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WFHB Board of Directors hires permanent General Manager

The WFHB Board met on November 25, 2013 to determine the next steps in the General Manager search.  With the decline of employment from Mr. Kevin Culbertson, the board decided that there was no need to reopen the search with the current two finalists remaining and a potential additional candidate to consider as a finalist.  The board determined that Mr. Cleveland Dietz, who had previously received an interview from the selection committee for the position of GM should receive a finalist interview with the board to be considered along with the other remaining finalists.

Given the data collected on each candidate, the committee engaged in a lengthy deliberation and compared the overall competencies and strengths to determine which finalist would best meet the current and future needs of the station.  To evaluate each finalist, the board reviewed the strengths of the three finalists considering the interview results, input received from the staff, interview committee notes, and the membership input.

After a unanimous vote, it was agreed that Cleveland should receive an offer of employment to become the next General Manager of WFHB. An offer was extended to Cleveland on November 26, 2013 and he accepted. Cleveland, who is familiar to us during his years of volunteer service at WFHB and the last five months as interim GM was selected based on the following: