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Public opinion polls in the streets of Bloomington
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Voices in the Street – Sacking the plastic? Bloomington considers banning single-use plastic bags


Recently, the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Monroe County Waste Management District voted, tentatively, to support Bloomington’s yet-to-be proposed single-use bag ordinance.  The draft ordinance, presented in May by Bring your Own Bag Bloomington proposes restricting plastic bag use and would eventually limit retail vendors’ free provision of plastic carry-out bags to customers.  So Bloomington, what do YOU think about the idea of banning plastic bags in stores?  Voices in the Street hit the streets to find out!

Voices in the Street – Bloomington’s Flag: A Thought Experiment


We’re taking a bit of a departure this week on Voices and coming at you with a brain storming session. Bloomington has the good fortune of being populated with lots of folks proud to be here—whether they’re true townies, townies by choice, or just here for school or another temporary stay. We thought it would be interesting to hear what your friends and neighbors would say if they were charged with designing a city flag. So Bloomington, what scene scapes would you create if you were charged with this task?

Voices in the Street – Celestial Discoveries, New Horizons: What the first images of Pluto mean for planet Earth


The New Horizons Satellite recently transmitted the first clear images of Pluto (a celestial body recently demoted to plantessimal-status due to its size and irregular orbit) back to earth. Pluto resides in the Kuiper belt and we are the first peoples ever to see high resolution images of its topography. In the wake of this mission, costing upwards of $700 million dollars over 15 years, Voices in the Street asked your friends and neighbors what they think of the importance of space exploration and whether or not they think we’ll ever find life on other planets.

Voices in the Street – “Tag, you’re it!”: Graffiti in Bloomington


Some say graffiti is art; others regard it as nothing more than vandalism. There does seem to be more of it around Bloomington these days; even the WFHB firehouse has been tagged a couple times. So what do YOU think Bloomington? How do you define graffiti, and when does it transcend vandalism and become art? Is there really more of it around now than in past years, and how has it changed?

Voices in the Street – For Love of Country: How you do celebrate the fourth of July?


Saturday is the Fourth of July, Independence Day – a time to honor the birth of our nation and reflect on our common values and our shared destiny. It’s also a time to reflect on what being patriotic means to you. So Bloomington, how do you celebrate our country’s independence, and why? We hit the streets to find out.

Voices in the Street – “What issues have you with Bloomington?”


Nick’s English Hut made community news recently with a letter wherein they described illicit activity taking place outside their institution as “Bum Commerce.” And while the owners contend that the issue at hand is the illegal activity posing a danger to both customers, employees, and the community alike—regardless of the socioeconomic status of the individual—others found the use of the word targeted people experiencing homelessness specifically and took issue with what they felt was an unfair and blanketing generalization. Regardless of where you find yourself on the issue, we all have things we wish could be improved. Voices in the Street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors what issues they have with downtown Bloomington.

Voices In The Street – The Two Bloomingtons: Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Student Exodus


Enough time has passed that it truly feels as though the IU student body population has dissipated significantly.  IU students bring a great deal of economic stimulus to Bloomington, but no one can dispute the relative calm that befalls our beloved city when summer gets into full swing.  Voices in the street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors which do they prefer:  Bloomington in the summer, or Bloomington in the school year.

Voices In The Street – Craft beer is a cause for good cheer: On location at the 5th Annual Bloomington Craft Beer Festival


The Brewers of Indiana Guild was organized in 2000 to provide a unifying voice for the craft breweries and brewpubs of Indiana—which are closing in on 100 in Indiana alone. For five years in a row, Bloomington has hosted its craft beer festival and voices in the street hit the festival to ask folks why they love going.

Voices in the Street – A Safe and Civil City? How We View Bloomington After The Death of Hannah Wilson


On the morning of April 24th, the body of Hannah Wilson was found in Brown County near Lake Lemon.  Also found near her body was the cell phone of Daniel Messel, who had been previously arrested several times for violence against women.  Blood and hair was found in his car and he will go on trial for the murder of Hannah.   In the brutal aftermath of this murder, Voices in the Street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors if they feel safe within the confines of Bloomington, Indiana.


Voices in the Street – Speaking from Experience: Advice Post Pomp and Circumstance


This time of year, our community’s youth find themselves on the cusp of big change. In the midst of graduations at IU, Ivy Tech, as well as local high schools, we asked YOU for advice and words of wisdom for our local graduating seniors.

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