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Hola Bloomington – November 7, 2014


Los locutores de HOLA Bloomington Maria Auxiliadora Viloria, Carlos Bakota, Luis Hernandez y Israel Herrera en el segmento de “Un Cafecito con…” entrevistan a la directora de cine Christiana Ochoa acerca de su documental “Otra coso no hay.”

Hola Bloomington’s hosts Maria Auxiliadora Viloria, Carlos Bakota Luis Hernandez and Israel Herrera host a segment of “Un cafecito con…” and they interview filmmaker Christiana Ochoa about her documentary “Otra cosa no hay. “

Election Night 2014 – Jean Capler


WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh and bloomingOUT Host Jeff Jewel speak with Fair Talk President Jean Capler about 2014’s legalization of same sex marriage in Indiana, despite the Indiana General Assembly’s efforts against same sex marriage, and how that may influence Election Night results.

Election Night 2014 – Marjorie Hershey


WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford speaks with Indiana University Professor of Political Science Marjorie Hershey about her research on political parties and elections.

Election Night 2014 – Carlos Bakota


Hola Bloomington Producer Araceli Gomez speaks with Carlos Bakota of the Commission for Hispanic and Latino Affairs  about issues of concern to the local Latino  community and how that might effect this year’s elections.

Election Night 2014 – Dave Nakarado


WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh speaks with Libertarian County Commissioner candidate Dave Nakarado about the two-party system and the leading issues in Monroe County.

Election Night 2014 – Matt Pierce


WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh speaks with District 61 Representative Matt Pierce about Indiana’s Republican super-majority, and the changes to House and Senate districts that may ensure the Party’s stronghold during this election as well.

bloomingOUT – November 6, 2014


Hosts Jeff Jewel and Jeff Poling kick off the first live show back on air in November 2014 interviewed by News Director and bloomingOUT Executive Producer, Alycin Bektesh.  Tonight we will be introducing to you the current bloomingOUT crew, and discussion the future and vision of the show. Alycin Bektesh interviews IU campus correspondents Frankie Salzman and Arielle Soussan.  This week’s Out on Campus features an interview with Morghan Mohr, an undergraduate student at IU who is very active in the social justice and LGBTQ communities. In this interview she describes the purpose of the event as well as information about, SKY an organization Morghan Mohr helped to found and the organizer of the demonstration. Alycin Bektesh interviews WFHB intern, Hayley Bass. Our bloomingOUT News Editor Ryne Shadday gives this week’s update on Tuesday’s election day turnout and results. Alycin Bektesh interviews Producer Olivia Davidson and engineer, Carissa Barrett.


Voices in the Street – Joining the Choir Invisible: What Happens When You Die?


Our ability to ponder our own mortality is one of the things that makes us human.  Even if you’re not particularly religious, you’ve likely wondered about the end of your life and what’s in store beyond.  We wanted to know how our listeners view death and the afterlife.

So let’s get heavy Bloomington:  what do YOU think happens when you die?  We hit the streets to find out.

Election night discussion on political parties and poll results


WFHB, in partnership with Community Access Television Services, hosted a full night of interviews and updates on election night. IU Professor of Political Science Majorie Hershey was among the guests to come on the show, and she spoke with WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford about her research on political parties and elections. With the votes all tallied, we hear her perspective for today’s community report.

New apartment building to be built downtown


After being turned down once before, a local attorney now has received permission to build a new 4-story apartment building in downtown Bloomington. David Ferguson, through his company Moonburn LLC, got approval from the Bloomington Plan Commission on November 3rd. The building will be on North Morton Street, near the intersection with 10th Street. It will have 33 apartments, each with one bedroom. Jim Roach, from city planning, said the Commission voted against a slightly altered version of the same project in July, which stated that due to height violation of the building, it was not to be built at that time.

The building is still planned to be two feet taller than the 50-foot height normally allowed. But Roach said the city has allowed other buildings in the area to violate that rule.

Ferguson’s building would be just inches away the Morton Mansions. The new structure did require a waiver from the city’s requirement to reserve half of the first floor for businesses. Plans only include 11 percent of the floor to be commercial space. Ferguson said there simply isn’t enough room to fulfill the requirement.

Olympus Properties manages residential buildings throughout Bloomington, including the Mercury on Morton complex nearby. Ferguson founded that company in 2002 along with other partners. The city’s planning staff agreed with Ferguson about the tradeoff between commercial space and parking. Tom Micuda, the city’s director of planning and transportation, said the city might consider doing away with requiring every downtown apartment building to have room for businesses.

Commission members said they were mostly satisfied with the changes to the project. But Commission member Chris Sturbaum said he’s not ready to dramatically change the requirements for commercial space.

Six Commission members voted in favor of the new apartment building. Commission member Chris Smith abstained.


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