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Voices in the Street: “what motivated you to vote?”

After a long and bruising campaign, voters finally went to the polls. Voices in the street has asked your fellow Bloomington residents why they came out to vote and why they feel their vote is important.

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EcoReport Feature – Part 2 of Our Interview with John Blair, of the Evansville-Based Valley Watch

In today’s EcoReport feature, we play the second half of Norm Holy’s interview with John Blair about Indiana’s coal-fired power plants.

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EcoReport – November 10, 2016

EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships with nature and the Earth and to encourage you to take personal responsibility for the world in which we live. Each program features timely eco-related …

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Daily Local News – November 9, 2016

Donald Trump and the GOP won control of the White House and won all of Indiana’s statewide races yesterday; The MCCSC tax referendum passed last night with 80% of Monroe County voting in support; Supporters and opponents of Syrian refugee resettlement in Bloomington are planning to hold an open discussion tonight at the Monroe County Public Library; Some members of …

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WFHB Election Night Excerpt Featuring Joe Varga, William Morris and Ann Boehm

Last night, as the nation waited to hear the outcome of the election, WFHB aired several hours of election coverage, reporting on local as well as statewide and federal races. In this next segment, we hear a portion of that coverage, including Indiana University labor studies professor Joe Varga and local attorney William Morris speaking about issues of racism and poverty. After that …

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Better Beware!

Holiday Scams The Holiday Season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, and so do the Holiday Swindlers. So our Holiday Warnings are trying to get ahead of ’em!

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ELECTION RESULTS (Monroe County Only)

Local gov 1

The following are Monroe County results from the primary election, supplied to WFHB by the Monroe County Clerk’s Office as of 8:15 p.m. These are only Monroe County’s results. Outcomes of statewide and federal races depend on results from beyond Monroe County. 88 percent of precincts are reporting. ~~~~ MCCSC Referendum Yes: 81.4% No: 18.6% MCCSC Board, District 2 Sue Wanzer:  61.7% …

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Interchange – Selling Censorship: Part Four of The Way of Neoliberalism


Free speech is not the norm, and even in a country that explicitly protects speech in its foundational documents, censorship can still creep into our lives in unexpected ways. On this election night, “Selling Censorship,” another episode in our series The Way of Neoliberalism, about our current cultural environment that dominates our society, politics, and our interactions with each other. …

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Sam Shaw on His Free Speech Lawsuit Over Bedford’s Sign Ordinance

The signs in Sam Shaw’s yard included messages like “I Seek Truth” and “Over the Hump with Trump.” Now the Bedford man is fighting for his right to display the signs, after the city of Bedford took issue. WFHB reporter Leah Carter spoke with Shaw as well an attorney for the ACLU of Indiana for this WFHB community report. The …

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Daily Local News – November 8, 2016

11/8/16 More than 25,000 Monroe County residents have cast ballots today in the 2016 general election; Voters at St. John’s generally expressed more conservative views that the voters we spoke to in Bloomington; Democratic congressional candidate Shelli Yoder is accusing her Republican opponent of using an illegal robo-call today; A plan to build a new office for the Richland Township …

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