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Firehouse News, Vol. 1, No. 1: Meet the New General Manager

by Helen Harrell

If you haven’t met new WFHB General Manager Cleveland Dietz, you should consider stopping by the station to introduce yourself. You won’t be sorry that you did. Cleveland is a friendly, upbeat person always eager to share his insights about the station and plans for future growth. On board for just a few months now, Cleveland has stepped into his position like an old pro. Of course, his stints as part of the News Department’s volunteer staff, then Administrative Assistant, then Interim General Mnaager following the departure of Chad Carrothers did afford him some time to get a feel for the station and its extensive crew consisting of both paid staff and volunteer staff. Even with all that he observed, he still wanted the job, so kudos to him and lucky for WFHB!

While working with an extensive cast of Bloomingtonians can be equated with herding cats, Cleveland is unflappable. He has some serious goals that he believes will further legitimize the station by creating a more stable environment and context for future development. Here are just a few:

  1. developing organizational documents by creating, re-instituting, or revising an employee handbook, a volunteer code of conduct and board operations manual
  2. developing a clear marketing plan to make WFHB more of a presence regionally and continue to promote the station at IU and in Bloomington
  3. affording more opportunities for volunteers by matching skills and talents with station needs
  4. hiring a Development Director within the next few months
  5. increasing financial donations
  6. increasing staff, volunteer staff, and program development


Considering all that Cleveland envisions, he is quick to point out that some of these improvements have already been accomplished or are underway. Upbeat as he talks about the 3-5 year WFHB Strategic Plan, he notes that a new website has been launched and is being updated on a regular basis. Money has been raised to hire a Development Director and that position should be filled by the end of the station’s fiscal year in June. Improving promotions on-air is in progress; for example, the music show DJs will soon begin promoting the next DJ coming up and the development of pre-recorded promos for music shows is soon to be underway. A new camera will enable the News Department to post photos and video to the website and adding video to music broadcasts is in the development stages. New TalentPods and headset mics are now in use. The Facilities Committee is focusing on improving space either through renovation or possible relocation. Four news department stations have recently been created, providing more capacity for volunteer staff in the news department and affording paid news staff more privacy when confidentiality issues arise. And finally, not only have monthly volunteer meetings been successfully re-instituted, but volunteers have been renamed volunteer staff to recognize the significance of their contributions.

Considering all that is happening, changing, developing, it seems that WFHB is in good hands with Cleveland Dietz at the helm. We look forward to the future!

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