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Increase In Water Rates Is Called For In Future Proposal


Bloomington Utilities Director Pat Murphy says it’s time to increase water rates. During a staff report this week, Murphy told the Utilities Service Board it is time to look at the increase, even though a similar conversation stalled out last year. He said that they would be revisiting the research that has been done in the past to come forward with a proposal.

Five years ago water rates were increased more than 50 percent to accommodate a second water line to Bloomington’s water treatment plant.  Murphy says there are still infrastructure improvements needed and the profits from water bills will help fund the updates.

At the meeting the board also approved the 2014 interdepartmental agreement between the utility and the City of Bloomington, for the amount of one million five hundred, fourteen thousand dollars, a budget increase of five point five percent.

Standing Room Only – Community Conversation With Law Enforcement


On January 22nd, the city of Bloomington hosted a community conversation with local law enforcement.  The public was invited to ask questions or make comments to a panel made up of local police. Panelists included representatives of the Bloomington Police Department, the Indiana University Police, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and State Police. The event lasted two hours and got very heated at times when speaking of police violence and racial bias.

Prescription Drug Abuse Leads to a Southern Indiana HIV Outbreak

Today, State Health officials are warning of a rapidly spreading outbreak of HIV in the Southeastern portion of Indiana. Officials believe that prescription drug abuse of the injectable opioid Opana (oh-PAWN-uh) is responsible for the majority of 26 reported cases of HIV since mid-december.   According to State Health officials Opana is more potent per milligram than Oxycontin. Health Department Commissioner Jerome Adams issued a statement about the HIV outbreak and the steps being taken to address the problem. Adams said QUOTE “Because prescription drug abuse is at the heart of this outbreak, we are not only working to identify, contact and test individuals who may have been exposed, but also to connect community members to resources for substance abuse treatment and recovery.” To avoid dissemination of HIV, Health Officials recommend that Hoosiers get tested regularly for HIV and avoid high-risk behaviors such as sharing needles and having multiple sexual partners.


City Leaders Respond to Plans to Relocate Bloomington Hospital


Many in Bloomington have expressed concern and anger over the announcement that the IU Health Bloomington Hospital plans to move away from downtown. City leaders have responded, asking the hospital to stay in its current location. News Director Joe Crawford brings us that story for today’s WFHB community report.

Interchange – The Prick of Noon: Romeo & Juliet


We have two guests with us tonight to discuss the play both as production or performance and as text; the deed and the word. As Harold Goddard said, “Drama is a portrayal of human passions eventuating in acts. Poetry is a picture of life in its essence.” Shakespeare toils to mend the two.

In Act One, “The Play’s the Thing,” we’re joined by the director of the IU Theater Production of Romeo & Juliet, Nancy Lipschultz to talk about producing the play for the stage.

In Act Two, “The Prick of Noon,” we’re joined by Ellen MacKay, a scholar of early modern English drama and public culture whose approach to the Shakespearean stage is “driven by the epistemological problems that the theatre poses to a culture eager to draw a clear line between artifice and authenticity.” We discuss Shakespeare’s treatment of time.

We don’t need to withhold any plot points tonight as our subject is a play that was written sometime near the end of the 17th century and like all of Shakespeare’s plays is based on a prior text or two. It’s an ancient plot, warring tribes, political enmity in city-states, and even star-crossed lovers: all nothing new. We can even find Dante referencing historical Montagues and Capulets as feuding political parties in the Purgatory of his Divine Comedy.

And so you know, Romeo and Juliet are always dead before we even begin. It is the outcome that begs a reason why and the play begins with the Prologue giving up our ghosts.

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
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Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Daily Local News – February 24, 2015


An electronics repair company has announced it plans to cut 320 jobs at its location in Bloomington; Today is the deadline for bills to get a second reading in the Indiana State legislature; In other news from the legislature, a Senate Joint Resolution with the potential to harm Indiana lakes and rivers was defeated by the Indiana State Senate today; An IU professor of law and medicine says Indiana’s agreement with the Obama administration to expand Medicaid will be counterproductive in its purported goal of helping the poor; Plans for a 107-room hotel proposed for the intersection of 17th and Walnut Streets received narrow approval last week from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Many in Bloomington have expressed concern and anger over the announcement that the IU Health Bloomington Hospital plans to move away from downtown. City leaders have responded, asking the hospital to stay in its current location. News Director Joe Crawford brings us that story for today’s WFHB community report.

WFHB’s weekly financial segment.

Anchors: Casey Kuhn, Chris Martin
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Senate Bill Calling for Restrictions on Abortion


An Indiana senate bill could place further restrictions on abortion in the state. Senate Bill 334 would make it illegal to perform an abortion if the decision is based on a fetus’s sex or disability. Writers of the bill say they are trying to prevent discriminatory abortions.

A healthcare provider could face wrongful death and medical malpractice charges if found knowingly performing an abortion for a woman who wants to terminate a pregnancy because of the fetus’ sex or a potential disability.Disabilities specifically mentioned in the bill include scoliosis, Dwarfism, albinism, amelia, Down syndrome and any type of physical or mental disease or disfigurement. Many abortions rights advocates say the bill is troubling.

Betty Cockrum, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, said Senate Bill 334 interferes with the sacred doctor-patient relationship.

“It gets government into an arena where it shouldn’t be at all,” Cockrum said.

Cockrum also said that while abortions based on a fetus’s sex may be an issue overseas, it is not a concern in Indiana. But mental health and disabilities are. Cockrum says parents of children with disabilities need help, but she says government funding for disability services would help more than this proposed law.

“The services to families who have developmentally challenged children are underfunded, and if members of the legislature see it fit to impose government intrusion into this decision making, they sure ought to step up and fully fund services,” said Cockrum.

President of Indiana Right to Life, Mike Fichter, did not return a call for comment today. He supports the bill. Fichter was quoted in the Indianapolis Star, saying Indiana Right to Life doesn’t “believe an unborn child should be discriminated against based on disability or sex.” A Senate committee approved the bill last week and it now awaits a vote before the full Senate.


Bring It On! – February 23, 2015


Cornelius Wright and Jacinda Townsend welcome Katherine Wheatle, Victor Borden, and Carl Darnell.

On tonight’s show, Cornelius and Jacinda welcome IU doctoral candidate in Higher Education Katherine Wheatle, Professor of Higher Education & Student Affairs and senior advisor to the IU Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs Victor Borden, and IU doctoral candidate in Higher Learning & Student Affairs Carl Darnell.

They join the BIO! crew to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the nation’s Historically Black College’s and Universities (HBCU) in the 21st Century.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: Cornelius Wright and Jacinda Townsend
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer Joe Crawford
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

Activate! – Global Gifts: Mary Megan Walker


Mary Megan Walker on her service learning and volunteering with Global Gifts and Fair Trade Bloomington. Also, volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

Global Gifts
My Sister’s Closet
Opportunity House

Religious Freedom Restoration Act


A bill known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is working its way through the Indiana legislature. The law would provide protection to individuals, businesses and churches that deny services based on claims of religious belief. On Thursday, WFHB’s LGBTQI+ program, Bloomingout, discussed the bill with Steve Sanders, a law professor at Indiana University. The show was hosted by Erica Dorsey, Ryne Shadday and Jeff Jewel.

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