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The Custom House – Writing on Pictures (Extended Conversation w/Jeffrey Wolin)


This week we’ll be talking with photographer Jeffrey Wolin about how he integrates the written word into his portraits to make stories that are both deeply personal and broadly cultural. This extended cut includes a deeper discussion of Wolin’s Vietnam book as well as his companion project in which he pursued stories and portraits “from the other side of the story,” that is from a Vietnamese perspective.

Jeffrey Wolin mixes the word with the image to produce portraits that seem to stand as much as social and cultural commentary as they do Art and appear to turn the very subject of that portrait into commentary as well. Wolin’s recent books consist of portrait series that included Holocaust survivors (Written in Memory: Portraits of the Holocaust) and Vietnam War Veterans (Inconvenient Stories). He’s currently working on a series of portraits depicting Bloomington, Indiana residents from a section of the town called Pigeon Hill across a twenty-year span.

Examples of Jeffery Wolin’s work can be found here:

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