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Public opinion polls in the streets of Bloomington
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Voices In the Street – “The 2015 Oscars, Does Glitz Glow if nobody’s watching???”


The Oscars Awards ceremony held last Sunday saw a 17% drop in key demographic viewership—the lowest since 2008. It’s hard to feel too bad for them, though, considering 36.6 million people tuned in. Patricia Arquette has made some of the biggest headlines, arguing for wage equality during her acceptance speech for best supporting actress. Voices in the Street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors if they followed the Oscars this year and what role, if any, should Hollywood play when it comes to highlighting issues generally reserved for the political arena.

Bloomington is for Lovers: A Valentine’s Day Special


Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is Saturday!!  Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one.  Some people revel in the love and affection that given to them, some people feel uncomfortable with or jealous of this kind of affection and still some others would just rather not think about it and treat it as any other day.  Voices in the street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors about their Valentine’s Day plans, memories, and whether or not they think the holiday is a sham.

Voices in the Street – “Backing or Attacking the Anti Vaxxing Movement”


The anti-vaccination movement has been in the news a lot lately, with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie drawing fire for stating parents should have a measure of choice when it comes to deciding whether or not to vaccinate their children. Voices in the Street hit the street to ask your friends and neighbors what they think about the movement, whether you feel vaccinations contribute to higher rates of autism in children, a parent’s right to choose and what are some of the ramifications of this movement.

Voices in the Street – “Black History Month: African-American Heroes”


February is Black History Month, which in Bloomington means a full slate of public forums and celebrations honoring the cultural legacy of African-Americans in Bloomington and beyond. As part of our coverage of Black History Month, we hit the streets to ask local residents about African-Americans who inspire you. So Bloomington, tell us about your black heroes.

Voices In The Street – Content of Character: Assessing Racial Equality in America


Last Monday, we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is a central figure in non-violent opposition to racism and the fight for racial equality. It’s been more than 50 years since he delivered his “I have a Dream” speech, so Voices in the Streets hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors if they think we’ve achieved racial equality here in America.

Voices in the Street – Toasting the New Year: Hopes and Dreams for 2015


A new year is here, a time for reflection and resolution.  How are people in Bloomington resolving to improve themselves and our world?  In this special edition of Voices in the Street, WFHB went on-location to local taverns, neighborhood parties, and of course the streets of Bloomington to find all about hopes and dreams for 2015.

Voices in the Street – Torture: The U.S. Government’s Controversial Interrogation Methods


In 2007, a former CIA interrogator asserted that the tactic known as water boarding was effective in shaking potentially life-saving information from terrorists. Fast forward seven years, and the U.S. Faces criticism from the United Nations as well as other countries whom the U.S. Has criticized for human rights violations after a Senate report was released detailing torture techniques used after the September 11th attacks. Notably, The Senate report concluded CIA interrogation tactics were ineffective and often too brutal and could incite attacks and endanger the lives of American hostages held by Islamic militants. Voices in the Street spoke with people seven years ago about how they felt on this issue.

Home, Family and Food: Bloomington’s Holiday Traditions


The holidays are upon us, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa this month, we all have our own unique family traditions. ‘Tis for joy and reflection, so we hit the streets of Bloomington to ask local residents about your favorite part of the holidays and your family traditions

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving!


Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is a week from today. Voices on the Street will be on a week-long hiatus so we wanted to ask your friends and neighbors about their Thanksgiving traditions and what they’re thankful for this year.

A Fair Day’s Work: Labor Unions


Bloomingfoods workers will have a union. A large majority of voters were in favor of joining the United Food and Commercial Workers and having this union be the vehicle for negotiating a first collective agreement with Bloomingfoods management. Voices in the Street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors how they feel about unions.

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