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Board Meeting Minutes: September 23, 2013

Call to Order: 7:07PM

–Members in attendance: Joe Estivill, Pam Davidson, Matt Pierce, Richard Fish, Cleveland Dietz, Maria McKinley


–No minutes available to review/approve


–Joy will be reducing her time with grant writing. One more paycheck is due before the end of the month. Moving forward with underwriting will wait until fund drive is over.

–Firehouse Follies underwriting is usually $500, but this last event, $175 came from Mike Kelsey Fund.

–Drive Premiums: Pam Davidson said donors must deduct the worth of the premium in order to deduct the difference for tax purposes. Cleveland Dietz will take a look at the wording to verify that we are making the correct announcement on the air (the paperwork/receipt shows the correct amount).

–With regard to credit card purchases made on behalf of station business, checks and balances are in place. Joe Estivill and Cleveland Dietz check the statements.


–Publicity: “Dirt,” a storytelling event, was held at The Bishop on 9/13 and featured in the Indiana Daily Student; WFHB built an outhouse car for an outhouse race in Brown County which was featured in the Brown County Democrat; WFHB co-promoted Sycamore Land Trust fundraiser Hillbilly Haiku at Upland Brewery on 8/31; storytelling booth was set up at Open Streets; Root Cellar Lounge dance parties with Jim Manion taking the lead with volunteers; booth at 4th Street Festival had a sign-up for volunteers and Firehouse Follies recorded a 30-minute segment

–Fund Drive: 4th & Rogers street party for First Friday; special premium provided for pledges taken at the event

–Programming: Brown County Day is now monthly, 1st Sunday of the month; The Porch Swing has returned to the air after summer; The Custom House is gone for now; Free Speech Radio News will be gone by the end of the month (Sept.) due to their lack of funding. We’re looking for a short-term solution off of PRX, NPAC to look for alternative programming.

–Music committee is revising the DJ agreement; News Department to produce a similar agreement

–Lotus Fund Drive netted $4,758. 152 tickets sold.

–Firehouse Follies netted $433 this quarter. Bloomington Arts Council grant is out.

–Goal for next year: Monroe County Fall Festival to sponsor some bands or at least have a table.

–Cleveland Dietz will be sending some bullet points to the board members who are writing letters to the editor regarding Fall Fund Drive support.


–Pam Davidson explained the initial process when beginning to put together a plan for establishing an endowment. She suggested a visioning exercise where we try to imagine what the station would be like if money were no object. What would we want to support and who should we talk to? An endowment sustains itself forever and leaves a legacy for those who are dedicated to a lasting vision for the station. A retreat situation was suggested for October or November. Retreat sign up will be sent around to board members.

–Strategic Planning: no updates.

–Master Committees: tabled until next month.

–Kevin Jones, Ivy Tech and the “Cage:” Kevin Jones and Cleveland Dietz sat down to a meeting with John Whikehart. John Whikehart is opposed to moving forward and has never been otherwise. We are to offer 3 different plans (we must go through Paul Daily) and they will accept one. Kevin Jones would be the lead contact, paper trail and CCs. Suggested to include safety issues in the plan.

–GM hiring: The Personnel Committee finished the first round of interviews (8) and is meeting tomorrow night to select the finalists.

–Richard Fish and Transmitter Info: Society of Radio Broadcast Engineers did not respond. Richard Fish says we need to do 3 things. Check our equipment. Measure our signal. Find out how we can improve things. A proof of performance test was done by Jeff Wheldon in 2010. We are currently in a sun spot cycle due to storms on the sun so suggested we wait until November. It is best to gather information about where the problem is, where the signal is weak. It would be possible to move the transmitter, but would require an FCC application. Our signal is in conflict with Kentucky station 91.3 and Vincennes station 91.7. The FCC to open up AM translators. Suggestion was made to improve audible signal through proper modulation at the station. Richard Fish will post a notice to Spot Online and ask the volunteers to report in about the signal strength.

–Talk Show Proposals: NPAC is concerned that it doesn’t become trash talk.


–Joe Estivill presented copies of a letter from Chad Carrothers, previous general manager, stating he was returning to Bloomington, and asking to be considered for reinstatement as GM. The board entered into closed session.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:20PM

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