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Activate! – Teacher’s Warehouse: Jim Griffin & Janet Schell


Volunteers Jim Griffin and Janet Schell talk about the importance of supporting teacher’s through their work at the Teacher’s Warehouse and about the great resource it provides to Bloomington’s educators and students. Also, more volunteer opportunities to use teaching skills here in Bloomington from the Volunteer Network.

Teacher’s Warehouse
Bloomington Writing Project
New Leaf New Life Computer Tutors
Teachers Warehouse Volunteers

David Cobb Speaks at Invitation of Local Move to Amend Affiliate


David Cobb, former Green Party presidential candidate and spokesperson for Move to Amend spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall Sunday Sept 7 at the invitation of local Move to Amend affiliate. Since the supreme court Citizens United ruling that money is speech and corporations can be considered “personhood” over 600 local governments nationwide
have passed resolutions requesting that the constitution be amended to repeal the decision. Additionally repeal of citizens united have been put on the ballot in over 200 communities and passed every time. Here are Cobb’s remarks recorded on location at the Unitarian universalist church by correspondent Cynthia Roberts hall. Yesterday Cobb participated in a debate with James Bopp, a legal adviser to Citizens United, at IU Maurer School of Law.

Senator Dan Coats Has Issues With Affordable Care Act Changes

Indiana Senator Dan Coats issued a statement August 26th about modifications made to the Affordable Care Act. Coats says the modifications infringe on religious freedoms. He says, “Religious freedom remains under attack across our country, and a gimmick designed to skirt the heart of the issue will not resolve the issue.”

The changes were made by the Obama Administration and require religious organizations to provide access to contraceptives to its employees.

In June of this year, the US supreme Court ruled in favor of company Hobby Lobby, saying they do not have to provide access to contraceptives to their employees, based on religious objections. Since then, the Obama Administration has proposed to make it mandatory for companies to notify insurers that they object to providing contraceptives. This change has resulted in complaints similar to Senator Coats’, with organizations across the country claiming that religious freedoms are being infringed upon.

County Council Hearings on Budget for Resources for Disadvantaged Youth


County Council Hearings began this month, including a deep look at resources for Monroe County disadvantaged youth. Correspondent Carissa Barrett has the report.

Unite Bloomingfoods Facebook Page Opened

On Sunday a Facebook page was opened with the title, “Unite Bloomingfoods,” and a bold headline stating, “UNION YES.” An anonymous posting stated that some employees, “have gone too long waiting for our Admin offices to take care of not only the company, but to take care of its workers. There is a current push to Unionize the co-op.”

According to former Bloomingfoods employee Cindy Beaule, line workers are paid at or near minimum wage with modest increases for seniority,  and no formal benefits such as health care, paid leave, vacation time, etc. beyond what is required by state or national labor regulations.  Furthermore, Beaule found that her fellow employees and even line managers had little input into administrative decision making regarding day-to-day operations.  Recently, the administration established what it called an “Open Books” policy to encourage employee feedback. However, Beaule said employees were pessimistic as to the sincerity and credibility of this program in light of previous administrative indifference.

The Daily Local News spoke to a Bloomingfoods employee involved with the “Unite Bloomingfoods” union drive who stated that though they had begun their Facebook campaign, she was unwilling to do an interview due to the unionization drive being in early stages. This summer two large natural and organic grocery chains announced plans to open branches in Bloomington. The national chains can offer more attractive employee pay and benefits. Employees of the Kroger corporation, which operates stores in Bloomington, are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

The Daily Local News has contacted Bloomingfoods representatives for an interview. Cindy Beaule is a WFHB volunteer.

Interchange – Logging in Indiana State Forests: State Forester John Seifert


Host Doug Storm is joined by John Seifert, Indiana’s State Forester. We discuss logging in Yellowwood State Forest and the management of public forest lands. Other topics include the marked increase in commercial logging since 2002; invasive plant species in clear-cut land; the science of carbon sequestration; and the politics of resource management.

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson with assistance from Carissa Barrett
Executive Producer: Alycin Bektesh

Arrests Made in String of B Line Trail Robberies


A theft yesterday has led to arrests in a string of robberies on the B Line trail, news director Alycin Bektesh brings us this community report.

Daily Local News – September 9, 2014


Brown County Hour – Episode #30


Hosted by Dave Seastrom and Vera Grubbs.

First aired Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 9 AM on WFHB

In this episode of the Brown County Hour:

  • Bob Gustin, former editor of the Columbus Republic, discusses his perspective on the current state of journalism
  • We talk to two young local participants in the National History Day competition held in Washington DC
  • Rita Simon of the Brown County History Center discusses the grand opening of its new facility in Nashville
  • John Mills, former Brown County School Board member, continues his discussion in part two of the interview we aired last month
  • Larry Pejeau and John Mills discuss their early days in the pottery business
  • Poetry by Chris Curtin and Gunther Flumm
  • Rick Fettig with a Brown County News Update: “Fox News”
  • Dave Seastrom delivers another fine essay
  • and our musical guest, Barry Johnson, shares stories of his work as a songwriter pitching tunes in “Music City USA”, and we hear demos of his work produced in Nashville, TN.
Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

Hola Bloomington – September 5, 2014


This week Hola Bloomington will begin a series on immigration. Hola Bloomington’s hosts Carlos Bakota, Luis Hernandez and Maria Auxiliadora talk about the history of Latinos in The United States.

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