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Annual Meeeting Minutes: June 7, 2014

WFHB Bloomington Community Radio

Annual Volunteer Meeting, June 7, 2014

Monroe County Historical Society Conference Room

The annual volunteer meeting of WFHB Community Radio is called to order at 12:27 p.m. by General Manager Cleveland Dietz.   The number of participating members present is 54 with an additional 29 represented in absentia for a total of 83 participating members in attendance.  According to the station’s bylaws, 34 participating members need to be present for a quorum based on the percentage of total members.  These numbers are provided by Carolyn VandeWiele who is tracking attendance and will be counting votes.  A quorum is established at the 2014 annual meeting.

Cleveland thanks everyone for their attendance today and also their level of engagement at the station this past year.  He states  each Board candidate will be given three minutes to make a statement and then questions will be taken if directed to a particular candidate.  He asks Markus Lowe to begin.

Markus Lowe: I’ve been a long time volunteer and a former general manager.  I work in IT support at Cook Medical which is really a customer service job.  This is how I come to the Board. How can I help?  How can we make it better?  I look forward to engaging volunteers on that level of participation.  I want to be a representative for the volunteers, to be a voice for the volunteers.  I will be an active advocate for positive change and a voice for the volunteers.

William Morris:  You know me as Brother William - I came to WFHB 5 years ago.  I work with international students at IU and was looking for places to have these students volunteer.  I started volunteering as a desk jockey.  The station means a lot to me.  I treat my volunteering as a job, like a wonderful job.  I would take my duties as a Board director as a job, being accountable. I am an encourager and I believe in the station, in volunteering, in inclusiveness.  I will give the station the best three years of my life.

Maryll Jones:  I am no longer involved with the Friends of WFHB.  I am a recording analyst for Pearson Education.  My biggest strength has been establishing better customer relations when people come for support issues.  I have been able to establish a rapport with customers that didn’t exist before. I would like to utilize those skills in this role as a Board member.  It would be a huge mistake if Markus Lowe and Kelly Wherley were not put in their positions.

Benjamin Loudermilk:  I am a Bloomington native.  I work in the public school system as an educator at North High School.  My wife is a teacher at University Elementary and my kids are students at MCCSC.  I have been involved with the arts community for over 30 years.  I’m an IU alumnus.  I’m excited for the opportunity to be on the Board.  WFHB is part of the community and part of the arts community.

Kelly Wherley:  (out of town, Cathi Norton reads his statement which are excerpts from his bio)  I have volunteered for WFHB for over ten years, as a DLN anchor, as a producer for Voices in the Street  and am now the volunteer coordinator since 2011.  I’m seeking election to the Board of Directors because I care about the station.  I’ve seen quite a few changes at the station over the course of my time here and feel ready to assume a more integral and influential role in the discussions, plans and actions that will impact the course of WFHB.

Questions from the audience to specific candidates:

For Brother William:  With over 200 volunteers, we’re not all the same.  If a change was going to be made, could we tailor the volunteer tasks, can we fine tune the volunteerism business?    I’ve sent a lot of younger people to the station to volunteer and they have a different interest in the station than I do.  I wonder if there is a way of accountability, to create teams of volunteers to work together that have the same interests instead of such a large group.

For Benjamin: What do you see yourself doing for the station?  I think fundraising specifically. I would be excited to work through that process.  And facilities management is a traditional fit where I could also help out. 

For Brother Morris:  What would be your way of reaching out to the IU campus when the students come back in August?   Interviewing freshman students as they come onto campus.  Can we give out some of those free CDs?  Set up a table, have informational booklets, send that around the community. We can do a better job of getting WFHB on the minds of those students.  An ad in the paper.

For Markus: How can you reach out to the volunteers who do not come to the volunteer meetings?  Participation.  If you want to be heard and your input received and respected, please participate, speak up.

Cleveland reminds the PMs, that, at this time, if you have not signed in, please do so at the back table and pick up a ballot.  We’ll go ahead and vote now. We will proceed with the regular meeting and will interrupt when they’re done counting.

Board President Joe Estivill Board Report:

Thank you for your attendance today and thank you to all the volunteers. We have an incredible News Department and Music Department.  Thank you to all the people who work on the committees that make the decisions that affect our organization.  We have 3 Board members moving on:  Richard Fish, Carolyn VandeWiele, and Matt Pierce.  Thank you to all of you for your service.

About the Development Director, this is someone who’s job will be to develop our fundraising base.  The job is posted, interviews will start in July and hopefully we will have them on board in August.  We have found three angel donors to donate $5,000 each for 2 years of support.  Please forward to us the names of other donors you think would help with this type of support.

It’s going to be a big year here at the station.  There is new energy, we’re working toward our strategic plan, part of which is hiring a new Development Director.   We would like to have more social events so our participating members can get together, can get to know each other better.

Financial report from Cleveland Dietz:

Fiscal year 2013, we made $255,000 -  $103,000 came from membership donations, $75,000 from grants, underwriting brought in $47,000,  $16,000 from special events, CATS $10,000  and $3,000 came in randomly throughout the year.  We also spent $255,000 so we pretty much broke even.  For expenses:  wages are a little more than half our budget, then health insurance and property insurance, workmen’s comp which covers all of you.  Other expenses come from fundraising, programming, supplies, utilities, and special events.

I’m excited about getting a Development Director.  We’ve been stagnating in terms of revenue for the last five years, hovering around $250,000.  Clearly we need help to get over that hump somehow A Development Director will be of significant help. The good news is that over the last 5 years, we’ve spent about the same.

Our CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) grant – it’s a government grant that supplies a little less than 1/3 of our total revenue.  It’s a significant grant which we rely on and it’s going to be getting a little harder each year to get that money from the government.

We want this year to be an investment year to get us over the $300,000 hump (revenue).  We’re planning our first WFHB independent audit from a third party.  This is good practice but also a really common question when pursuing grants.  A Development Director will provide us an individual who is a constant presence that can follow up with leads and contacts and give us some underwriting stability.

You’ll be glad to know that the furnace and air conditioning unit will be replaced this week and it should be 25% more efficient than what we currently had.

Looking forward, we have an ambitious budget but it allows us to be flexible.

We will be posting on the website my GM reports and the finance reports each month as part of the Board Minutes.

General Manager Cleveland Dietz:

Looking back over this past year, we’ve made some serious efforts on the Board of Directors front.  We have drafted a Board of Directors Handbook.  There is a Board of Directors Commitment Form we’ve worked on and was just voted and approved at the last Board meeting.  We filled the remaining three seats on the Board in January so we’re back up to nine Board members.

We’ve made communication changes with the help of Markus and Kelly by re- instituting the volunteer monthly meetings that provide an outlet for volunteer voices, and we’ve seen the launch of our new quarterly eNewsletter.  We’re into the final launch of our new website design.  Board and committee meeting minutes are being posted on the website and soon, our financial reports will also be posted as a public display for what WFHB is doing and how we are spending our money.

We partnered with a SPEA class to write a grant proposing a new health show to replace Zorba.  We are still looking for angel donors to support the new Development Director.  Having a Development Director will provide us with significant progress on regular grant writing.  SPEA offers a fellowship program which would give us a 10 hour/week IU student at no cost to us once we employ a professional Development Director.  The new Development Director will give us a constant presence with underwriting sales.  We’ll have better management and use of our donor database and we’ll be able to provide consistent promotion and outreach.

We will be adding upgrades to our facilities this next week – HVAC replacement including AC, and significant technical upgrades for the Internet and the network.

We will be initiating an independent audit from a third party accounting firm.  This is a good practice and it’s been too long since this has happened.  This also better enables us to pursue grants.

Music Director Jim Manion:

(Jim reads the names of all 90 volunteer DJs).

Thank you DJs!  Special thanks to all who sub for their fellow DJs!  Thanks to all genre directors and CD reviewers.  Thanks to the desk jockeys who open the mail daily.

Thank you Acoustic Roots Festival volunteers!

Hondo Thompson, Rick Fettig, Sarah Ryterband , Mike McAfee Jim Manion, Kelsey Lynn Wagoner, Dan Withered, Reina Wong, Erin Tobey, Ryder Timberlake,  Joe Crawford, William Morris, Kelly Kish, Reina Wong, Linda Cajigas, Darin Bagley, Dan Young, Kathy Romy, WFHB MC: Hondo Thompson; Festival Income Manager: Emily Jackson (cash); Cleveland Dietz (online); Merch Area Manager: Catherine Anders; Shift Volunteer Coordinator: Sheryl Mitchell; Recording Manager: Jim Lang; Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Wherley; Green Room Manager: Tracy Johnson

The latest edition of our DJ guidelines is ready along with the annual DJ contract which needs to be signed.  Copies will be available at the Station and for those who are not here today, they will receive them digitally. These contracts are due back to me. They need to be filled out and signed as part of our FCC and federal guidelines.

Besides the constant adventure of daily operations…. Since last June… Lotus CD 3 was completed with the help of Michael McDowell.  Lotus 2014 brought us an unprecedented 11 Lotus Live sessions, great back line and engineering. All sessions were posted to the website.  Local Live CD 4 was completed with the help of Nicole O’Neal.

There was quite a contentious period last fall and thanks to all, the air time remained positive.   We don’t put our dirty laundry on the air.  I attended 2 powerhouse conferences this year – South by Southwest which has good potential for a live show here; And the WXPN Non-Comm meeting.

Looking ahead: Lotus CD 4 is in production, Adriane Pontecorvo as co- producer.

I am producing a split benefit for WFHB and Community Kitchen to be held on July 18th at the Bluebird called, “Tim and Jim’s Most Excellent Birthday Party.”  Come on out and help us celebrate our birthdays.

This summer’s Library Project – we’ll be doing serious purging and maintenance in the WFHB Music Library.  This is way overdue.  We can use some help with this.

Fall Fund Drive 2014 and Lotus 2014 are coming up.

A technical goal: Find the best way to time-shift 2 hr mp3 recordings of all WFHB Music programs, available to stream for 2 weeks at program schedule page of the website. I heard talk at the meeting about on-air tip jars which brings in $2,000 to $3,000 for some stations.  We should look into this.

A few overall comments:  huge outpouring of support last fall, seems like we had a lot of bad weather friends, you know, the ones who show up in bad times, but – we need you every day.  I would like to see more engagement and less email flame wars and more of an appreciation for our daily station operations.  “I don’t care about the station, I only care about my show.”  I’ve heard that some DJs have said this.  But without the station, they wouldn’t have a show.  We need to improve the general lack of understanding and appreciation of the environment of daily broadcast operations.  Better advance planning is needed while maintaining spontaneous air sound qualities.

I am looking forward to how our efforts will be supported by a full-time Development Director, which I think is an important priority. I hope this includes a hard look at our HR policies and finding ways to improve the employment environment at WFHB.

Next week is our Firehouse fundraiser at the Back Door.

News Department Alycin Bektesh:

Today, I’m also talking on behalf of Joe Crawford, the assistant News Director, and Jar Turner who works for the whole station.  Jar posts to the website all of the shows to get beyond their live broadcast times.  I want to thank them for all their hard work this past year.  Last year: Brown County Hour, Bloomington Beware, The Porch Swing and Books Unbound – all came under the News Department.  These shows are all doing better than ever.   Taking on those four additional shows have added an extra load but I’m proud as these shows are at the top of their game. Brown County Hour is monthly and doing well.  Bloomington Beware has a staff of three writers who are getting their show “in” a  week ahead of time.  The Porch Swing is on summer break.  We had two great events at The Bishop and we’ll be setting up a booth for 1st Friday gallery walks, inviting people to stop by to tell a story.  Books Unbound is now an hour long show on every Sunday.  It’s hard to get engaged in the reading when it’s a 30 minute show with all the commercial and announcement breaks so the hour format works much better.  PRX picks up this show more often than any other show we produce.

We were winners at the Indiana SPJ Awards again – for best newscast, best breaking news (Todd Young and climate change), best continuing coverage (shelter and homelessness in Bloomington, no low barrier summer shelter for substance abuse users), best public affairs (Trayvon Martin discussion on Bring It On), best documentary (Hoagy Carmichael special on Interchange).

About the new website & camera – love it!  The video camera allows us to distribute our content in another format.  The website is awesome.  Now, you can “pin” it, “like” it, “love” it, “share” it, watch it, read it, and listen to it.  You need to share WFHB programming.  Use social media to get the word out about our amazing product.

Looking Forward:  The News Summit will be held during all of July.  I have lots of ideas like how to get more exposure on campus, recruitment and training.  Are we representing our community?  There is not any time to evaluate the shows while we’re still producing them so we needed to suspend all 20 NPA shows. We will answer the questions “what do we want to do and how can we do it best?”

A committee has been meeting to plan the organization of the Summit and what we want to happen during the Summit.  Week 1 will be about introductions and to gather information;   Week 2 will be our brainstorming week;  Week 3 we’ll be discussing the practicalities of the ideas we talked about the previous week;  Week 4  we’ll start the  “doing”, the implementation of the ideas.  Going forward, the News Summit can be a week long project that we implement each year to evaluate ourselves.

WFHB Awards:

News Department:         Legacy Award -                         Lucille Bertuccio

News Rookie of the year -          Doug Storm

Newshound of the year –            Drew Daudelin

Music Department:        Distinguished Service Award –    Mike Kelsey

Legacy Award –                                     Nicole O’Neal

DJ of the year -                         Liza Pavelich

Genre of the year –                    Cathi Norton


Board Member of the year -       Joe Estivill

Volunteer of the year -               Dan Withered

Congratulations to the new Board Members:  William Morris, Markus Lowe, Kelly Wherley

Public Comments:

When are we going to get a new digital Board?

Cleveland:  One of my goals with the Raymond Foundation Grant is to engage Harmony School students and to connect them with Industry Standard Equipment

Markus:  Reminder, the 2nd Friday of the month:  6-10 pm at the BackDoor  (volunteer meetings are held from 6-7 pm)

Richard Fish:  We’ll be running some new wiring at the station – I’m on the IT committee, next Saturday, June 14th, we could use volunteers to help with this project.

Alycin:  Volunteers are needed to moderate discussions during News Summit.

Have you come up with a method to log in volunteer hours:

Cleveland:  The volunteer committee has worked to come up with a solution as to how to log in volunteer hours.  We’re going to place a laptop in the lobby that has a spreadsheet to log in your hours. You can also log in your time remotely.

On Sunday mornings, I would like to have a little less “live” reads.  And can we take a look at how we do our regularly scheduled items, i.e. calendar, PSAs?

Cleveland:  We can take a look at that towards the end of the year.

Can we change the wording from the underwriting scripts as there can be awkward phrasing and word choices?

Cleveland: Let me know if you’re having a problem so I can take a look at it and possibly fix it.

Nicole O’Neal thanks everyone for helping her throughout her time at the station.

Joe Estivill asks for a round of applause for our new GM Cleveland Dietz.

A volunteer asks for a round of applause for the awesome WFHB staff.

The June 2014 annual meeting ends at 2:15 pm.

Board Minutes: May 19, 2014


Balance Sheet April

Profit & Loss April

Budget vs. Actual FY2014


7:09 p.m.


Board members present are Joe Estivill, Rich Reardin, Sheryl Mitchell, Louis Malone, Matt Pierce, Rich Fish, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz.  Board members absent are Pam Davidson and Sheryl Mitchell.  Quorum is established.  Note:  Carolyn arrives at 8:20 p.m.


Sheryl has made a motion to approve the Minutes via email on May 7th.  Rich R  seconds the motion.  Vote is called and motion to approve the Minutes passes unanimously.  There is a brief discussion about making motions and seconding because often when a vote is called for via email, a Board member may vote yes when the call for a motion is made or even after a motion is made but before a second.  The language should be followed according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.  A vote to approve is not a replacement for a motion or a second.  All are in agreement about this procedure.


Cleveland reports that a late response from our pre-fund drive mailer has brought in $3,000 putting the station over the fund drive goal of $46,000 at $47,265.74 for the Spring Fund Drive or 103% of our goal.

MCPL, CATS, WFHB:  We have received a verbal commitment from Michael White on MOU.  Alycin is scheduling a meeting to check out equipment and to understand what the library is willing to provide to us.

Annual Meeting:  Most of the participating memberships’ mailing addresses are confirmed and absentee ballots are already stuffed in envelopes for those addresses confirmed.  We have seven candidates for three Board slots, and the candidates have received the questionnaire and request for a short bio.  The annual meeting will be on June 7th, at the Monroe County History Center.  For the first time in the history of the annual election at WFHB, a candidate forum will be held at 11 a.m. for Participating Members.  This will be in the form of a panel discussion moderated by News Director Alycin Bektesh with an opportunity for the membership to ask questions of the candidates.  The annual meeting will then begin at 12:15 p.m.  The membership will be asked to bring food for the potluck luncheon, the station will provide the paper products and soft drinks and ice.  Maria and Cleveland will meet with Carolyn before the annual meeting to work out the details of counting votes and the procedures for additional balloting if a majority vote for three candidates is not achieved on the first round of voting.


We have cut our spending significantly so that with the decrease in fundraising over the year, we did just break a little over “even.”  It has worked out that in some areas, we have additional unforeseen expenses but in other areas, we do not spend the money budgeted for that area.  For instance, purchases under “Computer Supplies” are overdue because the regular 5-year cycle of purchasing these items only shows up in the line item budget every 5 years.  See attached documents for detailed spreadsheets of the financials.  See “New Business” below for a discussion of the Fiscal Year Budget for 2014.


The Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct/Board Member Commitment form rough draft was forwarded via email by Cleveland to Board members so a discussion could be brought forth at tonight’s meeting.  Joe leads a discussion through the document line-by-line and input about wording changes is documented by the Secretary.  Attendance has been an issue throughout the past year and members are in agreement that missing 30% of Board Meetings within any given year could result in dismissal.  Motion to accept could not be made due to the changes in the presented document and Maria agrees to make the suggested corrections to the document and send out after the Board elections but prior to the June Board meeting.

Board Operations Manual and NFCB listserv responses: Cleveland has had two responses concerning these topics but the more specific response was from a station where the book “How Effective Non-Profits Work is purchased in bulk and handed out to all new Board members.  Cleveland will attempt to find a copy of this book and Carolyn suggests it might be available at our public library.

Community Advisory Board mission statement:  Maria has put together a mission statement for the Community Advisory Board in accordance with the requirements spelled out by the CPB and which would fulfill our compliance issues.  This statement was passed along via email prior to tonight’s meeting.  Matt asks that the word “Community” be changed to “Corporation” to correctly reflect the name.  A motion is made by Louis to accept the mission statement with the correction, Sheryl seconds and a vote to accept the mission statement for the CAB passes unanimously.

Policy Committee (bylaws):   Rich F agreed to talk with Al Lyons concerning the policy committee’s approach when beginning the task of revamping the station’s by-laws.   Al has not returned a call to Rich prior to this meeting.


Timetable to amend approved minutes:  Rich F begins a discussion concerning the idea of a timetable to amend the Board’s Minutes to accurately reflect additional information brought forth at a later Board meeting which might bring about a change in any member’s given opinion about a particular issue.  Discussion agrees that the Minutes are to reflect any discussion (except Closed Session) and that no timetable for amending the Minutes is required.

IT Committee Report – Rich F has sent the IT Committee Report around by email.

FY 2014 Budget

Cleveland states the upcoming fiscal year budget attempts to accomplish many things; hire a full- time Development Director, replace the heating/cooling unit by October, pay for a certified financial audit which is necessary for most grant writing.  The budget does not include income from Acoustic Roots Festival or the Firehouse Follies, and it does not take into account our decreasing credit card fees.  Health insurance costs have gone up due to the Affordable Care Act.  Computer expenses are reflected in “June” under computer supplies.  See the IT Report for specifics on upcoming computer purchases.  Money may be there for Youth Radio but it is not listed as income as yet.  Fund Drives brought in $1000 less in the fall but over $1200 this spring.  Joe Estivill and Brian Kearney have been working to get angel donors for the Development Director.  We are pursuing a Monroe County Health Grant through the Community Foundation to get the equipment we need for a call-in medical talk show.  Wages for the Development Director are set to begin in August.  The question is asked about where the physicality of a Development Director would be and Cleveland believes there are several space options at the station for this new hire.  The Brown County Hour contract reflects a rent increase of $100/month beginning in October.  We will need to purchase insurance to cover our equipment as this is not part of the rental agreement.   The BCH folks are writing a grant to present to the Brown County Community Foundation for additional equipment.   Rich R makes a motion to approve the FY 2014 budget, Sheryl seconds the motion and a unanimous vote passes the FY 2014-2015 budget.


Rich F withdraws his name from the upcoming ballot for Board membership.  Rich explains he has taken on a new job which initially did not involve that many hours but it is now going to require more of his time.  He states he is currently giving 40 hours a month to the station and has decided that he will continue to be involved as a Participating Member and attend meetings and agree to additional volunteer hours as his time will permit but not at the Board level.  Maria asks Rich to write a statement concerning his withdrawal from the ballot for the membership which can be attached to the Board minutes.

Joe thanks the outgoing Board members for their term of service and many hours of volunteerism to the Station.


9:19 p.m

Board Minutes: April 28, 2014


Balance Sheet: March 2014

Profit & Loss: March 2014

Budget vs. Actual To-Date Fiscal Year 2013-2014


7:07 p.m.


Board members present: Joe Estivill, Carolyn VandeWiele, Richard Fish, Richard Reardin, Sheryl Mitchell, Matt Pierce, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz

Absent: Louis Malone, Pam Davidson

Participating Members present: Darin Bagley, Reina Wong

Staff: Alycin Bektesh


Motion to approve was made by Rich R (April 9) via email and tonight seconded by Sheryl.

Adjournment time of last month’s meeting is agreed to be 10:00 p.m. Minutes are approved by unanimous vote. Richard F states he has comments and will discuss these at a later time.


Spring Fund Drive as of tonight has reached 96% of our goal, ($44265.74) with an additional $4,000 raised in day sponsorships (underwriting). The budget team will meet tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. (Cleveland, Joe, Sarah Borden). Joe invites board members to attend.

Cleveland anticipates a significant increase in health/vision/dental coverage, approximately $2035/month, and there are major purchases in our future: furnace, 2 new computers, a transmitter, digital equipment. MCPL, CATS, and WFHB: Renovations at the library have included space and phone lines for WFHB news volunteers; collaborating with CATS could make us eligible for more money from CPB; logistics still need to be discussed if there is to be a move to the library. Joe recommends we talk with volunteers who are involved with the news department before any decisions are made.

Development Director: Cleveland met with Meri Reinhold, the executive director at MCUM about her ideas for moving forward with our hiring of a development director. Meri tells us we could apply for a SPEA fellowship at a cost of $600 and receive a grad student for 10 hours/week/semester. The GM and DD could attend the IU School of Philanthropy courses although there is a cost for that. Scholarships are available from IU and if IU chips in, the MCCF could help with funds. Meri’s experience tells us we would need to offer $33K salary or share a DD with another organization so a DD could get full time work. Joe suggests we find another angel donor to bring the salary up.

Rich F has talked with Al Lyons outside of Al’s presentation last month and Rich says Al does not see that we need a DD and that it might cost us more in salary for a DD than the money we would be able to raise using a DD. Cleveland says Meri told him that it took a few years after they hired a DD but that it was worth it.

WFHB is a media sponsor for both the John Hartford Memorial Festival (in Bean Blossom) and GnawBrew, a craft beer festival in Gnaw Bone, as part of our on-going efforts to expand our base outside of Bloomington.

The station now has a Square account to take credit card payments at events. We are exploring ways to use it beyond plugging it into an iPhone or iPad, including web sales.

Acoustic Roots Festival has already recouped its production budget in sponsors. All tickets sales will be actual funds raised.

Johrdan Vicstein is moving to Indy and we’ve been talking about getting our updates done before he leaves.

Cleveland has reworded a statement from the employee’s handbook that allows the News Director to supervise the Assistant News Director. Richard F makes a motion to accept the new wording, Matt seconds the motion and it passes unanimously.


We are still waiting for $24K from the CPB grant and the $4K underwriting has not dropped into the account. As a result, the Budget does not reflect the $28K we are waiting for.

For next year, we expect wage expenses will be higher and insurance costs will be at least $24K.

We will close our GoDaddy account. On the Budget vs Actual spreadsheet: income lines are not where they should be because we are waiting on money as previously described above.


Policy Committee (bylaws need to be rewritten)

A flexible governing document will allow for the unpredictability of the future of technology. Joe suggests we start with 3-4 people who will look at the by-laws for obvious changes. An ad hoc committee is suggested and Rich F suggests we have Al Lyons look at the by-laws to see if there are some red flags of where we need to be more flexible or more structured. That could be a reasonable start before reconfiguring the entire document. Rich F will ask Al for his opinion.

Database for fundraising – tabled until we have a DD who can work with Cleveland and Pam on this project.

Board Operations Manual – committee to review the BOM with the idea of having this finished up by the June elections. Rich F and Cleveland agree to work on this. They will check with Louis and/or Joe to see if they are also available and Joe suggests we make an announcement on the BOD email for other volunteers.

Community Advisory Board

CPB requirements http://www.cpb.org/stations/certification/cert3.html

Composition: Board Secretary+ at least one other board member + up to seven non-board members

MISSION: (FROM STATION BYLAWS: Article Nine: Community Advisory Board)

The Board may select from the community at large an unspecified number of persons to serve on an advisory panel known as the Board of Advisors, for terms of one (1) year. These Advisors may be reappointed for such additional one (1) year terms as the Board may deem proper. The Advisors shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Advisors shall not be Staff Members. The Advisory Board Membership should reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the community.

  • Jeb Conrad, Chamber of Commerce
  • John Whikehart, Deputy Mayor
  • Christian Freitag, Sycamore Land Trust
  • Jim Krause has agreed to join.

It is suggested we put together a mission statement that would describe the purpose of the CAB which would assist with recruitment. The CAB should ascertain local communities’ needs with regard to broadcasting and what needs WFHB could meet. In considering members, we need to include Ellettsville and Nashville residents; ask potential members from the Chambers and other civic-minded individuals. Matt suggests we use the language from the CPB requirements. Maria will look into this and send around a mission statement for approval.


NPAC – Alycin Bektesh discusses her plans for a News Summit for the month of June or July. She feels there needs to be some focused discussion and exploration of the future of news and public affairs programming. With the day to day operating challenges of the News and Public Affairs programs, it leaves no time to address creative, administrative, and technical issues. There could be a possible separation of the news and public affairs departments. It’s time to talk about how to use the MCPL facilities which are being offered and to plan for the future in terms of programming. SEE

Nominating Committee Procedures

Problems are discussed concerning the recent nominating committee’s role and procedures. Cleveland states it would be helpful to have written minutes from meetings of the nominating committee to keep everyone on track with decisions, deadlines, and other details. There appears to be no consistent nominating committee policies and this topic would be one to send on to the policy committee. Cleveland states as GM, he sees his role on the nominating committee as a conflict of interest because the Board is considered to be the GM’s “boss.” Current procedures that the Board agrees on are: petition nominated candidates must submit their petitions with 10 signatures to the nominating committee (Carolyn is chair) by May 8. Cleveland will send out an email on Spot-Online to remind the participating members the deadline for petition nominated candidates is approaching. The nominating committee will put together and mail out the candidates’ packets prior to the annual meeting.

BoD Code of Conduct – In keeping with the suggestions made by Al Lyons, the Board discusses putting together a Board of Director’s code of conduct prior to the installation of the new Board Members in June. Subjects should include a Board member’s behavior during meetings, as a public representative of WFHB, confidentiality, attendance, and ethics, but is not confined to these topics. Maria states she has spent several hours researching online the Code of Conduct (in a generalized setting) for non-profit Boards of Directors (why invent the wheel) but there has been too much of a disconnect between non-profit service orgs and a radio station. Cleveland mentions he has access to websites that are strictly communications/broadcasting sites and he could possibly run across our much-needed document already configured for another similar organization.

Firehouse Follies – Rich F mentions the Follies are considering raising their ticket prices from $5 to $10. He would like to have the Board’s input and there is a general consensus that $10 is a reasonable price for the quality of that unique live entertainment.


9:19 p.m.

News and Public Affairs Committee: March 20, 2014

Call to Order
Present: Alycin Bektesh, Sarah Ryterband, Kelly Miller, Maria McKinley, Helen Harrell
Absent: Carolyn VandeWiele, Alex Lichtenstein, Cynthia Roberts-Hall

News Director’s Report

Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! now comes in through an audio port. While broadcasting Democracy Now! is improved by this, it potentially creates an issue in transitioning from in-house segments to the program as both are played off the computer and the audio port plays a high-pitched tone until the show goes live. Offered the idea of moving them to 9 a.m. to take the place of the second-run Hightower. Ultimately decided that its best not to rearrange program schedule but to, instead, switch medium that segments are played out of. Teach traffic and 6 – 8 a.m. programmers how to do this.

Need Newsies Guidelines
Would help for volunteers to understand their place within the department. Need job descriptions for all positions, including show producers, helps hold people accountable and easier then to take action when people aren’t living up to their roles. Would be nice to have a welcome letter from NPAC, maybe instructional video so new news volunteers get to know some of the other people they may see in the station, understand NPAC liaison system and requirements such as Quarterly and Annual Meetings.

NPAC Minutes Violation
Already solved during committee comment. Minutes responsibility moved away from Carolyn VandeWiele and on to monthly attendee. Carolyn must still get us up to date on past meetings.

I’m Homeless Series
“I’m Homeless” series running with good feedback form the community and the homeless.

Program Review: Brown County Hour

  • Needs spontaneity/naturalness in interviews and other segments.
  • Speak to those outside the “in crowd” of Brown County
  • Issue of advocacy – better to remain journalistic and use advocacy in other ways – call out for volunteers for environmental organizations or have a regular Brown County update on EcoReport.
  • If we want to be more ergular, maybe could add in news items or segments to the Daily Local News.
  • Underwriting sounds too much like an advertisement.
  • Try to involve youth in the programming

Committee Vote: Green Light, on annual review track for March 2015

Program Review: Activate!

  • Has strayed from mission of encouraging others to volunteer in the community by including employees and those without passion as guests
  • Can’t be an infomercial for an organization
  • Needs to be about the volunteer, why they want to volunteer, why they chose that organization, what difference it has made to those they’ve helped and to themselves
  • NPAC acknowledges that often times it is the staff trying to make sure the volunteers represent them perfectly, so try to control the interview. Perhaps better to approach volunteers, not organizations, through contact lists like the “Be More” nominations.

Committee Vote: Yellow Light, comments to producer from Helen, three month follow-up with Jennifer attending June 2014

Approval of Minutes
All vote yea

8:53 PM

Next meeting is scheduled for April 17.

Carolyn VandeWiele is liaison. Shows to be reviewed: Volunteer Connection, An Organic Conversation

Information Technology Committee (Formerly Technology Committee): March 5, 2014

Call to Order
Present: Markus Lowe, Johrdan Vicstein, Cleveland Dietz, Ronald Neely, Richard Fish
6:00 PM

Improving Our Streaming Signal

WFHB will switch its streaming service providers. Markus recommended we go ahead and sign up for ShoutCheap and keep our service with GoDaddy until the new stream was in place and operating. This was agreed. We will pay for two services for one month. ShoutCheap will save the station at least $5.00 per month, and provide more reliable service. It will also give us more capacity. The present stream begins to have problems when 20 or more listeners are on at the same time. The new stream will be good for 50 listeners, and is scalable in steps as our audience increases. ShoutCheap also gives much better statistics and analytics. The high-quality stream will still be 128K, and the low-quality stream will be at least 32K (as it is now), but could be greater.

Cleveland will sign up for the service, and Markus and Johrdan get the new stream up and running.

Improving Internet Connectivity

WFHB will switch its Internet service from Comcast to Smithville, which will upgrade us from coaxial cable to fiber optic. Smithville’s connectivity will be more reliable, could be faster, and will be cheaper. Cleveland has consulted Smithville, and their service is available to us. They already connect the Waldron and Fountain Square. The next step is for their techs to come out and do a site survey, to see exactly what will be required to extend the fiber connection to the station. Having done that, they can quote us an installation cost. This will happen soon. Cleveland did not have a definite date. Actual installation will be scheduledd with Johrdan, so he can be present when it happens.

March 10, 2014: Cleveland reports: “No go on Smithville for ‘probably a couple of months’ as they don’t have the fibder down to provide voice service. We’re going to have to wait a bit. Tony said he’d have more information in a couple of weeks.”


Markus reported that Alycin asked for links to the archive to be placed on all program pages. He will do this.

Online Ticket Sales

Cleveland asked if it would be possible for us to sell tickets for WFHB events on our website. The Buskirk-Chumley Theater will do this for us, but not for free. Markus thought it might be somewhat complex to create our own software. After consideration, it was reckoned that we might have 12-15 events each year for which we charge admission, so there is a limit to the amount of hours and effort it’s worthwhile to put in.

Mobile Credit Card Sales

Cleveland asked what it would take to be able to take credit cards in the field, for sales or donations. Markus and Johrdran recommended we get an account with square.com for this purpose, and also purchase a “My-Fi” adapter to get Internet connectivity anywhere through cell phone service, which would cost about $100.00. This would work with a smart phone or laptop. Cleveland noted that the station has a Chromebook which is not used much and would fill the bill.

Remote Internet Feeds

Cleveland noted we have a dongle with Verizon, a service which allows remote Internet feeds, costing $60.00 per month. It is not used much at present, only for Local Live shows from recording studios. Johrdan suggested that we eliminate that service and sign up for a different service that would only cost money when it is used.

The Newsletter On the Website

Markus reported he is working on this, and must integrate the MailChimp program that distributes the newsletter. People need to be able to find the newsletter on the website (and the archive of back issues) and also subscribe or unsubscribe.

Computer Use at the Station

Richard brought up some problems he’d had producing his Bloomington Beware module on Sunday nights. He asked that when system changes be made, more efforts should be made after that to inform all the users of the system. Cleveland and Markus pointed out that the production computer in the small studio is practically an antique, but keeps working for the present.

Everyone also reported finding computers left in the middle of something, files not saved, browsers or emails or Spinitron not logged out, etc. This is a human problem and a training issue. Cleveland may put out the word on Spot-Online about this and ask Alycin Bektesh to tell the News Department. Richard will start mentioning this when he trains people. Johrdan recommended strongly that people always browse the Internet in “private” or “incognito” mode (Control-Shift-P in Firefox) to avoid loading the system with everybody’s browsing history, but did not know how to make this the default.

New Committee Member

Markus asked Ronald about his experience and interest in the committee. Ronald has some audio and IT experience and will see about checking out the Facilities Committee before he decides how he best fits in.

Board Minutes: February 24, 2014


7:05 p.m.


Board members present: Carolyn VandeWiele, Rich Reardin, Rich Fish, Louis Malone, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz

Board members absent: Joe Estivill, Sheryl Mitchell, Pam Davidson, Matt Pierce

Quorum is established.

Public attendees: None


December 2013 – via email Rich F. makes a motion, Joe seconds to approve

Yea – Joe, Maria, Rich F. via email             Abstain – Pam via email

Yea – Carolyn at meeting

December minutes pass

January 2014 – via email Sheryl makes a motion, Richard F. seconds to approve

Yea – Joe, Maria, Sheryl, Rich F. via email

Yea – Carolyn, Rich R., Louis at meeting

January minutes pass

Cleveland is asked to post both December 2013 and January 2014 minutes to the web


Rich R. suggests the GM report be delivered via email prior to meetings in order to save time but also leave time for questions. Consensus is to discuss procedural changes when more Board Members are present.


Monroe County Fair – 10’ x 10’ booth for the week; underwriting trade for booth

The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship – working with a 7th grade class on marketing project involving 6 business documents

Newsletter – on target for March 1st release; question re: how to submit information for publication procedures, sign-up, circulation to be addressed after this issue


Jar’s job description will change from digital archivist to production/operations role after Spring Fund Drive

Rich R. will work with Jar on PRX player / web browser compatibility

Draft of Board Operations Manual is ready for review. Cleveland to send to Board email document for discussion at March meeting

Volunteers’ Code of Conduct document is being reviewed by Volunteer Committee. The discussion has highlighted the need for emergency procedures at the station.

Performance reviews are due for paid staff and Cleveland needs a Board Member to be present at the reviews. With a background in human resources, Louis volunteers.

Spring Fund Drive will be April 4 through April 13 and the Fundraising Committee is up and running. Pitching sessions are 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. No 11 a.m. sessions on Monday, no 5 p.m. sessions on Fridays. Everyone is more than encouraged to attend. A public event is scheduled for April 10, 7 p.m. at the Bloomington-Monroe County Convention Center. Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian will speak.

Development Director – Cleveland will hold off until after Spring Fund Drive (4/13) to initiate a search. He asks for clarification with regard to the GM’s role and the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee is involved with screening whereas the GM hires.

Annual meeting date is tentatively June 7th. Cleveland to attend the PMDMC Conference in July.


The second allotment of just over $20,000 has not yet been received from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant, but all documentation for it has been submitted. We are checking station procedures with CPB compliance requirements. Messages have been sent around to committees regarding meeting times and minutes.

Underwriters with year-long contracts will now be given notice that if payment is not received within 30 days of 1st invoice, WFHB reserves the right to pull the underwriter’s mentions off the air. An initial invoice and a 2nd invoice after 15 days accounts for the 30 days from when a contract is signed. Rich R. suggests a phone call is made prior to pulling them off the air and all are in agreement.

New underwriters: Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bill Daugherty & Eccentric Enterprises, WTIU

Renewed: Smithville, Relish, Bloomingfoods, Monroe County Public Library, IU Health, IBEW Local 725

New (Trade): Cutters Soccer Club (we’re sponsoring a team), Showers Inn, Monroe County Fair Board, Monroe County History Center

Currently negotiating: Bloomington Independent Restaurant Association, One World Enterprises, IU Dept. of Applied Health, Touchstone Wellness

Youth Services Bureau: We are excited to collaborate with the YSB on Youth Radio (Mixed Nuts) and YSB is equally excited to take on our grant writing work. We are hoping to increase and/or update our equipment.

SPEA’s grant writing class is pursuing a Monroe County Community Foundation Precision Health grant for the development of a locally produced health show. The grant is for $15,000 and would be used to pay a project coordinator to take on the production of this show. Rich F. and Rich R. mention a show about sexual health from Bill Yarber.

Volunteer Quarterly Meeting will be this Saturday, March 1, noon, Rose Firebay at Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center.


The Fiscal Year 2014 Budget needs to be addressed. The Finance Committee needs volunteers who are knowledgeable in accounting, finances, and budgets. Louis suggests Sarah Borden, who works with these issues at YSB. He says she may be interested in volunteering for the Board and will ask her.

Financial / Budget documents are handed out. See attachments for review.


Master Committee Assignments – update of new volunteers

Cleveland reports that most committees are doing well except for the Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee. Per our governance documents, the required 2 Board Members per committee remains unattainable and, as discussed previously, unnecessary. This brings up the topic of the Policy Committee and, once again, we discuss the need to revamp the station’s governance documents. A call out for volunteers in the Minutes, at the monthly volunteer meeting, and the newsletter is a way to begin.

Community Advisory Board

The CPB grant requires an active community advisory board. According to WFHB station documents, the composition is as follows:

Board Secretary + at least one other board member + up to seven non-WFHB board members

MISSION: (FROM STATION BYLAWS: Article Nine: Community Advisory Board)

The Board may select from the community at large an unspecified number of persons to serve on an advisory panel known as the Board of Advisors, for terms of one (1) year. These Advisors may be reappointed for such additional one (1) year terms at the Board may deem proper. The Advisors shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Advisors shall not be Staff Members. The Advisory Board Membership should reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the community.

The CPB has its own set of requirements: http://www.cpb.org/stations/certificatioon/cert3.html

Board Members are asked to become familiar with this document for future discussion of compliance.

Two names were offered in consideration of the CAB:

Jeb Conrad, the new local Chamber of Commerce director

John Whikehart, newly retired Chancellor of Ivy Tech Bloomington and current Deputy Mayor of Bloomington

Fundraising – update from Cleveland/Pam re: database

Cleveland and Pam have not yet had the chance to meeting; discussion tabled

Board Operations Manual – see GM Report

Executive Committee – tabled



Sheryl Mitchell – report on ½ day non-profit Board class

Sheryl is ill and not in attendance tonight. Carolyn mentions the information fit a beginner’s course and served as an overview of Board Operations. She will send her notes around to the Board Members via email. Rich F. says he can do the same.

Fund Drive

Fifteen minutes is set aside to brainstorm fund drive ideas which include:

Parade with Spot

Scavenger hunt to find Spot

Text via phone a $10 donation

Saturday Farmer’s Market with Spot (Showers Lot)

Spot supporting veterans

Pet community issues

Service dogs

Cleveland mentions that Spot is getting a makeover so he can be more mobile, but most of these ideas cannot be ready for Spring Fund Drive ’14. Plan ahead for Fall Fund Drive. What is already planned includes: Busman’s Holiday CD Release Show, Brown County Day, Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian, Firehouse Lounge at The Back Door

Mardi Gras event needs volunteers to sign up to work the door, serve food, collect money. Doodle doc has been sent around. Board Members are encouraged to sign up.

Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce membership expired a few months ago. Dues are $350/year. Discussion about the benefits include listings on their website, membership directory which serves as underwriter contacts, BizNet newsletter which has a widespread circulation, networking through their “Business After Hours” social program

Rich F. makes a motion to renew membership and pay the dues of $350. Carolyn seconds and the vote is unanimous.

Board Members with terms expiring this June:

Matt Pierce and Carolyn VandeWiele have decided not to run again for the Board. Rich F. has decided to run for another term.

Discussion of potential Board Members and preliminary contact person gives us the following names:

Sarah Borden – Louis Malone

Markus Lowe – Rich F.

Pat East – Rich R.

William Morris – Louis Malone

Carolyn VandeWiele to contact Pam Raider for potential candidates in Brown County

Interested candidates will be forwarded the usual letter of disclosure and Board candidate questionnaire. Results will then be forwarded to current Board members and the candidate will be invited to the March 24th Board meeting for an interview.

April 8th is the deadline for Board nominations to reach the membership. May 8th is the deadline for signature-endorsed candidates to reach the membership.


9:10 p.m.

Technology Committee Minutes: February 5, 2014

Attendance: Markus Lowe (ML), Johrdan Vicstein (JV), Richard Fish (RF), Reina Wong (RW), Cleveland Dietz (CD). Alycin Bektesh attended at the beginning, and then left, deciding she was not needed as a committee member but would be available if needed.

Call to Order: 6:03 PM

RF asked about renaming this the “Information Technology Committee” or “IT Committee” to avoid confusion with audio or radio technology. There was general agreement. CD pointed out that audio and radio tech came under the Facilities Committee.

There have been some reports that the Pongo_SFTP hyperlinks don’t work. FILEZILLA is suggested as a simple, free program that seems to work OK.

An SPJ nomination for the news website was suggested.

CD: Rich Reardin has a connection at I.U. that could hook us up with Informatics students who could help migrate archives to new site. Markus suggested it should be one competent person in SQL database management and PHP code, rather than a group or team. Best arrangement would be an unpaid internship with academic credit given to the intern.  Alycin suggested calling the Informatics counselor to set up credit partnership. This would probably be a semester-long project. CD will get back to Rich Reardin on this.

Reporting weather-related events, school closings and the like: Info has been coming in piecemeal, at different times. DJs should be able to update the information and produce “live” reports as it comes in. A place on our website could be created where people could post information; RF asked if that could result in bad information (unauthorized). ML said the info would have to be vetted. This needs to be organized: make up a list of all the possible organizations we might want to hear from, and do outreach. Find out who communicates closures and delays, ask how to get on the list of media outlets, find out what their preferred methods are (telephone, email). Create a way to put this info on the computer so on-air people can access and update it.

Live webstream: CD reports some complaints. Our live webstream is currently self-hosted with a virtual server on GoDaddy. Receiver in the closet picks up 98.1 and feeds to Icecast (GoDaddy). We can have 15-30 simultaneous users. ML thinks ShoutCheap can handle more. We are using ShoutCheap to send remote streams back to the station. ML: combine all three streams to ShoutCheap. JV: experiment by creating a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as a second “beta” stream. It would have a different URL, anyone who has bookmarked our present stream would have to update. JV: possibly use an “alias”?

JV: best if we could get away from assigned DNS. ML: the port assigned by ShoutCheap is the issue, we could ask for a specific port.  JV will set up the second “beta test” stream over the next month, without messing with the present stream. We will ask those who had problems to try this new stream. RF offered to ask his listeners to test it – has a couple of dozen people who get email about Firehouse Theatre each week. RW asked to be added to the list, she’s a mobile listener, uses TuneIn.

Problems with the webstream could come from various points in the chain. CD will ask Jeffrey Morris if he could put in a direct wired connection from the Board to the streaming computer; this would eliminate any glitches coming from the RF chain.

Internet connection: currently with Comcast. RF asked if we could get on Smithville: they now have a major fibreoptic trunk running right through town, and RF’s dayjob (St. John Associates, 300 West 1st St.) switched to Smithville. JV and ML had not thought this was an option. CD and JV will inquire to find out.  JV suggested a PFSense router in front of the modem, if possible.

Audio updates—Markus will look into a more robust audio player for the website.

Getting data on how and who is using our website. We have Google Analytics now. RW asked about a statcounter, JV said we have to have a specialized tool or set of tools to go beyond Google Analytics, and we probably don’t want to. JV and ML felt like getting the data and displaying it was opening a can of worms, but said they would look into options.

Board had asked, what if JV was unavailable, or someone else had to stand in for him? Server = FreeNAS. Johrdan identified it as a very easy web interface with very good documentation. We don’t really do anything that’s off the beaten path. If someone were to replace Johrdan, he says it would take them about a day of reading through FreeNAS documentation.

Backups Issue: Johrdan is storing our off-site back-ups for servers at his home on his personal hard-drives. We’re approaching 3 TB on Pongo, and JV an ML estimate this will grow at about 1 TB per year. Proper backups require triple storage: servers in use, a set of backups in-house, and a second set of backups off-site – total 9 TB at present. JV strongly suggested a fireproof safe for our in-house backups. Backing up to “the cloud” is not a good option, we have too much data and there are issues with cloud security. Best option is to purchase good “enterprise-grade” hardrives, 7200 rpm, such as Western Digital or Seagate. It would be more efficient to store back-ups at the station. If we did this properly, we would pull the hard drives out of the server every two weeks. A fireproof safe would alleviate Johrdan’s worries.

JV says IT needs are more about network, rather than PCs around the station. Most immediate need is a new Network Switch, estimated cost about $400.00.  A better wireless access point would help. Reliance on WI-FI is not ideal. Ethernet cabling throughout the station would be a big help, but would be a pretty big project to install. Wiring would have to run through walls & ceilings, ports and plugs installed in every room. RF asked if we would need to go through Ivy Tech for permission, CD said no we would not.

Priorities: Network switch, ethernet cabling, better wireless access point.

RF asked about getting class data to students via our website. JV suggested using a publicly-shared Dropbox folder, and ML agreed this was more accessible, less risk if data goes to people not associated with the station, handier for immediate needs.

RF asked if a Board member was needed or useful on this committee. ML, JV, and CD said probably not. RW wondered how useful her presence was.

Adjournment: 7:28 PM

Volunteer Committee Minutes: February 3, 2014

Attendance: Kelly Wherley (KW), Louis Malone (LM), Vera Grubbs (VG). Cleveland Dietz (CD) was present for part of the meeting.

Call to Order: 6PM

- Initial discussion about the mission and focus of the committee

-  Good database of perspective volunteers, active volunteers and alumni already in system with volunteer coordinator, KW.

-  Detailed discussion on how to handle new volunteers in regards to placement and matching of talent, skills and experience.

-  Speculated about the duties of a development director in reference to the recruitment and/or training of new volunteers. CD cautions us that the development director will probably be concerned mostly with fund-raising.

-  CD suggests that the volunteer committee resurrects and revamps a previous Volunteer Handbook. He will search for an old copy/template.

-  Related documents , such as the orientation sign-up sheet, should be modified and refined to better gauge the applicants’ commitment and enthusiasm as an active volunteer.

-  A Code of Conduct (behavior) to be included in handbook.

-  Also need to establish a set of standards and expectations for perspective volunteers.

Adjournment: 7:15 PM

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, Feb.10 , 6 PM at the station

Board Minutes: January 27, 2014


7:12 p.m.


Board Members Present:  Joe Estivill, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz, Pam Davidson, Rich Reardon,    Sheryll Mitchell, Richard Fish, Louis Malone

Board Members Absent:  Matt Pierce, Carolyn VandeWiele

Volunteers:  Darin Bagley


Minutes for Board meetings November 2013 and December 2013 are presented for approval.  Carolyn has stated in December’s meeting, she would like to offer corrections to the November Minutes but was not prepared to do so at that meeting.  We have not received any corrections via email and Richard suggests we wait to the end of tonight’s meeting to see if she will arrive late.  Pam states we need a quorum (we do, as 4 of 6 November Board members are present – new Board members in attendance may not vote on November/December minutes because they were not appointed to the Board until after December’s meeting).

Richard asks Maria to send out via email the monthly Minutes to be approved and posted on the website before the next monthly meetings.  She states this remains the goal but is challenging when Board members do not respond to the emails with corrections or approval.  A motion and a second and majority vote for approval is still required.



  • Tim Grimm CD release shows 1/3 at Farm Fresh Studios (Bloomington) and 1/4 at The Commons (Columbus)
  • 7th Annual Progressive Dance Extravaganza 1/23 at Ivy Tech Waldron Center Auditorium


  • hYPe non-profit fair - Alycin was invited to attend and she collected several signatures from people who show an interest in the station.  The fair is designed to help young professionals become involved with local non-profit organizations.  Sheryll asks for a list of non-profit fairs with station participation.
  • Newsletter Committee - March 1 is the target for the first issue of the newsletter.  There will be a subscription “button” added to the webpage soon.  Members to date are Karen Roszkowski, Michael Glab, Helen Harrell, Carol Fischer, Maryll Jones, Cleveland Dietz. Joe suggests a shout out to the membership about the newsletter to identify others who may be interested in getting involved.
  • Monthly Volunteer Meetings - Markus Lowe is facilitating these round-table meetings which will be scheduled monthly in-between quarterly meetings.  Returning to monthly volunteer meetings is in compliance with the by-laws.  More than 30 volunteers attended the first round table.  The next meeting will be on February 1st at 12:15 p.m. at the Monroe County History Center.
  • Ryder Magazine - Jim Manion is working out a trade agreement which could result in one-page ads for WFHB.  Most top 10 music lists for 2013 were written by WFHB DJs.  Michael Glab’s pieces appear on-air at WFHB and in transcript form in the Ryder.
  • Bloom Magazine - One-page ad trades continue.  See February issue.


  • Health Insurance - Cleveland states we need to make a decision tonight as the enrollment anniversary is February 1.    If coverage remains the same, the monthly rate for Cleveland is $406.04 plus vision and dental.  Richard  makes a motion to purchase the Anthem Preferred Direct Access gxea Plan with vision and dental benefits and Pam seconds the motion.  Call for vote taken and passes by unanimous vote.
  • News Dept and CATS - Cleveland, Alycin, and Joe Crawford met with Sara Laughlin, Michael White, and Martin O’Neil  regarding the idea of moving the news department operations to the library.  The library offered to provide office space and equipment that would be just for the use of WFHB staff and volunteers.  This supports a strategic plan initiative to increase our partnership with CATS and MCPL.  Moving off-site would optimize our current facility space and the library could provide us with access to better equipment which could impact our on-air sound positively.  Board members agree on the positive attributes but also agree that many more questions remain, including logistics, remaining an independent entity, and associated costs.  Cleveland states this was a preliminary meeting called by the library and where the library offered up some ideas.
  • The Cage - Cleveland met with Paul Daily with regard to our unfinished studio and replacing and moving our furnace.  The furnace is 15+ years old and has been repaired numerous times and to move it up into the loft would free up much-needed space.  Paul gave the go-ahead for us to submit a written proposal with the understanding that if it did not get approved, this would be the end to this conversation.  Ivy Tech personnel have indicated previously they could give us a furnace if they have one laying around.  Now, there is some doubt any are available.  Also discussed was the possibility of posting an online web broadcast of Macbeth in April, the development of an intern and/or service learning projects for Ivy Tech students in the marketing, IT, or administration schools.
  • Parking Pass for GM - Cleveland asks the Board to consider a monthly cost of $40 to provide him with a parking pass in the Garage.  He states the Garage is full when he comes to work and he has had to park at great distances away from the station and it is time-consuming to find an open space, if any exist.  He is asked what the other staff do for parking and he informs us Alycin has a parking pass paid for by the station, Jim rides his bike to work and the past GM lived close enough to walk in.  Richard makes a motion that the station will pay $40/month to provide a parking pass for Cleveland to park in the Garage.  Sheryll seconds the motion and the vote is unanimous.
  • Finance - The end-of-the-year fund drive in December 2013 brought in $3500 from 32 donors.  9.4% of these donations were from first-time donors.  When looking at the first 6 months of our finance year, we appear to be substantially ahead but this is inflated due to the higher first disbursement of the CPB grant.  We received more money up front from this than we expected. The income line will correct itself when we receive the second and lower CPB grant disbursement.
  • CPB  Grant

We received $47,986 along with new guidelines for future compliance.  They are as follows:

1.  The Board must write a 500-word document which describes the station’s past and future                    commitment to diversity for the website.

2.  One of the following items must be done on an annual basis:

— include individuals representing diverse groups in internships or work-study programs designed to provide meaningful professional level experience in order to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve and further public broadcasting’s commitment to education

OR   — include qualified diverse candidates in any slate of candidates for elected governing boards that the Grantee controls

OR   — implement a diversity training program for members of the organization’s governing body or board of directors on an annual basis

OR   — participate in minority or other diversity job fairs

OR   — implement formal diversity training programs for management and appropriate staff

3.  Board meetings, board-level committee meetings and community advisory board meetings have to be advertised in accordance with the Communications Act of 1934.  Minutes must be taken and publicly available.

Discussion centered around specifics of language, including the terms “advertised”  and  “publicly” in Item 3.  Cleveland will investigate whether those terms refer us to within the WFHB family or the general public.

  • MLK Commission Grant - The station received $610 which we used to purchase a DSLR camera with still and video capabilities in line with our strategic plan initiatives to diversity our web offerings and move toward video capability.


  • Renewed:  Smithville,  IU Health,  Karen Pitkin
  • Signed: Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs;  Spirit of ’98 Promotions, Bill Daughtery and Eccentric Enterprises



The Board agrees for transparency, the financial handouts provided by the GM at each Board meeting will be attached to the Board Minutes and posted on the station website.  Please see attached financial documents for specific numbers.


  • Master Committee Assignments - Cleveland provides a list of the Board Committees and the Station Committees.  A review of requirements and membership of each begins but becomes too time-consuming and the remaining committees are tabled for another meeting.  Consideration is given to changing some of the standing committees to committees at-will and requiring station committees to be comprised of volunteers which report back to the Board.  With the continued workload on the Board, it makes sense to make committees comprised of volunteers which report to the Board. This may require the governance rules to be changed.  And with upcoming Board elections, it is difficult to assess at this time whether we can assign current Board members, at the end of their terms, to committees for four months.  Board nomination discussions will begin as early as February for the April 1 deadline.  Committees discussed are:

Personnel and Nominating:  Matt Pierce, Carolyn VandeWiele, Louis Malone – need membership, volunteers

Legal Affairs – William Morris, Mark Need, Joe Estivill -  need membership volunteers—discussion focuses on whether legal affairs should exist as a committee which meets regularly, an at-will committee or a consult with an attorney as necessary.  After consideration of all points, Sheryll makes a motion to keep legal affairs a standing committee.  Richard offers a second and the vote passes unanimously.

Finance – Cleveland Dietz, Pam Davidson, the Development Director – need membership                         volunteers with a background in accounting

Richard suggests we consider adding the Fund Drive and Underwriting committees to the Finance Committee.  It is agreed that while all 3 have “money” in common, they are uniquely different in purpose and are not combined.

Music – Jim Manion, Sheryll Mitchell, Rich Reardon, Darin Bagley

Technology – Markus Lowe, Cleveland Dietz, Johrdan, Richard Fish

Richard asks for clarification on the term “technology.”  Should Jeffrey Morris be included because of his knowledge of the engineering equipment?”  Its description identifies it as an IT committee.  Software, server and hardware issues require more than a few people be available who can solve problems as they arise.  Cleveland suggests we need more trained individuals, either as volunteers, interns, or consultants to keep us up and running and will ask Kelly Wherley to post a notice on the Bloomington Volunteer Network.

Community Advisory Committee – Cleveland has posted the member list on the website.

  • The Cage – see GM report
  • Health Insurance Renewal – see GM report
  • Transmitter – Richard does not have anything to add about the transmitter at this time.
  • Fundraising – The visioning experience is not discussed but Pam mentions the application for the Matchstick initiative is due in four days.  She states it requires us to specify an amount that we will raise which will then be matched by the Community Foundation.  We will not have access to the full amount of the funds due to the stipulation of the initiative but rather it would go into our “account” at the Foundation where we would receive a percentage over time – this is more of a long term endowment arrangement.  Pam suggests we hold off for another year.  She would like to work with Cleveland to get a better understanding of our fundraising database – who are the donors we already have, when do they typically give, what is our most successful response (mail, web, etc.).
  • Board Operations Manual -  Cleveland has located other Board of Directors’ manuals from radio stations which he will forward to Board members as a data file.
  • Executive committee - Richard asks when the EC was formed and Joe explains it started up again when Chad was GM interim.  It has been functioning as an advisory committee for the interim GMs and the new GM hires.  It is currently comprised of the President, Secretary, and the GM.  It meets most Mondays at 4 p.m. and reviews the past week as well as any upcoming business and events.  Discussion also places items on the upcoming monthly Board meeting agenda. Richard begins a discussion of the by-laws as they relate to the Executive Committee and there is a lengthy exchange  among Board members about the issue. The bylaws dictate the Executive Committee be re-instituted as necessary at the discretion of the Board and that 3 Board members are appointed to the Executive Committee by the Board.  Joe explains the EC was re-instituted before Richard came on the Board. Pam talks about how Executive Committees are traditionally made up of the officers of a Board and Richard relays his opinion that WFHB does not necessarily fit into traditional models. Pam makes a motion that the Executive Committee be made up of the officers of the organization and Louis seconds it.  Because Joe is acting Treasurer in the absence of a Board member with expertise in finance/budgets/accounting, that puts only 2 Board members on the EC instead of 3.   Pam amends her motion to state that in this situation, when we don’t have 3 officers (from 3 different people), the Board will appoint another member to serve on the EC. Louis seconds the amended motion which passes by a vote of 4-3.  Because the by-laws only specify the EC should be made up of Board members, there remains disagreement as to whether they should be the officers.  “Can be” officers vs “should be” officers.   Richard makes a motion to review the make-up of the EC after the annual election in June.  ??????? seconds.  The motion passes 5-1 with one abstention. Richard and Pam have asked to be considered as the third person on the Executive Committee.  Further discussion has been tabled.
  • John Whikehart - Cleveland has a photo of John at the Follies and a letter of appreciation for the Board members to sign for John’s service to WFHB while at Ivy Tech.  Cleveland will present both to John now that he has moved to City Hall.


  • CATS and WFHB – see GM report
  • Friends of WFHB -  Joe reminds Board Members that due to the use of the station’s call letters on the “Friends” facebook page, the station could be held liable if an incident arose, based on the attorney’s opinion.  For that reason, frivolous lawsuit or not, if Board members or staff members post on the “Friends” page, it could be perceived as an understanding of approval of the page content from staff and/or Board.  Board members ask if we can be members of the Friends of WFHB page and  not post comments.  Joe says he does not know the answer to this but will check with the attorney.
  • City of Bloomington, Class for non-profit Boards - Feb 13th, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  This is a half-day class sponsored by the City of Bloomington which discusses in general non-profit Boards of Directors.  The instructor is Dr. Al Lyons of SPEA, IU Bloomington.  The cost is $25.  Sheryll state she is signed up.  Pam mentions there is a local non-profit alliance for anyone interested in more information as well.


10:42 p.m.

Board Meeting Minutes: December 16, 2013


7:10 P.M.


Present: Joe Estivill, Matt Pierce, Kevin Jones, Carolyn VandeWiele, Richard Fish, Maria McKinley

Absent: Pam Davidson

Visitors Present: Helen Harrell, Carol Fischer, Trish Kerle, Sheryl Mitchell, Louis Malone, Maryll Jones, Shayne Laughter, Marc Haggerty, Michael Glab, Rich Reardin, Anson Shupe, Darin Bagley, Claude Bagley, Markus Lowe


Carolyn discusses some exceptions she has with the written minutes and states she would make her corrections and send them around. The Board agrees to take a look at her corrected Minutes via email and vote.


After discussion, it is decided by consensus the applicants will wait in the hall until their interview and observers will remain in the room and agree to observe confidentiality.

Bullet points from statements made by each applicant:

  • ANSON SHUPE – I bring a passion to the station; fairly new to town; retired; I have the time; academic; published sociologist
  • HELEN HARRELL – I love the station; I’m a past Board member having filled in for a vacancy; wants to be involved to keep the quality of the station; I’m about communication and mediation
  • LOUIS MALONE – I really care about the station; I can help by just being myself; experience in HR, management, conflict resolution
  • SHERYL MITCHELL – I bring a unique perspective to the board; we could use a different make-up of people on the Board; interested in fundraising
  • MARYLL JONES – I can help out with communication issues; wants to help at the station but doesn’t want to be on the air; more of a techie
  • MARKUS LOWE – I want to help; past GM and turned the station around during a financial crisis; wants to facilitate, bylaws, governance, strategic plan
  • RICH REARDIN – I want to help out at the Board level; have been interested in recent initiative; has an interest in Development Director position; radio producer


Before Cleveland’s report, Kevin Jones states he is officially resigning the Board this evening and will leave now, at the start of business. Motion to thank Kevin for his service is made by Richard and seconded by Matt and a unanimous vote of appreciation is passed. Handshakes and hugs all around and Kevin departs the meeting.


  • Krista Detor at the Monroe County Convention Center 12/12
  • Grant Street Co-Op benefit at Max’s Place 12/24
  • Root Cellar Lounge dance party – last one is December 20th. Looking to change the monthly venue but maintain a good relationship with FARM.
  • MailChimp – making the first foray into use of email client; the major advantages are a more professional appearance, creation of permanent email list which can be used for newsletter, a searchable database


  • Employee Handbook – met with Kevin Jones regarding an employee handbook; has a copy from a large local employer and excerpts from the textbook Managing Human Resources; not all the information Is applicable to the station; Cleveland will make appropriate cuts and send to the Personnel Committee
  • Facilities Committee – met to discuss the purchase of a digital console and IO box for approximately $8,000. The committee decided against the purchase but was in favor of spending significantly less money on equipment that will get us closer to our technological goals without breaking the bank, such as: TalentPods, a headset/mic combo – good fit for a talk show, will bring the station closer to two Strategic Plan initiatives (better on-air sound, talk shows), allows producers to talk directly into room, will cost less than half the price of a digital board ($1,600).
  • Development Director – secured the remainder of the $15,000 salary posited by the Strategic Plan; donor did not want to commit to two years without seeing how the first year goes; second year funding is likely with good results
  • Other – Jim Manion indicated this morning the updated DJ guidelines are on track to be completed by the end of the year; meeting scheduled with Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford regarding shared office space at MCPL – sharing space with CATS is at their invitation; there is a new graduate level class (SPEA) seeking real-world experience for students studying grant writing. WFHB will receive a small group of these students who will begin to work on a grant for us. They won’t be able to finish it during their semester, but it should be far enough along that we can continue the process after the semester.


  • June through December – last year we budgeted for the CPB money but it hasn’t come in yet and initial review is still in progress; Smithville has not paid their underwriting as yet; Rush Hour Station is on the horizon as an underwriter; an alarm system went on the fritz and we had them clean and service the other ones (to save on another potential service call charge); may need a new hard drive for the lobby computer – it operates more slowly than the others; accounting fees are high because we’ve already paid the annual income tax return; log software license fee was paid; Christmas bonuses for staff are already in the budget.
  • Year-End Fund Drive 2013 – it is underway, a postcard mailer campaign, an email blast using MailChimp, radio spots and Facebook posts. Targeting individuals who did not contribute during Fall Fund Drive.


  • Transmitter Info – Richard Fish – tabled to January
  • Digital Board Replacement Costs – Cleveland Dietz (see GM report)
  • Visioning Experience – Pam Davidson – tabled to January
  • Master Committee List – The Board Operations Manual has a Master Committee List – tabled
  • Reminder – email notes on GM hiring process to secretary


  • Matchstick Initiative – Pam Davidson – tabled to January
  • Board Operations Manual – very large and too expensive to print out (paper costs), Cleveland will send around digital copies
  • Executive Committee – set up after Will Murphy left, for the benefit of interim GMs, needs to have a formal Board Resolution – tabled
  • John Whikehart – retiring 1/13/14 from Ivy Tech and has accepted position as Deputy Mayor of Bloomington. Matt makes a motion to have Cleveland send a letter to John Whikehart thanking him for his service to WFHB. Seconded by Richard and passes unanimously. Richard to look for a photo of John in the Follies to accompany the letter. Tentative date of January 15th.
  • Joe comments – for WFHB volunteers and staff, all notices, important info, and announcements need to be posted on Spot Online first and then accepted on other sites and venues.

CLOSED SESSION – to discuss candidates for the Board openings


  • Richard makes a motion to offer Rich Reardin the 2012-2015 Board opening; Matt seconds and the motion passes unanimously.
  • Carolyn makes a motion to offer Sheryl Mitchell and Louis Malone the 2013-2016 Board openings; Matt seconds and the motion passes unanimously.


11:07 p.m.

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