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News and Public Affairs Committee minutes – July 23, 2015

NPAC mtg. called to order 7:04.
Present: Joe Crawford, Sarah Ryterband, Evelyn M. McKinley, Linda Greene, Carlos Bakota. Plus producers as listed below.
Review of 3 programs.  Interchange//Voices in the Street//Books Unbound.
Doug Storm  reported for himself and engineer Jonathon Richardson.
Show is going well.  [Lost partner Trish to WFIU.] -Booked into Nov.
It’s getting easier after 2 yrs on board.
Sarah commented on the timeliness achieved by shuffling.
Doug stated he does not get many suggestions for show content.
MERF on horizon and although it is out of his comfort zone he is ready to stretch and reach out.
Interchange had been able to address national  issues w/ local impact.

Joe is good resource.–helpful.  Has subbed for Jonathon as engineer on occasion.
Ideas for expansion: more engineers, researchers.
Would facilitate ability to look at multiple facets of same issue.
Doug does not want to be in managerial role.
Likes pertinent music for interludes.
Live shows easier and preferable.
Books Unbound Cynthia Wolfe.  brought  comprehensive hand out.
Been with show ~ 1 yr.
Could use more volunteers
Heather Perry production  assistant helps a couple -3 hrs a week.
Help needed on
-pre- editing (.depending on reader)
-script preparation
-advance  listeners.
Show is flush with plenty of readers.

Not so many..
Would like more contemporary literature
Were able to do so but with some restrictions as in Guantanamo Diary.
Suggest possibility of specific underwriters to cover licensing fees/copyrights.
Or Pursue grants as an option –
Show would be easier with more assistance.
Pluses:  more points of view and more readers.
Minus: need greater flexibility for time/schedules.

Cynthia commented that airtime may not be ideal slot owing to Issues w/ FCC.

Praised Joe for responsiveness.

Directors report.
Next fund drive is scheduled for September.
Marie reported on the  idea to seek business for matching funds….for well
supported shows.
Premium could include being a guest in the studio during airtime.
There’s been a switch of Counterspin w/ Shortwave Report for timeliness.
Kelly Wherley produces Voices.  ~12 years on board.

Main challenge is the nature of type of show itself based on
having to reach out to strangers to record people’s opinions.
Joe very helpful getting new interviewers.
Kelly acknowledges he may miss out on some pertinent issues.
Marie suggested news anchors could forward hot topics to him.

There’s a transition to a new format underway
Currently there’s a revolving door of interns—
seems that is likely to continue.
Joe does not want to have to be a constant presence…
but does converse with volunteers. Keeps tabs and recruits…
but up to Kelly to script and write questions.Needs= interviewers.
Kelly  responded to Sarah’s question about timing of the show that it is not a problem He also stated that he does not mind working on his own

Meeting adjourned 8:01

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