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Standing Room Only: Black Don’t Crack


On Monday, February 27, the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center hosted a panel discussion entitled “Black Don’t Crack.” This panel discussed African-American healthcare in the United States. The panelists discussed trust with healthcare providers along with the history of discrimination against African-Americans in the healthcare sphere. The panelists included Rory James, who is the Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion for the School of Public Health; Rasul Mowatt, who is the Associate Professor in the School of Public Health; Maria Hamilton Abegunde, who is a visiting lecturer for the African American and Africa Diaspora Studies Department; and Dr. Lori Thompson, who is a family health physician in Bloomington. The talk was moderated by Shanika Daniels and introduced by Brian Richardson and Monica Johnson. We begin today’s lecture with the panelists introducing themselves.

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