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WFHB Seeks Full Time News Director

WFHB is seeking a full time News Director to lead our award winning volunteer News Department. Applicants should have 3 to 5 years of journalism experience, proven ability to work under tight deadlines, and a passion for community radio. Please send resume and cover letter to nominations@wfhb.org.

• Three to five years of experience writing, reporting, and producing news
programming, particularly for deadline-oriented broadcast operations.
• Up-to-date knowledge of accepted industry standards of ethics, fairness, and accuracy.
• Experience training and supervising employees and volunteers, and administering organizational systems.
• Ability to inspire others, solve problems creatively, make and execute plans, and set an example of high-quality professional journalism.
• Journalism degree preferred.
• Knowledge of and experience in WFHB’s broadcast area preferred.

Supervisory Relationships:
• Reports to the General Manager, and is ultimately responsible for all departmental productions, decisions and actions.
• Works with Music Director as in-tandem Program Directors.
• Works with Development Director to seek grants and awards.
• Exercises direct supervision over Assistant News Director.
• Exercises direct supervision over all volunteer staff working within the News Department and indirect supervision over all volunteer staff working in all other

General Duties and Responsibilities: The News Director is responsible for providing leadership to, and for the operation of, the News Department in a manner consistent with the mission and policies of WFHB.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
• Oversees and supports a schedule of daily and weekly news and public affairs broadcasts.
◦ Coordinates schedules with the Music Director and General Manager.
◦ Maintains program log entries for news programming.
◦ Ensures compliance with station policies, FCC regulations and applicable laws.

• Serves as Director for the News and Public Affairs Department
◦ Oversees the work of the Assistant News Director to ensure that the A.N.D.’s time is well spent, and his or her efforts are effective and well-coordinated.
◦ Develops and maintain a Code of Ethics for informational broadcasting at WFHB.
◦ Ensure that partnerships with other community organizations are properly and effectively maintained.
◦ Maintains a News and Public Affairs Committee of at least six members, including Participating Members, listeners, and members of the Board of Directors if the Board so desires.
◦ Attends NPAC meetings and ensure that the Committee effectively evaluates current programming and screens proposals for new programming.
◦ Regularly reports expenditures and budget requirements to the General Manager.

• Recruits, trains, and manages volunteer staff.
◦ Actively recruits volunteer staff.
◦ Develops and apply appropriate training materials and effective training programs.
◦ Ensures that volunteer staff understand and practice the Code of Ethics, and accepted principles of fairness and accuracy in journalism.
◦ Develops and maintain appropriate relationships with journalism teachers and students throughout the WFHB broadcast area.
◦ Maintains Internship agreements with appropriate school and college programs.
◦ Ensures that a contact database of all News Department volunteer staff is maintained and kept current, so that all Participating Members can be kept informed and are able to exercise their right to vote and participate in organizational elections and meetings.

• Serves as Ambassador and spokesperson to the community for WFHB’s News and Public Affairs programming.
◦ Works to increase the audience served, and improve community outreach.
◦ Finds, cultivates and improves sources for news, especially within WFHB’s broadcast area.
◦ Ensures that data on contacts, sources, and references is kept current and organized to make it readily and appropriately available to News Department volunteer staff and employees.
◦ Maintains appropriate relationships with producers of syndicated content.
◦ Maintains appropriate relationships with other news organizations in the WFHB broadcast area.
◦ Represents WFHB, and speak to groups or in forums about the station and its News and Public Affairs efforts.

• Keeps the General Manager informed of progress, problems, and possible areas of improvement in the News Department.

• Performs other functions as required by the General Manager.

Please send resume and cover letter to nominations@wfhb.org.

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