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Study Finds Numbers on Domestic Violence in Indiana

A recent study performed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence found that more than 66,000 people are victims of domestic violence in a given day in the US, 1,700 of them are in the state of Indiana.

The report, “Domestic Violence Counts 2013: A 24-hour Census of Domestic Violence Shelters and Services,” gathered information from over 1,600 domestic violence programs all over the US to determine the numbers.

The 24-hour Census report has been carried out yearly since 2006 and now it shows that in 2013, 128 Hoosier victims were turned down because of  limited resources. Executive Director of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Laura Berry says the report helps bring awareness to the recurrence of domestic violence in Indiana.

Berry says that domestic violence programs in Indiana must follow a policy that gives those people in extreme cases shelter regardless of space.

She hopes the report highlights the high requests for domestic violence services and that it brings more awareness to this issue. More information is available at icadvinc.org.

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