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Board Meeting Minutes: November 25, 2013

Call to Order: 7:10 pm

-Members in attendance: Joe Estivill, Richard Fish, Kevin Jones, Carolyn VandeWiele, Matt Pierce, Pam Davidson, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz


– Maryll Jones, Mark Lowe, Louis Malone, Anson Shupe, Clarence Boone, Jeffrey Morris, Jim Manion, Peter Kaczmarczyh, Jeanne Smith, Liza Pavelich, Joy Shayne Laughter, Kelly Wherley, Mark Tschida, Steve Pollitt

– Joe Estivill: Read the bylaws, get involved.


– Estivill asks to delay the approval of meeting minutes. Davidson makes a motion to delay. Pierce offers a second and vote is unanimous.


– Co-Promotions: Village Arts Walk in Nashville 11/9 and 11/10; IDEAS Network at Monroe County Public Library 11/11; Kalispell, Busman’s Holiday and Vollmar at The Bishop Bar 11/15; My Sister’s Closet fundraiser at American Legion Post #18 11/30

– Hot Spot Dance Party at The Root Cellar Lounge 11/15

– Hoagy Carmichael birthday celebration concerts at The Players Pub 11/21 and 11/22 brought in approximately $440

– Updated DJ guidelines should be ready by the end of the year

– PRSS membership is up for renewal. We need to decide by December 31 if we want to remain a member of this distribution network. Total cost is more than $4,000 per year. We’re able to acquire Zorba Paster On Your Health, Isla Earth, and SoundBeat from it. Zorba costs an additional $3,298 per year. We do accept $4,000 grant from Raymond Foundation

– Harmony School intern working in the music library for organization

– Potential collaboration with Youth Services Bureau in the works

– Nash Hott will be leaving at the end of the semester to take a job as a TA

– CPB application is in. We lost $2,000 as the amount is now down to $68,000. The government shutdown led them to front-load the distribution and lower the total amount given.

– Matchstick Initiative application process does not seem as complex as Community Foundation made it out to be. It will require input from board members and probably be up to the Executive Committee to fill out. Due on January 31

– There are currently no applicants for the Ivy Tech work study position


– Income report: still recovering pledges from Fall Fund Drive last month

– Special event income was from Hoagy Carmichael birthday party

– Underwriting line item is short and we have a pending decision supposedly from Sahara Mart

– More expenses under office supplies

– We are ahead $3,000 this month

– We are down slightly for the quarter due to less coming in from fund drive. Dietz suspects the lesser results were due to government shutdown, local layoffs at GE and Smithville

– Year-to-date we are $2,000 short, partially because of the STL transmitter purchase

– Stampfli & Associates offered a scenario if we are considering renting out studio space, it may cost a small amount in property tax and would add an extra form when filing return. We might consider donating space (as long as end product is aired on WFHB). Nonprofits have to account for this kind of thing as unrelated income, property tax and what percentage of income.

– A CD player in the air room has died. An IRS individual was incorrect when telling us we need to designate a POA to allow them to talk with our accountant. We just need to send a letter.


– Current projects include on-air promos to promote our departments, logging our “flights,” record fresher promos for news and music departments, and updating the DJ guidelines

– VandeWiele stated the production on the last Lotus Live CD “is marvelous.”


– Concerning “The Cage” – Jeffrey Morris and Dietz will meet ASAP to come up with a list of improvements, repairs, requests to present to Paul Daily by 12/15. John Whikehart has announced he will retire mid-January.

– Digital Board replacement – The price is good at $8,000. The Facilities Committee will need to take a look and provide a written request, even if we are not able to install it for a while. There’s approximately $10,000 in the Capital Account. When the time comes for a new board, we’ll need to take steps to provide different learning curves, set up mentors, debrief, and have staff serve as cheerleaders.

– Health insurance – Bill Stant is currently out of town. Dietz asked Stant to review our insurance. Kim Sims from First Insurance Group says our insurance will be changing and that prices will likely be changing, too.

– Christmas bonuses – Dietz is hunting in HR and financial records for a history

– 12/7 – Quarterly meeting, 12 noon, place to be determined. Ivy Tech’s policy for rent-free option is the week before.

– 12/23 Board meeting – Since the Board meeting will be 2 days before Christmas, 12/16 is also available for the Hooker Room and the meeting will be changed to the 12/16.

– The Board moves down the hall to the McCloskey Conference Room for a closed session dealing with the GM hire. The Board looks at the applicant pool to initiate the discussion. The interim GM is interviewed for the position. The Board votes in favor of hiring Dietz as the permanent GM.

Meeting adjourned: 11:30 pm

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