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News and Public Affairs Committee minutes – June 18, 2015

NPAC Minutes

June 18, 2015

Meeting called to order 7:04 PM

In attendance: Sarah Ryterband, Joe Crawford, Maria McKinley, and Cynthia Roberts-Hall.

Committee Comment: Sarah suggested that she will work on getting new committee members during this next month and wants to record a request to listeners. Joe says he will help with the recruitment.

Director’s Report:

Joe stated that it was summed up in his report at the Annual Meeting at the beginning of the month. Otherwise, the new sound board is installed and is being test-run as we meet.

Also a Memorandum of Understanding with CATS is overdue,  as well as the verbal understanding being out-dated. There are details that Joe is acutely aware of because he regularly worked with the CATS personnel since he produced CATS week when he was the Assistant News Director. Maria and Sarah offered to speak with the GM about this.

Next Reviews: Interchange, Books Unbound, and Voices in the Street. We shall see the producers in July and do the reviews of the shows in August.

New Business: The need for a NPA Code of Ethics (CoE) became apparent again in the last month. As the meeting progressed, NPAC members recognized the need to refocus attention on a NPA Handbook which would contain the CoE as well as job descriptions for NPA personnel, so that expectations would be very clear.

Show Reviews:

Bring it On and BloomingOUT both received Yellow Lights and will be reviewed again in 6 months, following lengthy discussions of both programs. Specific concrete suggestions for both shows were delineated. Joe will be speaking with the producers.

The discussion of the programs led to a suggestion for interview training, which we believe would benefit many of our programs. We learned there is also a request for training in news writing from some volunteer staff.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Minutes were read and approved by the members.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Ryterband

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