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Books Unbound – The Many Voices of Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Part Two


Born in New Orleans and an early figure of the Harlem Renaissance, Alice Dunbar-Nelson (1875–1935) considered fiction her most representative form of writing, but enjoyed more recognition as a poet. Much of her fiction was considered unsuited for the literary market, especially when it dealt with racial issues. As a multiracial woman, she identified strongly with “the race,” but was sometimes taken as white—and then penalized for “passing”. The ambivalence of racial identity is a theme throughout her work.

From the age of 19 Dunbar-Nelson was a regular columnist for black newspapers and journals. She worked tirelessly on behalf of education, women’s and labor rights, and what were then called Negro causes, especially anti-lynching legislation. She was a popular speaker on the lecture circuit for her eloquence, acerbic wit and passion as a public speaker, but for most of her life had to struggle to earn a decent living.

The extended podcast features two short stories read by Renee Reed, “The Pearl in the Oyster,” which deals with Dunbar-Nelson’s favorite themes of racial passing, education, politics and labor, and class boundaries; and “His Great Career,” an entertaining tale about old friends with a twist at the end. Berklea Going read “M’sieu Fortier’s Violin,” a story about an aging musician who loses his job with an orchestra; a poem of same-sex desire, “You! Inez!”; and the powerful “April Is on the Way”. The poems “The Proletariat Speaks,” “Violets, a Sonnet,” and “I Sit and Sew” are read by Cynthia Wolfe. Special music for the episode comes from the albums Barktok/Korcia and Dances/Doubles Jeux/Bartok by Laurent Korcia. Music for the opera scene in “M’sieu Fortier’s Violin” comes from the opera itself, Roland à Roncevaux by Auguste Mermet, from the album Tragédiennes (Erato). Sarah Torbeck hosts, with Doug Storm as announcer.

Cynthia Wolfe produced, wrote and edited the episode with assistance from Doug Storm, Robert Shull and Sarah Torbeck. Special thanks to Community Access Television Services for production support.

Executive producer: Joe Crawford
Theme music: The Impossible Shapes

Hola Bloomington – March 6, 2015


Hola Bloomington’s hosts Israel Herrera and Carlos Bakota host a special segment “Un Cafecito con…” The hosts interview the real Latino athletes that inspired the nation hit film “McFarland, USA.” They will also interview musicians from the Latin American Music Center about upcoming events.

Los locutores de Hola Bloomington Israel Herrera y Carlos Bakota albergan un segmento de “Un Cafecito con…” Los locutores entrevistan los corredores que inspiraron la nueva película de Disney: McFarland, USA. Además, hablan con músicos del Latin American Music Center sobre sus proximos eventos.

Brown County Hour – Episode #36 – March 1, 2015


Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Vera Grubbs, Rick Fettig & Jeff Foster.

First aired Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 9 AM on WFHB.

☆ In this episode of the Brown County Hour:
Celtica-Logo-Hi-Def-300Musical guest Tammera Lane of CELTICA — interview and songs from Labyrinth Walk.
Cari Ray returns with another For A Song, exploring the creative processes involved in songwriting. This month: Making the most of what you have.
Yellowwood Road resident Mark Cagle presents his views on the State’s controversial road project.
Eric Freeman of the National Maple Syrup Festival describes the history of the event and the many offerings to be presented during its Brown County debut.
Dave Seastrom tells the story of his own maple syrup experiences.
Rick Fettig with a Brown County News Update on the Shine-On 2-K Run, a somewhat mythical event coming soon.
Poetry by Gunther Flumm: Leprechauned .
✇ Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

EcoReport – Lee Sterrenburg: Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area


In today’s EcoReport feature, Lee Sterrenburg, Principal Bird Monitor at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, talks about the fifth annual Marsh Madness Sandhill Crane Festival, which will be held this Friday and Saturday near Linton, Indiana.

Voices in the Street – “The madness of March is about to descend, what part will IU play???”


This week on the Voices in the Street:  “The madness of March is about to descend, what part will IU play???”

The IU men’s basketball team has lost seven of its last eleven games after a 5-1 start in conference play, and their hopes for an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament have taken a huge hit with this relatively poor performance.  The Hoosiers face Michigan State on Saturday before the Big Ten Tournament begins, so Voices in the Street hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors about IU’s season and what role they’ll play in March Madness!

bloomingOUT – March 5, 2015


Tonight, hosts Erica Dorsey, Jeff Poling, and Ryne Shadday discuss recent news in the LGBTQ community about marriage equality, as well as groundbreaking news in the media of ABC network’s television show The Fosters. We also interviewed Emily Brinegar, a Prevention Coordinator at IU Health Bloomington, to discuss the Bloomington AID Walk 2015. She is joined by Patrick Battani who is their social media coordinator. This year the walk is on April 10th 2015. We also heard our weekly segment, Out on Campus. This week, we hear the first part of Arielle Soussan’s conversation with Frankie Salzman about his time at the Midwestern Bi Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference. This week, the two talk about the importance of queer spaces. Our music for tonight was by King Britt a.k.a. Fhloston Paradigm Feat. Pia Ercole, “Ave Maria.” We would like to thank our guests tonight, Emily Brinegar and Patrick Battani, for joining us.

Executive Producer Joe Crawford
Producer Olivia Davidson
Script Coordinator Hayley Bass
Board Engineer Carissa Barrett

New Measure Could Have Major Impact on Local Development


Last night the City Council passed a measure that could have major effects on development in Bloomington. WFHB correspondent Alycin Bektesh has that story for today’s WFHB community

Daily Local News – March 5, 2015


A group concerned with environmental contamination in Bloomington is holding its first meeting this weekend; In April of this year the first ever Jan Vickers Film Scoring Award will be presented to a student from the Composition Department in the IU Jacobs School of Music; The 35th annual Arts Fair on the Square has received approval to expand this year despite opposition from nearby businesses; Ellettsville Fire Chief Michael Cornman has concerns about staffing in the Town Fire Department; Newly released data shows alarming trends regarding incarceration in Indiana.

Last night the City Council passed a measure that could have major effects on development in Bloomington. WFHB correspondent Alycin Bektesh has that story for today’s WFHB community report.

This week on the Voices in the Street: “The madness of March is about to descend, what part will IU play???”

Anchors: Carolyn VandeWiele, Scott Weddle
Today’s headlines were written by Anson Shupe and Joe Crawford
Along with Alycin Bektesh for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Alycin Bektesh
Voices in the Street was produced by Kelly Wherley,
Our engineers today are Jose Rodriguez and Jonathan Goethals
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Managing Producer is Alycin Bektesh.
Executive Producer is Joe Crawford.

IN Nature – Hudsonian Godwit


IN Nature – Pied-billed Grebe

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