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Proposal to Lift Indiana’s Ban On Sunday Sales of Alcohol was Rejected


A proposal to lift Indiana’s 80-year-old ban on the sale of alcohol on Sundays was squashed last week by the House Public Policy committee in an 8 to 5 vote. Efforts to repeal these blue laws gain attention every year, but the bills have never made it far on the House floor. Those in the liquor business who oppose the bill are mainly package liquor stores who feel lifting the ban on Sundays would give retailers an unfair advantage in sales. Indiana is one of the last states in the country to to hold bans on carry-out sales on Sundays. Indiana is also the only state to regulate alcohol sale based on temperature. Grocery and convenience stores are not permitted to sell cold beer, and can only sell alcohol only at room temperature. An opinion piece written by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said, “Indiana explains that the goal of this regulatory scheme is to curb underage beer consumption by limiting the sale of immediately consumable cold beer.” Some the other uncommon laws in Indiana include retailers not being able to sell liquor unless there is a pharmacy in the building and liquor stores being prohibited from selling cold sodas or food of any kind.

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