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Planned Neighborhood Development


The city council will meet tonight to discuss a proposal to re-zone a football-shaped area of land along the B-line trail on the north side of the downtown area between 9th and 11th streets. The proposal, brought the council by local non-profit Habitat for Humanity, is to re-zone the area from residential to “planned neighborhood development”, so that Habitat for Humanity can build a subdivision with 35 single family homes. Currently, the land, which is owned by habitat for humanity, is zoned so that 50% of the trees on the property can be removed, but if the proposal is approved, Habitat for Humanity would be allowed to remove up to 64% of the trees on the land. The proposal states that the 36% of the property that would be required to remain wooded would be near the B-line trail and the railroad that borders the other side of the property. The area was clear as recently as the 1960s and the oldest trees on the property