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You’re Invited!

The First Annual WFHB News Summit runs Monday July 7th – Friday August 1st, 2014.

  • What is a News Summit?

A News Summit is a chance to bring together producers, volunteers, and listeners to shape the next decade of news programming. We will take this time to examine our program schedule, strengthen partnerships, and develop our radio skills through workshops focused on individual programming, big picture ideas, and training. You can read more about what the News Summit is in the most recent addition of the Firehouse News, as Helen Harrell interviews News Director Alycin Bektesh about the Summit.  New production on our 20 in-house programs has been suspended during the month of July to account for the hours of time volunteers will put in to attending the summit sessions.

  • Who is invited?

You are! Anyone with an interest in the current status of the News Department, the future of particular shows, or a desire to learn more radio skills is invited. You do not have to be a current volunteer in the News Department to attend any of the sessions.  The first week of sessions, July 7th – July 11th will be geared toward information sessions on current procedures and practices, as well as program staff/listener meet and greets.

  • What is the schedule?

The Summit takes place July 7th through August 1st, Monday through Friday, 11am  – 12pm. Sessions range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and fall into one of three tracks: Big Ideas, Individual Programing, & Training. The same sessions are held at the same time each week, and each week takes on a different focus. Week one: Introductions,  Week Two :Brainstorming, Week Three: Action Plan, Week Four: Implementation.

A quick overview of the whole month’s schedule is available here: 2014 Summit Schedule.

An invaluable tool throughout the Summit is the Summit Website which is available online or as a mobile app.  Along with up to date schedule information, the website allows you to create your own schedule of sessions you are interested in attending, read detailed descriptions of each workshop, and access any available session handouts.

  • Will this be fun at all?

Though the summit sounds like a lot of work, it will, indeed, be very fun. For the first time members of various production crews will be working together to share their ideas for improving the WFHB News Department. You will have a chance to meet volunteers just like yourself who dedicate their time each week to providing locally produced news for our community. There is also something to be said for brainstorming sessions that go beyond the superficial and into action. By the end of the summit you will be implementing the strategies developed for improving the news department, and it feels good to make a difference!

If all of that is not enough, there will be a party to celebrate the kick-off week of the Summit. On Friday, July 11th the News and Public Affairs Committee is hosting a reception at the Back Door beginning at 8pm. And since parties are fun yes, the summit will be fun.

  • How can I help?

Volunteer moderators are needed to make sure that each session is carried out in a productive manner that respects all attendees’ input. Please sign up to moderate a session (or a few!) Moderators will keep sessions focused, as well as take notes and prepare a short summary of each session. There will be training provided for volunteer moderators. Please sign up for sessions for which you can be a neutral participant in the conversation.

Also, there is a core group of volunteers who have been working each week to envision and plan the News Summit and they deserve a huge thank you! If you’d like to thank them personally, or ask them any further questions, they are: Joe Crawford, Carol Fischer, Helen Harrell, Louis Malone, Susan Northleaf, and Doug Storm.

  • What if I can’t attend Summit Meetings?

Over the course of the month there are more than 100 workshops dedicated to the improvement of the WFHB News Department. Hopefully you can look at the full schedule and find something that fits into your schedule. Each meeting will have a moderator taking notes, and summaries of each session will be posted along with the individual sessions schedule, so you can always catch up on anything you missed.

  • I like facebook

So do we! There is a facebook friend and facebook group dedicated entirely to the WFHB News Summit. We know that you will want to keep the conversation going beyond the time limits of each session. The WFHB News Summit 2014 facebook group allows members to share ideas, pictures, files and discussions. The group will be moderated throughout the Summit so the social media conversation will be fully integrated in the in-person conversations and vice versa. Speaking of social media, stay in touch with WFHB News throughout the summit by following us on twitter, Instagram and becoming friends with the WFHB News Summit facebook friend, Malina Lyon. Use #newssummit in your comments online, and tag us in any photos or tweets!

  • I have more questions

Great, you should –  the WFHB News Summit is a made up thing that has never happened before! Feel free to write to news@wfhb.org with any questions that come up, and please thoroughly browse the WFHB News Summit website for a complete schedule of events, descriptions of individual sessions, a list of the Big Ideas categories, and much more!





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