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Board Minutes: February 24, 2014


7:05 p.m.


Board members present: Carolyn VandeWiele, Rich Reardin, Rich Fish, Louis Malone, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz

Board members absent: Joe Estivill, Sheryl Mitchell, Pam Davidson, Matt Pierce

Quorum is established.

Public attendees: None


December 2013 – via email Rich F. makes a motion, Joe seconds to approve

Yea – Joe, Maria, Rich F. via email             Abstain – Pam via email

Yea – Carolyn at meeting

December minutes pass

January 2014 – via email Sheryl makes a motion, Richard F. seconds to approve

Yea – Joe, Maria, Sheryl, Rich F. via email

Yea – Carolyn, Rich R., Louis at meeting

January minutes pass

Cleveland is asked to post both December 2013 and January 2014 minutes to the web


Rich R. suggests the GM report be delivered via email prior to meetings in order to save time but also leave time for questions. Consensus is to discuss procedural changes when more Board Members are present.


Monroe County Fair – 10’ x 10’ booth for the week; underwriting trade for booth

The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship – working with a 7th grade class on marketing project involving 6 business documents

Newsletter – on target for March 1st release; question re: how to submit information for publication procedures, sign-up, circulation to be addressed after this issue


Jar’s job description will change from digital archivist to production/operations role after Spring Fund Drive

Rich R. will work with Jar on PRX player / web browser compatibility

Draft of Board Operations Manual is ready for review. Cleveland to send to Board email document for discussion at March meeting

Volunteers’ Code of Conduct document is being reviewed by Volunteer Committee. The discussion has highlighted the need for emergency procedures at the station.

Performance reviews are due for paid staff and Cleveland needs a Board Member to be present at the reviews. With a background in human resources, Louis volunteers.

Spring Fund Drive will be April 4 through April 13 and the Fundraising Committee is up and running. Pitching sessions are 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. No 11 a.m. sessions on Monday, no 5 p.m. sessions on Fridays. Everyone is more than encouraged to attend. A public event is scheduled for April 10, 7 p.m. at the Bloomington-Monroe County Convention Center. Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian will speak.

Development Director – Cleveland will hold off until after Spring Fund Drive (4/13) to initiate a search. He asks for clarification with regard to the GM’s role and the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee is involved with screening whereas the GM hires.

Annual meeting date is tentatively June 7th. Cleveland to attend the PMDMC Conference in July.


The second allotment of just over $20,000 has not yet been received from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant, but all documentation for it has been submitted. We are checking station procedures with CPB compliance requirements. Messages have been sent around to committees regarding meeting times and minutes.

Underwriters with year-long contracts will now be given notice that if payment is not received within 30 days of 1st invoice, WFHB reserves the right to pull the underwriter’s mentions off the air. An initial invoice and a 2nd invoice after 15 days accounts for the 30 days from when a contract is signed. Rich R. suggests a phone call is made prior to pulling them off the air and all are in agreement.

New underwriters: Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bill Daugherty & Eccentric Enterprises, WTIU

Renewed: Smithville, Relish, Bloomingfoods, Monroe County Public Library, IU Health, IBEW Local 725

New (Trade): Cutters Soccer Club (we’re sponsoring a team), Showers Inn, Monroe County Fair Board, Monroe County History Center

Currently negotiating: Bloomington Independent Restaurant Association, One World Enterprises, IU Dept. of Applied Health, Touchstone Wellness

Youth Services Bureau: We are excited to collaborate with the YSB on Youth Radio (Mixed Nuts) and YSB is equally excited to take on our grant writing work. We are hoping to increase and/or update our equipment.

SPEA’s grant writing class is pursuing a Monroe County Community Foundation Precision Health grant for the development of a locally produced health show. The grant is for $15,000 and would be used to pay a project coordinator to take on the production of this show. Rich F. and Rich R. mention a show about sexual health from Bill Yarber.

Volunteer Quarterly Meeting will be this Saturday, March 1, noon, Rose Firebay at Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center.


The Fiscal Year 2014 Budget needs to be addressed. The Finance Committee needs volunteers who are knowledgeable in accounting, finances, and budgets. Louis suggests Sarah Borden, who works with these issues at YSB. He says she may be interested in volunteering for the Board and will ask her.

Financial / Budget documents are handed out. See attachments for review.


Master Committee Assignments – update of new volunteers

Cleveland reports that most committees are doing well except for the Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee. Per our governance documents, the required 2 Board Members per committee remains unattainable and, as discussed previously, unnecessary. This brings up the topic of the Policy Committee and, once again, we discuss the need to revamp the station’s governance documents. A call out for volunteers in the Minutes, at the monthly volunteer meeting, and the newsletter is a way to begin.

Community Advisory Board

The CPB grant requires an active community advisory board. According to WFHB station documents, the composition is as follows:

Board Secretary + at least one other board member + up to seven non-WFHB board members

MISSION: (FROM STATION BYLAWS: Article Nine: Community Advisory Board)

The Board may select from the community at large an unspecified number of persons to serve on an advisory panel known as the Board of Advisors, for terms of one (1) year. These Advisors may be reappointed for such additional one (1) year terms at the Board may deem proper. The Advisors shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Advisors shall not be Staff Members. The Advisory Board Membership should reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the community.

The CPB has its own set of requirements: http://www.cpb.org/stations/certificatioon/cert3.html

Board Members are asked to become familiar with this document for future discussion of compliance.

Two names were offered in consideration of the CAB:

Jeb Conrad, the new local Chamber of Commerce director

John Whikehart, newly retired Chancellor of Ivy Tech Bloomington and current Deputy Mayor of Bloomington

Fundraising – update from Cleveland/Pam re: database

Cleveland and Pam have not yet had the chance to meeting; discussion tabled

Board Operations Manual – see GM Report

Executive Committee – tabled



Sheryl Mitchell – report on ½ day non-profit Board class

Sheryl is ill and not in attendance tonight. Carolyn mentions the information fit a beginner’s course and served as an overview of Board Operations. She will send her notes around to the Board Members via email. Rich F. says he can do the same.

Fund Drive

Fifteen minutes is set aside to brainstorm fund drive ideas which include:

Parade with Spot

Scavenger hunt to find Spot

Text via phone a $10 donation

Saturday Farmer’s Market with Spot (Showers Lot)

Spot supporting veterans

Pet community issues

Service dogs

Cleveland mentions that Spot is getting a makeover so he can be more mobile, but most of these ideas cannot be ready for Spring Fund Drive ’14. Plan ahead for Fall Fund Drive. What is already planned includes: Busman’s Holiday CD Release Show, Brown County Day, Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian, Firehouse Lounge at The Back Door

Mardi Gras event needs volunteers to sign up to work the door, serve food, collect money. Doodle doc has been sent around. Board Members are encouraged to sign up.

Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce membership expired a few months ago. Dues are $350/year. Discussion about the benefits include listings on their website, membership directory which serves as underwriter contacts, BizNet newsletter which has a widespread circulation, networking through their “Business After Hours” social program

Rich F. makes a motion to renew membership and pay the dues of $350. Carolyn seconds and the vote is unanimous.

Board Members with terms expiring this June:

Matt Pierce and Carolyn VandeWiele have decided not to run again for the Board. Rich F. has decided to run for another term.

Discussion of potential Board Members and preliminary contact person gives us the following names:

Sarah Borden – Louis Malone

Markus Lowe – Rich F.

Pat East – Rich R.

William Morris – Louis Malone

Carolyn VandeWiele to contact Pam Raider for potential candidates in Brown County

Interested candidates will be forwarded the usual letter of disclosure and Board candidate questionnaire. Results will then be forwarded to current Board members and the candidate will be invited to the March 24th Board meeting for an interview.

April 8th is the deadline for Board nominations to reach the membership. May 8th is the deadline for signature-endorsed candidates to reach the membership.


9:10 p.m.

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