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WFHB is seeking a Sales/Marketing Intern

About the Sales / Marketing Internship

• This intern will sell underwriting (low-key advertising) to help WFHB increase its
underwriting revenue from local businesses and other local entities; also to inform
(primarily) Bloomington businesses of the high value WFHB provides to the Bloomington
community. Participating underwriters purchase “mentions,” which are on-air
announcements of their support. Mentions are a form of not-for-profit “advertising” –
but there is little in the text of a mention that resembles commercial advertising. The
verbiage used in mentions is restricted by the FCC (Federal Communications
Commission). A typical underwriting mention is as follows:
“Support for WFHB comes from Hopscotch Coffee, featuring specialty coffee
roasted in-house daily, biodynamic teas, and hand-crafted sodas. Hopscotch
Coffee is located on the B-Line trail at Dodds and Morton, with dedicated parking
in back and on the street.”

• The student will earn 7% of the underwriting revenue (less applicable taxes) received by
WFHB attributable to the student’s efforts.

• Attend a WFHB orientation session. They are held at 6:30-7:30pm on the first
Wednesday of each month. WFHB is located on 4th street between South College and
South Walnut, directly across from the 4th Street Parking Garage.
• Train to sell underwriting with one or more staff, including the Underwriting Director.
• Make initial contact with 10 or more potential underwriters (business or other entities)
each week.
• Sell 1-3 underwriting contracts each week.
• Review weekly progress with WFHB Underwriting Director and/or Treasurer.
• Junior-Senior level is preferred. Sophomores may apply as well.
• Marketing or Professional Sales majors may be best suited for the position, but any major
can apply.
• Recommended but not required: Previous job-related sales experience and/or working
with the public in any capacity
• Excellent oral communication skills
• Executive presence – confidence, poise, excellent interpersonal skills
• Start of internship: As soon as the student’s schedule permits. No later than one week
after the beginning of Summer I.
• End of internship: Based on student’s needs and interest (but at least three months).
• Schedule: 5-10 hours per week (enough hours to accomplish responsibilities listed above)
• Location: Bloomington (and possibly Brown County, depending on whether the intern
has a car).
• Other than the WFHB orientation session, training sessions, and weekly review sessions,
there is no set daily schedule.

Send resume and cover letter to manager@wfhb.org.

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