

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BloomingOUT – Brian Powell and Dan Canon – January 11, 2018

This week on BloomingOUT Indiana University professor, Brian Powell discusses a current ideological divide in American culture with WFHB News director Wes Martin. Our hosts Frankie, Rachel and Alex share their opinions on the division before turning to Indiana 9th District Primary Candidate, Dan Canon. Dan spoke to our hosts yesterday regarding his work as a civil rights attorney, his …

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BloomingOUT – 2017 Round-up – January 4, 2018

BloomingOut hosts Frankie, Rachel and Alex discuss hot topics within the LGBT community including the Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission and a similar case in Oregon. They question whether the Oregon discrimination case is indicative of a greater trend and how this case could impact future court rulings. During the second half of their discussion, our hosts reflect …

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