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Public opinion polls in the streets of Bloomington
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Voices in the Street – Gay people of Indiana Rejoice!


This week on the Voices in the Street:  “Gay people of Indiana Rejoice!  The ban on gay marriage has been struck down.”

The law that made it illegal for same sex couples to marry in Indiana was ruled unconstitutional  yesterday in federal court.  The permanent injunction on the marriage ban meant that same sex couples could marry effective immediately, and statewide couples young and old took advantage of their new right to marry.  Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has asked for a “stay” on the ruling, but Voices in the Street wanted to get reaction from your friends and neighbors on this historic ruling.

Voices in the Street – Speaking from Experience: Advice Post Pomp and Circumstance


This time of year, our community’s youth find themselves on the cusp of big change. In the midst of graduations at IU, Ivy Tech, as well as local high schools, we asked YOU for advice and words of wisdom for our local graduating seniors.

Voices in the Street – Little Five: Hosting the World’s Greatest College Weekend


The Little 500 is utterly unique and also the largest collegiate cycling event in the world.  This year’s race saw the team from Kappa Alpha Theta win the women’s race by twelve-one-hundredths of a second, and the Black Key Bulls scored the victory in the men’s division.  Voices in the Street hit the streets, or track, rather, to speak with participants in the 64th annual Little 500 and ask them, about the nature of the event.  Is the Little 500 more about the race or the socializing that accompanies it?

Voices in the Street – Earth Day 2014: Celebrating Our Planet


Earth Day 2014 was this past Tuesday. We are fortunate to live in an area where so many conscientious people work hard to ensure a sustainable and thriving community and environment. Whether it was planting trees, enjoying the outdoors, or being unable to wrest ourselves from our workaday world, Voices in the Streets wanted to hear about how our friends and neighbors celebrated the earth. And if you weren’t able to celebrate Tuesday, what practices do you put in place to help ensure a sustainable environment?

Voices in the Street – Springtime Observance: Bloomington’s Holiday Traditions


Tomorrow is Good Friday, Sunday is Easter and passover is the 14th through the 22nd. Whether you’re Jewish, Christian, Muslim or secular, the blooming of flowers always seems to accompany spiritual gratitude for the gifts we have. Voices in the Street hit the Streets to ask Bloomington residents about their springtime holiday traditions and impressions.

Voices in the Street – Support Your Voice, Voice Your Support


This week is Pledge Drive Week here at WFHB, your chance to support our award-winning news department.  In a rare toot of our own horn, we hit the streets to get testimonials from your friends and neighbors about public radio and community radio in general and WFHB in particular.  What IS it about this little people-powered station that resonates with YOU?

Voices in the Street – No Shelter for the Homeless


On Tuesday, hundreds of people participated in a rally, march and candlelight vigil at the Monroe County Courthouse Square in support of Bloomington’s
homeless population who have no safe, legal, low-barrier place to rest until the Interfaith Winter Shelter opens up in November. Voices in the Street has a three part segment to ask your friends and neighbors if they think Bloomington has a problem with the number of people experiencing homelessness, if arrests are warranted for sleeping overnight in public places, and with whom, ultimately, the problem of dealing with homelessness lies. In part one, we ask if Bloomington has a homelessness problem. In part two, we ask if people experiencing homelessness should be arrested for sleeping in public places. And in part three, we ask who should ultimately be responsible for providing for/or dealing with people experiencing homelessness.

Voices in the Street – Spring Fever: Celebrating the End of Winter


This just in – shorts and sandals spotted on Kirkwood, a sure sign that spring is here. This week’s sunny weather gave us lots of chances to hit the streets to ask local residents about the changing of the season. Any favorite memories or springtime activities? Fill in the blank: you know it’s spring in Bloomington when…

Voices in the Street – “If we took a holiday ooh yeah ooh yeah, it would be so nice!”


Indiana University and the Monroe County Community School Corporation are closing down for Spring Break next week so Voices in the Street hit the streets to ask the obvious question: What are your spring break plans and how much do you deserve this break?

Voices in the Street – McBloomington: Restricting Chain Stores Downtown


Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan is planning another attempt to limit the number of chain restaurants downtown.  The mayor says he wants the City Council and the Plan Commission to approve an ordinance that would require an applicant wanting to open a standardized restaurant in two districts to seek conditional approval from the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce announced their opposition to the proposal yesterday, so how do you feel?  Should we restrict what kinds of business can operate downtown?

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