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Standing Room Only – Get to know your local candidates, Part 1 of 6


On Tuesday, September 16, in the Bloomington City Council Chambers five candidates discussed their qualifications for public office in Monroe County. The session consisted of expert commentary and Audience Q&A. Candidates for Assessor include Judy Sharp and William Ellis. Candidates for commissioner include Patrick Stoffers Robert LaGarde and David Nakarado. This event was recorded by Community Access Television Services and used with permission by Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Video coverage provided by CATS: http://catstv.net/m.php?q=1863


James Farmer and The science behind the success of local food systems


On Tuesday September 16th  Science Café presented James Farmer, an assistant professor in the SPEA school. Farmer is an expert in local food and the dynamics of farmer’s markets and restaurants and his presentation centered on the value of de-centralized food distribution. This event was hosted by Finch’s Brasserie and recorded by WFHB correspondents for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Standing Room Only – Green History


On Wednesday, August 27 at 6 pm Susan Ferentinos, Public History Researcher, Consultant, and Writer, presented a program entitled “Historic Preservation as a Green Alternative.” The presentation centers on historic preservation and how it protects community. It also often is a far greener option than new building construction. In this talk, Ferentinos explores recent efforts between the historic preservation and green building movements to create a sustainable future together by combining energy conservation with the reuse of existing building stock. This talk was hosted by Green Drinks Bloomington and recorded by Molly O’Donnel for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Out of Africa: The Prequels to Humanity

On Friday May 2nd Dr. David Lordkipanidze gave a presentation on some recent discoveries in the field pre-human history and bio-anthropology. The speaker takes us to Dminisi in the Republic of Georgia to the earliest hominid settlement outside of Africa. This site has been a treasure trove for anthro-biologists not just because it shows the behavior of its pre-human denizens, but because it sheds light on the co-evolution of the human species and the technology they developed. The primary speaker is Dr. Lordkipanidze the Director of the Georgian National Museum in the Republic of Georgia. This lecture is sponsored by The Stone Age Institute’s Program in Human Evolution and recorded on location at Whittenberger Auditorium for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Ignorance and Illness: Mental Health and Society

On this episode of Standing Room Only we go to the First United Church in Bloomington for a talk by Dr. Bernice A. Pescosolido. The subject of the event is the stigma surrounding mental illness and how to combat it. The primary speaker is Dr. Bernice A. Pescosolido a Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Indiana University and Director of the Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research. This event was recorded on location by Dani Aleska for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Charter Schools and Monroe County

In this episode of Standing Room only we go to Bobby’s Colorado Steak House for a discussion of new charter schools possibly being introduced to Monroe County Prominent speakers include Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer of Monroe County Coalition Public Education and Charlotte Zietlow of The Project School. This even was hosted by Democracy for Monroe county and recorded on location by WFHB correspondents for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

“‘From Activism to Eco-terrorism” News Summit Version


July News Summit 2014— Revised script

 ‘From Activism to Eco-terrorism” News Summit Version


You are listening to: “From Activism to Eco-terrorism” on Standing Room only…..

You are invited to come face to face with the voices of WFHB! Please join Standing Room Only on July 9th at 6pm here at the WFHB Studios for a peak behind the scenes! Show hosts, writers, producers and engineers will be on hand, and are eager to meet listeners and hear feedback from the community. You will learn how your favorite shows are made, and meet the members of your community that volunteer to make it all happen. Meet the crew of   Standing Room only on July 9th at 6pm here at the WFHB Studios.

Standing Room Only – Maya Kucherskaya: Church and Society in Contemporary Russia


Multi-talented Maya Kucherskaya, a renowned author of fiction and literature and an accomplished journalist shared her story at an author exposition hosted by the IU department of Slavic languages and the department of religious studies. Much of her work centers on the Russian Orthodox church and its interaction with more emergent aspects of  eastern European culture. Kucherskaya spoke at Indiana University Bloomington and was recorded by the Russian and East European Institute which shared it with Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Federal Focus Luncheon with Evan Bayh


On April 14th an event was held to bring the public up to speed on events and trends in Washington D.C. The Bloomington Chamber of Commerce organized this episode of a reoccurring event called a Federal Focus Luncheon. This “Federal Focus Luncheon” featured many speakers, but former Indiana Governor and U.S. Senator Evan Bayh took the stage for most of the event. Bayh centered on his experience in the U.S. senate and the way federal trends will affect local politics. The event was recorded on location at President’s Hall on IU’s campus, by Community Access Television Services, for Standing Room Only on WFHB.

Standing Room Only – Alternative Voice with David Barsamian Part 2


On April 10th in Bloomington Indiana Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian spoke about his lifetime of work as an independent media producer, and the convergence of media, capitalism, and the environment. The second part of this presentation begins with American foreign policy and the media. Mr. Barsamian and Dr. Martha Crouch were the primary speakers and the event was recorded on location at the Bloomington Monroe County Convention Center by WFHB’s Alycin Bektesh for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

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