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Board Meeting Minutes: December 16, 2013


7:10 P.M.


Present: Joe Estivill, Matt Pierce, Kevin Jones, Carolyn VandeWiele, Richard Fish, Maria McKinley

Absent: Pam Davidson

Visitors Present: Helen Harrell, Carol Fischer, Trish Kerle, Sheryl Mitchell, Louis Malone, Maryll Jones, Shayne Laughter, Marc Haggerty, Michael Glab, Rich Reardin, Anson Shupe, Darin Bagley, Claude Bagley, Markus Lowe


Carolyn discusses some exceptions she has with the written minutes and states she would make her corrections and send them around. The Board agrees to take a look at her corrected Minutes via email and vote.


After discussion, it is decided by consensus the applicants will wait in the hall until their interview and observers will remain in the room and agree to observe confidentiality.

Bullet points from statements made by each applicant:

  • ANSON SHUPE – I bring a passion to the station; fairly new to town; retired; I have the time; academic; published sociologist
  • HELEN HARRELL – I love the station; I’m a past Board member having filled in for a vacancy; wants to be involved to keep the quality of the station; I’m about communication and mediation
  • LOUIS MALONE – I really care about the station; I can help by just being myself; experience in HR, management, conflict resolution
  • SHERYL MITCHELL – I bring a unique perspective to the board; we could use a different make-up of people on the Board; interested in fundraising
  • MARYLL JONES – I can help out with communication issues; wants to help at the station but doesn’t want to be on the air; more of a techie
  • MARKUS LOWE – I want to help; past GM and turned the station around during a financial crisis; wants to facilitate, bylaws, governance, strategic plan
  • RICH REARDIN – I want to help out at the Board level; have been interested in recent initiative; has an interest in Development Director position; radio producer


Before Cleveland’s report, Kevin Jones states he is officially resigning the Board this evening and will leave now, at the start of business. Motion to thank Kevin for his service is made by Richard and seconded by Matt and a unanimous vote of appreciation is passed. Handshakes and hugs all around and Kevin departs the meeting.


  • Krista Detor at the Monroe County Convention Center 12/12
  • Grant Street Co-Op benefit at Max’s Place 12/24
  • Root Cellar Lounge dance party – last one is December 20th. Looking to change the monthly venue but maintain a good relationship with FARM.
  • MailChimp – making the first foray into use of email client; the major advantages are a more professional appearance, creation of permanent email list which can be used for newsletter, a searchable database


  • Employee Handbook – met with Kevin Jones regarding an employee handbook; has a copy from a large local employer and excerpts from the textbook Managing Human Resources; not all the information Is applicable to the station; Cleveland will make appropriate cuts and send to the Personnel Committee
  • Facilities Committee – met to discuss the purchase of a digital console and IO box for approximately $8,000. The committee decided against the purchase but was in favor of spending significantly less money on equipment that will get us closer to our technological goals without breaking the bank, such as: TalentPods, a headset/mic combo – good fit for a talk show, will bring the station closer to two Strategic Plan initiatives (better on-air sound, talk shows), allows producers to talk directly into room, will cost less than half the price of a digital board ($1,600).
  • Development Director – secured the remainder of the $15,000 salary posited by the Strategic Plan; donor did not want to commit to two years without seeing how the first year goes; second year funding is likely with good results
  • Other – Jim Manion indicated this morning the updated DJ guidelines are on track to be completed by the end of the year; meeting scheduled with Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford regarding shared office space at MCPL – sharing space with CATS is at their invitation; there is a new graduate level class (SPEA) seeking real-world experience for students studying grant writing. WFHB will receive a small group of these students who will begin to work on a grant for us. They won’t be able to finish it during their semester, but it should be far enough along that we can continue the process after the semester.


  • June through December – last year we budgeted for the CPB money but it hasn’t come in yet and initial review is still in progress; Smithville has not paid their underwriting as yet; Rush Hour Station is on the horizon as an underwriter; an alarm system went on the fritz and we had them clean and service the other ones (to save on another potential service call charge); may need a new hard drive for the lobby computer – it operates more slowly than the others; accounting fees are high because we’ve already paid the annual income tax return; log software license fee was paid; Christmas bonuses for staff are already in the budget.
  • Year-End Fund Drive 2013 – it is underway, a postcard mailer campaign, an email blast using MailChimp, radio spots and Facebook posts. Targeting individuals who did not contribute during Fall Fund Drive.


  • Transmitter Info – Richard Fish – tabled to January
  • Digital Board Replacement Costs – Cleveland Dietz (see GM report)
  • Visioning Experience – Pam Davidson – tabled to January
  • Master Committee List – The Board Operations Manual has a Master Committee List – tabled
  • Reminder – email notes on GM hiring process to secretary


  • Matchstick Initiative – Pam Davidson – tabled to January
  • Board Operations Manual – very large and too expensive to print out (paper costs), Cleveland will send around digital copies
  • Executive Committee – set up after Will Murphy left, for the benefit of interim GMs, needs to have a formal Board Resolution – tabled
  • John Whikehart – retiring 1/13/14 from Ivy Tech and has accepted position as Deputy Mayor of Bloomington. Matt makes a motion to have Cleveland send a letter to John Whikehart thanking him for his service to WFHB. Seconded by Richard and passes unanimously. Richard to look for a photo of John in the Follies to accompany the letter. Tentative date of January 15th.
  • Joe comments – for WFHB volunteers and staff, all notices, important info, and announcements need to be posted on Spot Online first and then accepted on other sites and venues.

CLOSED SESSION – to discuss candidates for the Board openings


  • Richard makes a motion to offer Rich Reardin the 2012-2015 Board opening; Matt seconds and the motion passes unanimously.
  • Carolyn makes a motion to offer Sheryl Mitchell and Louis Malone the 2013-2016 Board openings; Matt seconds and the motion passes unanimously.


11:07 p.m.

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