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WFHB News Director Joe Crawford Speaks with Ted Cruz Rally Attendees


Hundreds of Ted Cruz supporters, protesters and curious onlookers descended on a shopping center at South Walnut Street and Miller Drive yesterday afternoon. The Republican presidential candidate stopped at the Wagon Wheel Country Market and Deli for about an hour for a rally. The line for the event stretched for several blocks by the time Cruz arrived at 6pm, joined by the right wing media figure Glenn Beck. Some attendees said they were strong supporters of Cruz, while others said they were simply curious or were there to protest. A group of several dozen people held signs mocking Cruz and urging him to leave Indiana. A local comedian made a video that went viral today in which he asked to shake Cruz’s hand, and then pulled back, laughed and told Cruz he was QUOTE “Too slow, Joe” UNQUOTE. The comedian, Kevin Nichols, also called the senator a QUOTE “fish monster,” an insult that also attracted attention from national press including Good Morning America. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford was at the rally yesterday. We bring you some of his conversations with attendees now for today’s WFHB community report.

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