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The Third Greatest Mardi Gras on the Face of the Earth

Come party Mardi with WFHB Community Radio and The Players Pub, beginning at 4PM and going until late in the evening.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2015


BOARD AGENDA FOR January 26th, 2015

Kelly Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN


    1. Present:  Louis Malone, Sheryl Mitchell, Cleveland Dietz, Joe Estivill, Pamela Davidson, Maria McKinley, Rich Reardin, Kelly Wherley (recorder).   Guests are Darin Bagley, Cathi Norton, Richard Fish, and Joe Crawford.
    1. Tabled as the Secretary is way behind on minutes taking.
  3. New News Director Report
    1. Joe Crawford has been appointed News Director and he’s now full-time.  The Board welcomes him heartily.  The Board discussed the process for hiring the Assistant News Director.  We are in agreement that we would like the search to include external candidates as well as internal.  Cleveland requests that Joe be a part of the hiring process from the beginning to the end.  Louis Malone suggests posting the position immediately and have it up for two weeks and that will give the personnel committee time to finalize the hiring policy and use it as the hiring guidelines.
    1. Cleveland needs the board to vote formally to hire Joe and Cleveland moves that, while Alycin is still working as interim Assistant News Director, we make her salary exactly half her current rate.  Maria McKinley moves that we hire Joe Crawford full-time as the new News Director and Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.  Louis Malone moves that Alycin Bektesh be moved to Assistant News Director and her salary be one half of her current salary (beginning February 1st, 2015) and Pamela Davidson seconds.  Motion passes.
    2. Diversity Statement

i.      We need to adopt and commit to one of the four diversity strategies stipulated by the CPB.  We’re thinking of adopting two if we can do diversity training for free after the new board is elected.  We’ll look into that are definitely committing to “including qualified, diverse candidates in our slate of candidates for the board.”  Louis Malone moves that we accept the diversity statement as written and adopt the fourth strategy as our commitment to the CPB’s mandate on this, Pamela Davidson seconds.  (It’s been posted on the website for the past two months).  Motion passes.

ii.      Cleveland has signed up for conflict resolution that is a series of classes that will go through March 8th.  We need to move the quarterly meeting as a result of this—no formal decision on this at this meeting.

  1. Centennial Celebration.  Cleveland met with Paul Daly and for WFHB to be involved, and we’re going to go on a march in September instead of December.
  2. Facilities issue discussions with CATS have officially ended, and CATSweek discussions have officially begun.
  3. The News Room has got a door but not a yet a doorknob, but it will come soon!
  4. RadioFreeAmerica! Collaboration is just about finished and our radio show streaming capabilities will be ready by February 1st.  Firehouse Sessions are also officially available on the iTunes store.  We’re also very excited about the collaboration with the Pit Stop series.  Cleveland is going to be featured in the “Our Town” section of Bloom Magazine, which is exciting.
  5. Joe Estivill asked about whether or not the Development Director should be on the Finance Committee (she serves on the Development Committee).  He also mentioned that he floated Jim Manion as an “Arts Advocate” to the City of Bloomington, and also about some of the logistics behind the new underwriting structure—Cleveland has a plan to reward long-time supporters because rates have risen.  Joe is also hosting Alycin’s going away party/Joe Crawford’s welcoming party on the 12th.  Also, the Third Greatest Mardi Gras on the Face of the Earth is happening on February 17th.  All at the Player’s Pub.
    1. Slight difference in numbers from General Manager and Development Director—the DD didn’t include end-of-year contributors or random contributions, hers was a reflection of the direct campaign.  The data we had on donor’s addresses were out of date on a number of people, so we’re going to work on shoring up those addresses and contacting folks who haven’t donated in some time, especially after spring fund drive is through and people have gotten their tax returns.  Accuracy checks are going to be important in a transient town like Bloomington.  We’ve been working on underwriting and there’s not been much movement there.  The CPB application is just about finished so we’re close to getting our second dispersement of funds ($21K).  Thanks also to Joe for hosting Jeffrey Morris’ birthday party—it was a success that raised over $600 for the station.
    2. Match Madness:  There’s a promotion for endowments wherein $10K raised in one day will be matched by The Community Foundation for Endowment Programs with an opportunity for another $5K if all of the participating non-profits are able to meet that goal.
    3. Pamela Davidson stated that we should adopt a policy that Board Members should all be financial contributors (whatever the amount) in the spirit that if board members are asking people to contribute, they need to be willing to do that as well.
    4. Rich Reardin raised the question as to what the Development Director has planned based on the gap between fundraising budgeting and actuals.  Cleveland states that, while there is a gap, the underwriting is the same as where it was at this time last year and there have been improvements, including having the Development Director work with Hondo Thompson and Beth Moses for underwriting training.  There have been a lot of changes in what underwriting reps are asked to do and getting everyone on the same page is taking some time.  Louis Malone reminded us that the management of staff is the purview of the General Manager and the Board can pose questions about the staff’s performance through the GM.  President Joe Estivill commented that the budget was indeed in the red, and that it seemed appropriate of the Board to know about underwriting activities in the Development Director’s report.  Rich Reardin asked if the Development Director or the General Manager was overseeing underwriting, and Cleveland replied that, at this point, it was the General Manager’s job to oversee underwriting activities but that the Development Director was in the process of transitioning towards overseeing the entirety of that operation.  Pamela Davidson stressed that a Development Director position is one that a person needs to grow into and several members commended the Development Director’s efforts towards securing 60+% of the Match Madness funds needed to get a matching endowment grant from the Community Foundation for Endowment Programs.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      They set the agenda but failed to send it out.  We’ll do better in the future, aka, My (Kelly Wherley’s) Bad

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Profit/Loss review, CPB money, Follies potential membership, underwriting low but people are buying at new rates and we’re grandfathering long-time supporters, board needs to be more active in finding supporters for the station, planned giving, phone calls, insurance discussions.  Joe Estivill mentioned the $19K bill we’ve got due for equipment, so the surplus it looks like we have is not quite as big as it seems, as it has been earmarked for expenses.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      Discussion over the grievance policy:  Maria McKinley read the old and new versions regarding the documentation process for grievances and the flexibility it is attempting to grant aid staff and board members in terms of documenting any grievance brought forth to them.  New language reads, “Documentation may be required upon request at any time by any involved party.  Any grievance brought to the General Manager or Board of Directors for resolution must be documented.  If documentation is required, it must be performed by a paid staff member or Board member.”  Louis Malone moves that we accept the policy, Sheryl Mitchell seconds, motion passes.

ii.      Sexual Harassment policy:  The policy was constructed using boilerplate methods from the statewide efforts to standardize these sorts of issues.  Question regarding volunteer cooperation with any potential investigation and confidentiality.  After much discussion, Louis Malone moves that we approve the policy as it has been written, with the amendment that we strike “as much as possible” from the confidentiality clause.  Sheryl seconds.  Motion passes.

  1. Personnel Committee

i.      Sheryl, Joe, and Maria have been working with Louis on the Personnel and Nominating procedure documents but haven’t heard anything back.  They were sent out on 12/22/14 and we need to hear back from board members to finalize these procedures.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Pushed.

  1. Policy Document Approvals (Continued)

i.      Grievance (edit) – See above

ii.      Sexual Harassment – See above

iii.      Hiring / Board Nomination Policy – See below

    1. GM’s Formal Recommendation for new News Director

i.      Done (see above).

  1. New Board Member Nominations

i.      See Personnel Committee report from Louis Malone.  Please e-mail Louis Malone with any recommendations.

  1. Health Insurance

i.      The board decided, after long discussion, that we would increase staff members’ salaries and assist them in choosing a governmentally subsidized health insurance program.  $350/mo. pre-tax salary increase for each employee across the board.  This was done both in the interest of the employees and the sustainability of the station.  We made this resolution with the expressed intent of revisiting this policy in a year to make sure it is working for everyone.  The $350 is an effort to get dental and vision on the WFHB side, while the medical would be through the government.  Essentially, each full-time employee gets paid an additional $4,200/yr to cover medical expenses, and the $28K WFHB currently spends on insurance would go away.  Pamela Davidson moves that we increase employees salaries $350/mo. (strongly encouraging them to pay into a health insurance account) with the provision that we review this policy annually, Louis Malone seconds.  The General Manager will figure out the timing (whether or not the shift will become active in February or March—and we certainly don’t want a month-long lapse in employees’ coverage).  Motion passes.

ii.      Louis Malone moves that we purchase life insurance at a cost of $100/mo. with the provision that we review this annually.  Pamela Davidson seconds.  Motion passes.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.




  1. Approval of minutes was tabled.
  2. Maria McKinley moves that we hire Joe Crawford full-time as the new News Director and Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.
  3. Louis Malone moves that Alycin Bektesh be moved to Assistant News Director and her salary be one half of her current salary (beginning February 1st, 2015) and Pamela Davidson seconds.  Motion passes.
  4. Louis Malone moves that we accept the diversity statement as written and adopt the fourth strategy as our commitment to the CPB’s mandate on this, Pamela Davidson seconds.  (It’s been posted on the website for the past two months).  Motion passes.
  5. Louis Malone moves that we accept the grievance policy, Sheryl Mitchell seconds, motion passes.
  6. Sexual Harassment Policy:  Louis Malone moves that we approve the policy as it has been written, with the amendment that we strike “as much as possible” from the confidentiality clause.  Sheryl seconds.  Motion passes.
  7. Pamela Davidson moves that we increase employees salaries $350/mo. (strongly encouraging them to pay into a health insurance account) with the provision that we review this policy annually, Louis Malone seconds.  Motion passes.
  8. The Board also considered the switching of the words “empowered” and “entertained” in the Vision Statement.  Pamela Davidson moved that we accept the changes and Sheryl Mitchell seconded.  Motion passes.

News and Public Affairs Committee Minutes – January 15, 2015

Maria called mtg to order 7:05pm.

Present: Sarah Ryterband, Maria McKinley, Cynthia Roberts-Hall, Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford.

During comment period Sarah raised her disappointment with lack of substance in recent Bring It On! episodes. Alycin says there has been a little more response from Clarence Boone than in the past re: Bring It On! Alycin also spoke of her mediation with Clarence supervised by William Morris. Also of the need to prep someone to step into Clarence’s role with a better handle on advance program planning.

Maria addressed the need to update promos and intros.

Director report: Joe is now News Director with his promotion. A search will ensue for his replacement to the half-time staff position. Joe’s role is to cover news while the new hire will handle public affairs. Alycin will be involved from afar to cover until the position vacated by Joe is filled.

There will be a joyous community party Feb 12 to celebrate these positive changes and bid Alycin farewell. We extended our sincere thanks for all her hard work and being a wise director during her tenure.

NPAC needs new members: one at large and one or two to representing News. Suggested names include Jim Sims and Scott Weddle.

A change of role for NPAC members is to be a strong voice for change, and to create department guidelines drawing from News Summit outcome. Review mechanism will be revised, and programs will get a simultaneous annual review. Need to decide best way to evaluate programs.

The current pattern of having short segments that appear on DLN eventually develop into free standing programs seems effective. It works like a pilot and is a good way to assess them.

Plans to switch to an hour of community news with magazine format at noon and move the second airing of Democracy Now! to 5pm needs our support

CATS relationship in limbo as it continues to be a valuable source of funds but comes with constraints.

Comment by Cynthia re: the reduced calendar reads by DJs. She and Marti Crouch liked the old way it was done. “Keep radio like radio.”

Adjournment at 8:13pm.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 22, 2014


BOARD AGENDA FOR December 22nd, 2014

Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN


    1. Present:  Joe Estivill, Markus Lowe, Louis Malone, Pamela Davidson, Maria McKinley, Sheryl Mitchell, Richard Fish, William Morris, Rich Reardin.  Kelly Wherley is recorder but was in Arizona and is listening to a recorded audio file.  Audiophile.
    2. Called to order at 7:08pm.
    1. Tabled until next meeting.  Waiting for a couple of updates.
    1. Cleveland gives his report which highlights:

i.      Drywall has been put up in the newsroom, it’s yet to be painted but that’s coming soon.  We should be able to paint it without buying any paint thanks to Dan Withered.  The Building inspector has been in and gave it the okay, fire alarm is coming soon.  Thanks to William Morris for representing WFHB at the Bloom Magazine reception.  We submitted our AFR to the CPB and the first dispersement should come by January 7th, which will (total) be around $49K.

ii.      Warranty on the recent audit:  Various organizations have different criteria for granting funds based on audits and the length of time our audit will be good for will depend on that (CPB’s criteria changes every year, for example).  But audits going forward should be relatively easy based on the success we experienced on this one.

iii.      Ryder magazine:  We’ve got a full-page ad in the Ryder magazine for the next full year in trade.

iv.      Serve IT:  Serve IT came to audit our computers but felt our radio-specific equipment was a bit beyond their expertise but we are up to date on the office equipment.

v.      Diversity Statement:  We must also begin working on a Diversity Statement initiative that the CPB mandates (and is due ASAP) and adopt one goal from them as well.

vi.      RadioTraffic Service Switch:  On the NFCB Listserv they were offering an analysis service that RadioTraffic provides us and the payment would be one-time vs. the yearly subscription payment we give to RadioTraffic.  Cleveland is looking into the pros and cons of possibly switching this service.

vii.      We also discussed here the News Department and some of the issues that we’ve been tackling recently.

    1. We’d like to make sure that the dates that Dorothy generated for various development meetings and events are translated in the central google calendar.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      Spoke about the mediation situation in the News Department—William Morris stated that CJAM will do mediation for free.  Also discussed expanding out program agreement with CATSweek.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Markus Lowe reports that (other than the topics covered in the GM report) we’re close to 99% fulfillment on the Fall Fund Drive pledges.  We’re still waiting on an Angel Donor whose contribution is tied up in a trust.  Spoke about the health insurance cost increases coming up (which are significant) and what kind of alternatives we might consider to help with this.  The ACA figures largely in this discussion and we floated various experts in insurance and the new governmental subsidies and we’ll be reaching out to them for advice on this matter.  This is a sensitive issue (including time) and we’re going to make every effort to consult and inform staff and guide them through any processes we initiate.  Finance Committee discussed profit/loss for the last month.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      Markus Lowe reports that final edits to the remaining two job descriptions will be completed shortly.  The grievance policy is being finalized and will be brought forward to the next meeting and the sexual harassment policy is in its beginning stages.  The next big thing is going to be the by-laws which require a membership vote to change so those are going to need special attention and a special timeline to make sure the membership is apprised of any proposed changes.

  1. Personnel Committee

i.      This committee is going to be working on hiring and nomination procedures and the documents which will be addressed in the January session.  In terms of appointed board members and their assigned terms/or if they’re up for re-election:  Sheryl Mitchell was appointed to a three-year term, Louis Malone is going to be up for re-election, Joe Estivill is up for re-election, Rich Reardin was assigned a two-year term, Pamela Davidson is up for re-election.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Markus has been working on this and has been looking at Board Source Online that does surveys and reports and have ten areas of any board’s responsibilities and suggests we divide those up among current members.  He’ll be e-mailing out the ten areas and would like folks to put this on their radars as this could be a good guideline for creating the manual.

  1. CATS / News Department

i.      We’re backing off the idea of shared facilities and working towards an expansion of cooperative programming.

  1. Equipment Audit

i.      Nothing significant to report at this time.

    1. Policy Document Approvals (Continued)

i.      Nothing to report at this point.

  1. Board Facilitator on Annual Meeting

i.      Food, room, table and general logistics are going to Board Secretary, Kelly Wherley and Brother William offered to help.

  1. Diversity Statement

i.      This is required by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  William Morris had some edits for the working Diversity Statement and Cleveland is going to send those out and we’ll vote on it via e-mail.  It’s a living document and can be re-visited at any time.

  1. Vision Statement

i.      It reads:  “WFHB community radio envisions a diverse, sustainable, participatory multi-media service that contributes to an empowered, informed, and entertained community.”  Motion to approve and seconds were had and motion passes.

  1. Brother William Morris announced that he’s taking over the Friday afternoon show for Joe Borne at WFIU and he’s gotten some ideas for how WFHB can improve and will be sharing those as time goes on.
  2. Committee Reassignment discussion:  Various discussions about board members switching committee membership.  Rich Reardin is going to switch to the Fundraising Committee and also to the Facilities Committee.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – November 24, 2014


BOARD AGENDA FOR November 24th, 2014

Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN


Present:  Rich Reardin, William Hosea, William Vance, Liz Mitchell, Clarence Boone, Darin Bagley, William Morris, Kelsey Lynn Wagoner, Sheryl Mitchell, Joe Estivill, Louis Malone, Pamela Davidson, Cleveland Dietz, Maria McKinley, Andy Ruff, Markus Lowe, Kelly Wherley (recorder).


    1. Bill Vance read a prepared statement from the Bloomington Branch of the NAACP concerning their stance on Bring It On! and its timeslot.  Joe Estivill stated that the programming schedule lies outside the realm of the Board’s purview.  William Morris stressed the fact that the change in timeslot affects not only Bring it On! but also Hola Bloomington and the effects that changing the timeslot would have on the producers and the listenership.  Cleveland ran down the rationale for changing the timeslot and stated there is a survey posted online requesting listener feedback that went up today (November 24th) or you could call the station and someone will walk you through it.  The board and the attendees discussed various pros and cons of moving the public affairs shows to a noon timeslot—no decisions were made and the time shift is simply an idea at this point, not a foregone conclusion.  Clarence Boone stated his role in producing Bring it On! which includes all of the content (guests, scripts, music, etc.) and that the News Director leaves the building shortly after the show begins as it stands.  Clarence was also not aware that a news survey was being disseminated.
    1. Andy presents what he feels is a systemic problem of misrepresentation by certain WFHB volunteers of the recent deer culling issue—both in the communications sent by the volunteers and by the show’s willingness (or lack thereof) to present people and the arguments they proffer when they don’t coincide with what he feels is a very obvious bias displayed by the show’s producer, Dan Young.  James McNamara has a website which has often smeared public officials and Dan Young has obvious ties to James.  As an example, a freedom of information act requesting all messages sent concerning homelessness and deer culling.  Andy feels Dan Young is using WFHB to promote a side of an issue he feels very passionately about, and he should provide a disclaimer at the very least if this is the case.  Andy Ruff also called into question the motives behind Doug Storm and kind of questions (and tone) he employs when asking guests about their opinions for Interchange.  The distinction between a news show like Ecoreport (which Andy was told by Joe Crawford is a news show) and a Public Affairs show like Interchange.  Andy claimed Doug Storm was unfairly aggressive to one side of the argument and not the other.  Andy Ruff also stated that, unsolicited, several people have told him that, while they have supported WFHB in the past, they will no longer do so in the future as a result of the coverage WFHB provided on this issue.  Additionally, he suggests some kind of formal apology be made (perhaps on the website) that a.) acknowledges the lapse in balanced reporting this issue has received and b.) a reiteration of WFHB’s sustained commitment to  balanced reporting in the future.
    1. He asked Vicki to marry him and she, despite all inner voices to the contrary, said yes!  Congratulations, Joe!!
    1. September minutes were sent out again for comments and corrections, and the board has a week to respond.
    2. October minutes were approved with a small correction from Sheryl Mitchell and posting the governance documents online.  Minutes approved.
    1. Hoagy Carmichael birthday celebration generated just under $1,200 for the station.  Nearly 80 people attended.
    2. Spinitron and Radio Free America have merged—and the merger has, for us, entailed the cool role of being a beta-testing partner.  After a show has aired, it will be up for two weeks, so folks who might’ve missed your show live could have two weeks to hear it after (the maximum legal time).
    3. Louis Malone and the Rhino’s Youth Radio Collaboration Presentation:  Louis reports that the presentation took place on December 9, 2014 at County Council.  We had Dorothy Granger, Kelly Kish, and Brad Wilhelm presented before the Monroe County Council.  Louis discussed the grant that YSB assisted WFHB in getting and how this will improve the services that WFHB and Rhino’s can offer to youth in the community.  We’ll be meeting on Saturday, December 13, 2014 for a WFHB visioning retreat.
    1. There is a significant raise in price for underwriting and we discussed the “sticker shock” that some underwriters might experience and the kinds of concessions we’re willing to make for long-time underwriters.  Various aspects of advertising, the ways we make it more enticing for businesses and the ways we can continue to make it worth advertisers time and money were discussed.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      Didn’t meet this month due to vacations schedules but did meet via e-mail.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Pamela Davidson recapped the Finance Committee report.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      Met per usual but we’ll be going over the documents specifically later in the meeting.

  1. Personnel Committee

i.      Finalizing hiring and nominating policies and how the committee will be performing in the future.  Lots of good work going on here.

ii.      General Manger evaluation:  It will go live on black Friday and will be open for two weeks for all volunteers and will help the Policy Committee evaluate the General Manager evaluation.  ON the 22nd the board will have time to review the GM’s statements as well as the statements made by the online evaluations.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Terms are up and we need to determine whose positions are up for re/election in the 2015 board election meeting in June.

  1. CATS / News Department

i.      Trying to have a meeting on December 3rd to discuss a variety of things, but this could be complicated by the surgery that Alycin Bektesh is going through in the near future.

  1. Equipment Audit

i.      Cleveland reports that Serve IT is definitely doing the equipment audit and the students will be meeting with him soon to get started.

  1. News Summit Report

i.      Cleveland would like to share the praise given by the board and Markus Lowe would like to see some kind of action item list—not dissimilar from the strategic plan—that would be able to track the kind of progress that the News Summit can facilitate.  We also discussed briefly progress with the BloomingOUT podcast issue.  Ideas for a best-of years end program show were discussed.

  1. Activate Personnel Nominating Committee to produce Policy on nominations and hiring  / General Manager Evaluation

i.      In progress, discussed earlier for GM review and online survey.

  1. Board/Visioning Retreat

i.      13th of December, no venue has been announced yet.

    1. Policy Document Approvals (Continued) (Pamela Davidson is inclined to abstain from all votes concerning position descriptions as she feels it is outside the purview of any board of directors)

i.      Development Director:

  1. The first duty mentioned is underwriter.
  2. There were some changes in the qualifications which were:
    1. #11  “informs” board instead of “reports to” board so that the DD would not necessarily have to be present for every board meeting.
    2. #16  the DD needs to gets approval from somewhere, not necessarily the board, for expenses relating to development expenses.
    3. Experience and education is worded such that education is preferred and/or relevant experience is required for placement.

ii.      Music Director

  1. Formatting was done to make more uniform the position description.
  2. Remove the word “new” when it comes to technology and evaluation so that it reflects a more ongoing process.
  3. Music Events:  Covered with “works with other staff members to achieve other departmental goals”.  It doesn’t say anything specifically about organizing and initiating musical events, and #10 is a catch-all for all other things for the music director.
  4. Include a line which says something to the effect of , “oversees musical events that occur outside of the station”.
    1. Two changes:  remove “new” when it pertains to technology and evaluation, include oversight responsibilities as it pertains to off-site musical events, whether they be fund-raisers or not.

iii.      News Director

  1. Strike the “new” with regards to technology and training/evaluation.
  2. Include verbiage similar to Music Director pertaining to oversight of off-site news productions.
  3. Grievance Policy

i.      Added note to #4:   If grievance involves president of the board, then grievance should go to board secretary.

ii.      If a paid staff member comes into contact with a grievance, then the burden of documenting this grievance falls to the paid staff member.

iii.      Markus Lowe suggests that the Grievance Policy go into effect after the 1st of the year so that it does not drop abruptly on the volunteer staff and ensure the board is clear on what we’re proposing.

iv.      Kelly Wherley moves to accept and be effective on the 1st of 2015, Sheryl Mitchell seconds, motion passes.

  1. December 22nd, 2014 Meeting

i.      Maria suggests bringing snacks and treats for our next meeting—it is the holidays afterall.


i.      Policy and enforcement variables were discussed and we’d like to establish guidelines for volunteer drinking while representing WFHB at a WFHB sponsored event.

ii.      Joe Estivill suggests having a written form detailing the procedures for handling cash (intended for WFHB) at live events.


i.      Rich Reardin volunteered to write the initial response and will send it to Kelly Wherley to send around for approval.

Programming Summit Minutes – November 19, 2014


NOVEMBER 19, 2014  6PM

WFHB Studios


1.  Music Director Observations & Suggestions

2.  News Director Observations & Suggestions

3.  Visitor Comment

4.  Committee Discussion

5.  Visitor Comment

6.  Adjourn


Cleveland Dietz, Jim Manion, Rich Reardin, Maria McKinley, Emily Jackson, Alycin Bektesh, Sarah Ryterband, William Hosea, Liz Mitchell, Chet Chmielewski, Joe Crawford, Clarence Boone, Jim Mitchell, Matt Igleski, Araceli Gomez, Kelly Wherley, Cynthia Wolfe, Trish Kerle, Cynthia Roberts-Hall

1.  Music Director Observations & Suggestions

Jim Manion offered highlights Music Committee activities of the past year:

a. revised and approved new DJ Guidelines

b. trained many new DJs – there are younger DJs coming to WFHB

c. branded Firehouse Sessions – WFHB on air live sessions with visiting artists, mixed and uploaded to the website

d. researched “time shift listening” which means having DJ mixes available via the website for streaming (not downloading).  WFHB will partner with Radio Free America and Spinitron as a beta tester for their new initiative.  Therefore free and much easier than doing it in house.

Jim stated that he was inspired by Alycin and the process she went through this summer with the News Summit and hope to do it with the Music Dept. next year.

2.  News Director Observations & Suggestions

Alycin described activities of the News & Public Affairs Committee:

Annual review of all shows, both syndicated and in house — 31 total

Review Show Proposals which include the Proposal Form and sample audio

Regarding the News Summit: a great deal of information gathered from the many meetings, resulting in a 40 page document.

Five Areas examined:  Schedule — Mission — Facilities — Training — Governance

Alycin spends most of her time working on the Daily Local News.  To adequately assist the evening shows, she would have to be at the station for more than 8 hours a day.   Looking at each show, how many hours per week are required?  How many should be available?

More than 60 hours a week would be needed to keep these shows going successfully.  A strong conclusion was that the current situation is not sustainable.  At the same time, no one wanted to consider cutting any shows.

Four conclusions:

1. News VS Public Affairs – these are very different models requiring different training and skill sets

2. Need more listener input and staff feedback for the shows

3. Training in needed in equipment use and in broadcasting style

4. There needs to be a second eye on the show and its production

If you look at the organizational structure of the News Department, each line goes to Alycin, every producer of every show.  Again, the process of the News Summit reveals an unsustainable situation.  While highly dedicated, staff are primed for burnout.  These summaries were presented to the Board along with a wish list.  There is currently no more money to hire more staff.  It is very difficult to find a solution as Alycin shared that on many occasions she would come to work thinking she’s found the answer.  But alas, nothing workable has yet been found to address the problem.  Alycin suggested that one way to try — what can be done by 2015?

Suggestion: Move the second airing of Democracy Now to 6pm and move the 6pm-7pm shows to noon.

Split the duties of these two areas: News & Public Affairs

3.  Visitor Comment

4.  Committee Discussion

5.  Visitor Comment

(notes below include visitor and committee comments)

Discussion revolved around the problem faced by show producers and volunteers if the shows were on at noon.  Clarence Boone stated that leaving work at mid-day for the time needed (more than an hour) would be difficult, as would lining up guests at mid-day.  Araceli stated it would be OK for her to be at WFHB for HOLA Bloomington at noon, but hard for volunteers.  Others also had questions about the listenership being able to listen at noon.  Many people are working, while at 6pm they are free to listen.  Could shows be pre-recorded and aired at noon?  The discussion also included how people listen.  More people are using podcasts options and listen when they want.  Some were not so sure that podcasts were a first choice and the time slot made a big difference.

The comment was made that clearly there are obstacles in making any changes but there are huge obstacles to the situation staying the same.

Could some shows change time slots?  Hola Bloomington and Bring it On are Monday and Friday, could they stay at 6pm?  Discussion of having schedule changes confuse people.

Discussion about a call-in show, Alycin noted that she has been charged by the Board to create a call-in show.  This was one very strong preference in the Strategic Planning survey.  Some discussion about how a call-in show would work.  Now with tweets and texting, more options than just the phone.  Discussion of when people listen, how we know who listens and that we need to know who is listening and when.  Perhaps a short survey is needed right away.  What feedback can we get?   Listeners of Democracy Now at noon are quite devoted and would be upset by this change.  How can we make changes not be too painful for anyone?

Jim Manion noted that he attended a conference session titled: “How to Make Schedule Changes without Being Killed.”  It is typically difficult, but we should embrace change and accept the challenge and help the WFHB community do the same.  He also noted that in the community radio world, 11am to 1pm is typically slotted for news and information.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the committees decided to conduct both a listener survey and a survey of the volunteers associated with the 6 -7 PM shows to assess availability. The listener survey became public November 24 and will remain available by Internet and phone until December 17. The data will be reviewed as the next step in the process at the December 18 meeting of the News and Public Affairs Committee.

6.  Adjourn

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2014



Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN


Present:  Sheryl Mitchell, Darin Bagley, Joe Estivill, Markus Lowe, Louis Malone, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz, Rich Reardin, Richard Fish, Kelly Wherley (recorder).


    1. Following up on the fall fund drive, Cleveland iterated the need to ask a larger variety of people for fund drive.  Joe Estivill asked for clarification of the CPB classification and it is for this year which is why we’re getting the audit done in 2014.  Joe E. asked that Cleveland encourage volunteers to participate in the audit and all the other opportunities for engagement.  The new Volunteer Coordinator is Adriane Pontecorvo.  The audit will be good for at least a year and can depend on the information grant awarding organizations solicit from the station, e.g., “when was the last time your institution performed an audit?”  Rich Reardin suggested the need to coordinate with current underwriters during fund drive and also including their urls in the newsletter we distribute to help publicize their business.  Markus Lowe stressed the need for follow-up with the volunteers and fund drive feedback and the “softer” elements of fund drive.  We are always looking for ways to create excitement and enthusiasm around fund drive and constant work towards that—thanking donors and the like—is always a good thing.  Apparently there were quite a few direct-mailers that didn’t get delivered as well, which was an error we’d hope to avoid in the future.   Kelly Wherley suggested all programmers on air during fund drive pitch regardless of the time they’re on the air and Louis Malone stressed the community mobilizing that can occur during fund drive.  Rich Reardin reiterates the need for WFHB to go beyond the airwaves and really boost the online presence and the coordination of the station along with other community organizations (like Bloomingfoods) since the nature of our radio listenership is too small to generate data.  Maria McKinley suggested publicizing the various and specific ways fund drive money will be dedicated and also some of the success stories that were made possible by the generous donations from our listeners—it’s nice for folks to have tangible evidence of how their contribution helps.  Joe Estivill discussed the merit of placing an ad in the Herald Times, Maria McKinley suggested placing an ad in the IU Alumni magazine.  Cleveland Dietz said any money placed towards advertising should ideally have a lot of crossover with WFHB listeners.  We discussed the need for communication with the volunteer base as well as various forms of incentivizing volunteers to raise the most money they can.  Markus Lowe suggested crowd-sourcing the theme for future fund drives.
    1. Dorothy sent a quick report and Louis Malone commented that the youth education (50K) grant due date of February 1st makes more sense for the station.  Markus Lowe suggested Dorothy Granger send out updates to spot-online as well.  Rich Reardin requested updates from the Development Director so that the board is informed of major spending, get pertinent information, and can contribute their own expertise if applicable.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      Executive committee did approve the change in the budget for the Stampfli audit.  We had budgeted for 3K, and it turned out to be 5K.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Finance Committee discussed the audit.  They’re going to take a look at the strategic plan and try and list remaining items in terms of priorities.  The Pastor Fund:  Pam Davidson mentioned that a bank could run batches for credit card transactions free of cost for non-profits and Dorothy asked a particular bank but they didn’t do that, so we’ll have to look elsewhere if we’d like to do this.  Our barrier to credit card donations is pretty high with the ACH information we solicit, so we’re exploring other options for an easier online experience and a larger portion of the revenue we’re generating.  We’re marking the calendar for the Sophia Travis grant next year.  We need to look at sponsorship and underwriting opportunities ASAP as we have shortfalls in these areas in terms of budgeting and actuals.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      We’ll address this in new business.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Work has been done on the job descriptions but updates to the operations manual are still in the works.

  1. CATS / News Department

i.      The library is trying to merge the two MOUs and Cleveland is trying to get clarification on certain points.  It’s moving, but slowly.

  1. Equipment Audit

i.      Serve IT has not responded yet to our application.

  1. News Summit Report

i.      Alycin is waiting for reports from a few producers, but it looks like it’s mostly done.  We discussed the News Department mission statement and the replacement thereof.  Rich Reardin discussed the e-mail correspondence he had with Helen Harrell.  The board discussed the podcasting issue with BloomingOUT again.

  1. Activate Personnel Nominating Committee to produce Policy on nominations and hiring  / General Manager Evaluation

i.      Maria McKinley would like to both be ON the committee and be the person people go to talk about being on the committee.  Louis Malone sent some bullet points to the policy committee with regards to hiring and nomination policies.  Louis suggests that Cleveland’s involvement in the committee center around hiring and not the nomination process.  The personnel committee agreed on the time and place of their next meeting.

    1. Board/Visioning Retreat

i.      We discussed who would we invite and we’re going to shoot for the weekend of December 6th as the best time to hold the retreat.

  1. Audit approval

i.      Addressed in the Executive and Finance Committee reports.

  1. Policy Document Approvals

i.      Policy Committee looked at the governance documents and bylaws.  They re-did the organizational chart.  Special thanks to Richard Fish for formatting and working with the job descriptions and making them uniform.  The board discussed the organizational chart and the job descriptions and, with the corrections and clarifications that came up during discussion, approved all but a few which will be taken up in the next meeting.  Current job descriptions can be found _____________.  We also discussed the grievance policy but tabled formal discussion until the next meeting.  And member can appeal the decisions of the board by submitting a request to the board.

    1. Sheryl Mitchell motions to adjourn at 10:50pm and Louis seconds.  Meeting adjourned.

News and Public Affairs Committee Minutes – October 23, 2014

Members Present:  Alycin Bektesh, Rich Reardin, Sarah Ryterband, Cynthia Roberts-Hall, Maria McKinley

Members Absent:  Kelly Miller

Chair Sarah calls the meeting to Order at 7:12 pm.

Committee Comments:

Visiting Cuban Artists are in town looking for one more mural to paint for around $1000.  The City does not have any more B-Line space for artists.  Contact Cynthia for more information.

Director’s Report:  Alycin

For our live Election Night coverage, we will simulcast with CATS.  We are going to broadcast from the CATS studio this year.  Although not ideal, it does offer a production studio that will give us the best sound however there is no cell phone service in the studio but we’ll be internet-chatting and have a posted sentry outside to let people in the door which leads directly to the studio.  The County Clerk’s office (Linda Robbins) will be emailing updates to the news media.  Half of our interviews are already booked for election night.  Spots at 15 and 45 on the hour will hopefully be pre-recorded which we can play and there will need to be someone here in the WFHB studio to run things. Rich  R says we could use some inexpensive walkie talkies and Cynthia suggested we contact Lotus festival folks to use their professional grade units to communicate with each other, especially the sentry.

“Back in the day” based on what Joe Estivill has told Cleveland Dietz, there was a programming summit after the fall fund drive where  department heads and news committee and music programming members would meet.  After discussion we have agreed to meet on November 19th at 6 pm for this programming summit.  Cynthia will send out a notice about the change in the NPAC meeting for November.  The NPAC committee will meet on Nov 13th to formulate a plan before this meeting so we will not be reviewing programming but discussing our strategy for the meeting on the 19th.

We need 2 members for our NPAC committee, at least a listener or two listeners.  One listener contacted Alycin about negative feedback concerning the H-T news brief in the mornings and she was invited to attend the meeting tonight to consider joining NPAC.  Another volunteer was also approached by Alycin but is non-committal.  Alycin states  we have the best committee.  And we are all responsible for recruitment.

bloomingOut has put together a great crew that has stepped up to produce the show.  Alycin met Jeff and Jeff who have just moved here from Portland and were involved in local gay radio program there.  There will be many changes to the program including a campus report from LGBT IU students.  The show will be live beginning November 6th.

Rich brings up two issues that he will discuss at the next Board meeting on October 27th:  Helen and Carol’s exit from bloomingOut and the grant for $19,000 for the digital board

CATS week review:

This program is a summary of what has happened and discussed in the various government committees and council meetings from the week.  It is written by our Asst News Director, Joe Crawford, and is produced as a video on the CATS website with the video soundbites pertaining to the stories.  We do not as yet have this linked to our station’s website as CATS wants to draw people to their website   We write it based on CATS’ guidelines but we cannot report it as in the context of a news story.  We could begin to editorialize if we perhaps did a 30 minute story in the format of CATS but then added a 30 minute interview show.  The committee votes to give it a “Green light” and commends Joe for his tireless effort in listening to all those weekly meetings.

Books Unbound:

An open discussion of this program reveals several areas for improvement:

1.  Put up the number of segments online to identify where you are in the book, i.e. this is Segment 4 out of Segment 7.

  1.  The production is not consistent and not as good in certain segments as it relates to the sound. The show could have better editing due to the audible p-pop sounds.
  2. There is some preference to highlight local banned books but those may not be in the public domain which would add a cost although in some cases that would be minimal.
  3. We felt some disconnect with the storyline due to the week in between broadcasts. Rich suggests we put the entire book online and only read portions on air, directing listeners to the website for continuous audio opportunities.
  4. A book should be read like a book and not like radio theater.  Some of us thought the readers went too fast while others thought it was too slow.   We voted to give the show a yellow light and we want to talk to the new producers soon, then review again in 6 months.

Having completed the agenda, we adjourn at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria McKinley

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November 1

7 – 10 PM at the Brown County Inn’s Town Hall

$10 entry

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2014

Attending: Mark Lowe, Jean Hollinger, Pam Davidson, Sarah Borden, Cleveland Dietz

call to order: 6:06pm

1. Audit vs transmitter – Audit wins – $5,000. CPB is $70,000+ income

2. strategic items from strategic plan – Cleveland will share list, and look for in kind donations within [todo]

3. Lotus CDs – more money from BCT placement than Lotus Festival store placement $54 and $30

4. Honda Foundation grant – backup for Raymond Foundation, still will pursue – due Nov 1, pick a strategic spend and run [todo]

5. Angel donors – 1 is in second is coming end of month

6. Fund drive – $8000 short

7. MCCF – pass thru fund. Cleveland to look into it [todo]

8. fund drive numbers – discussed strategies to correct

- lapsed donors, year end drive, credit/debit sustaining donations

9. Sofia Travis grant – calendar mark it for august / sept – county council subcom [todo]

10. Looked at current numbers. Noteworthy:

- 92.3% of pledges collected thus far

- short $4500 in underwriting sales this month

- short $3000 in underwriting day sponsors for fund drive

- need to look at sponsor/underwriting opportunities asap

Adjourn 7:10pm

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