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New Location for Bloomington Hospital: IU Golf Course


IU Health officials announced this morning they are changing the course of plans to relocate the Bloomington Hospital. The Hospital still plans to move out of its downtown location, a decision that has been unpopular with many Bloomington residents. But the new facility is now scheduled for construction on property that currently hosts the IU Golf Course, located on the northeast side of town along the bypass.

Before today, the plan had been to move west of city limits on North Park, where the hospital already owns land. Several officials, including Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan, IU President Michael McRobbie and IU Health Bloomington President Mark Moore, praised the new plan this morning.

The officials gave no indication of the time frame for the move, how much it will cost or exactly what infrastructure improvements might be needed to make it happen.

Audio of the full press conference is above.

Interchange – Bloomington City Council Primary Candidates: District 4 Democrats


Host Doug Storm welcomes the candidates vying for the Democratic party nomination to run for the District 4 Bloomington City Council seat: Dave Rollo, the incumbent, and the challenger, Philippa Guthrie.

“The Candidate” by Urge Overkill
“The Politics Of Dancing” by Re-flex

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Bloomington Beer Fest


The Brewers of Indiana Guild held the 5th annual Bloomington Beer Fest at Woolery Mill on Saturday. Representatives from many of Indiana’s most popular breweries attended the event to show off their recipes. Correspondent Michael Hilton attended the event to ask the breweries about the current competition in the local craft beer market, and what they think about the future.

Ins and Outs of Money – April 14, 2015


Happy Financial Literacy Month!

Daily Local News – April 14, 2015


The state senate today is debating a bill that would end Indiana’s common construction
wage, The local transportation planning authority continues to show its discontent with the
state’s handling of Interstate 69 construction, The Monroe County Solid Waste Management
District is moving ahead with setting up its new recycling facility, Planned Parenthood
locations in Bloomington and Columbus are offering free STD and HIV tests next week,
Throughout April, the Bloomington entertainment and Arts District will display photographs
by the Bloomington Photography Club in the City Hall Atrium.

The Brewers of Indiana Guild held the 5th annual Bloomington Beer Fest at Woolery Mill on
Saturday. Representatives from many of Indiana’s most popular breweries attended the event
to show off their recipes. Correspondent Michael Hilton attended the event to ask the
breweries about the current competition in the local craft beer market, and what they
think about the future.

Happy Financial Literacy Month!

Anchors – Chris Martin, Casey Kuhn
Today’s headlines were written by Sophia Saliby, Joshua Byron and Joe Crawford
Along with David Murphy for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Michael Hilton
The Ins and Outs of Money is produced by Ryan Stacy and edited by Dan Withered, in
partnership with the Monroe County Public Library and The United Way of Monroe County.
Our engineer is Harrison Wagner.
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Managing Producer is Alycin Bektesh,
Executive Producer is Joe Crawford.

Bring It On! – April 13, 2015


William Hosea and Cornelius Wright welcome Dr. Tyron Cooper.

On tonight’s show, William and Cornelius welcome Dr. Tyron Cooper, IU Soul Revue director, three-time Emmy award nominee and IU professor to the show. He joins us to talk about the history and future of the Revue, along with providing an overview of their annual Spring concert.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: William Hosea and Cornelius Wright
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer is Joe Crawford
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

“Lost Borders” by Mary Hunter Austin, Conclusion


The interconnected story cycle “Lost Borders” by Mary Hunter Austin concludes. Austin’s character types and settings are in many ways familiar from other westerns, but her perspectives are feminist, conservationist, and anti-gun. She died in 1934, and her books soon went out of print—just as Hollywood was establishing its masculinist myths of a Wild West dominated by gun violence.

Although Austin offers sympathetic portrayals of male psychology throughout, female characters are central to the final two stories, with the frontier allowing women to push against social boundaries. In “The House of Offence” (read by Lauren Robert), a deteriorating fence represents the social dividing line temporarily crossed when an upstanding Christian woman reckons with the humanity of the madam who runs the brothel next door. The title character of “The Walking Woman” (read by Sarah Torbeck) triumphs through love and work in a harsh communion with the land.

Jack Hanek hosts. Sarah Torbeck has read the role of the author throughout. The recurring poem that appeared at the beginning of the original book is read by Berklea Going. Special music comes from the album River of Light: American Short Works for Violin and Piano (Naxos, 2011), as performed by Tim Fain and Pei-Yao Wang. Books Unbound is produced, written and edited by Cynthia Wolfe with assistance from Sarah Torbeck.

“‘Lost Borders’ by Mary Hunter Austin, Conclusion” was produced during WFHB’s Spring Fund Drive, and contains messages from the Books Unbound community. For information on how to support this and other programs from WFHB, call 812-323-1200 or visit wfhb.org.
The Books Unbound podcasts allow you to listen to the complete “Lost Borders” story cycle from beginning to end in Austin’s original order:
• “The Land, “The Hoodoo of the Minnietta,” “A Case of Conscience,” and “The Ploughed Lands” in Part One
• “The Return of Mr. Wills,” “The Last Antelope,” and “Agua Dulce” in Part Two
• “The Woman at the Eighteen Mile” and “The Fakir” in Part Three
• “The Pocket-Hunter’s Story,” “The Readjustment,” and “Bitterness of Women” in Part Four

Executive producer: Joe Crawford
Books Unbound theme music: The Impossible Shapes

Petition Calls for Audit at Bloomingfoods


Late last week a petition began circulating in social media demanding an audit, or peer review, at Bloomingfoods, the food cooperative with four permanent locations in Bloomington. As of our deadline there were 127 signatures on that petition.

Bloomington City Council Indicates Possible Significant Changes to Downtown Parking

The Bloomington City Council has indicated it may make significant changes to how it manages parking downtown. At a meeting last week there were two proposal packages. City Clerk Regina Moore summarized the first, from Council Member Steve Volan.

Moore summarizes, “This is to improve parking management in the downtown by imposing a maximum charge for on-street metered parking, setting forth actual times and fees in an amended schedule, providing a period of free parking in all garages, and establishing a fee discount and waiver program to be provided by a new parking commission.”

Volan says approximately two million dollars was collected from the new meters during the first year of their introduction. He says revenue was divided almost equally between cash versus credit card payments. Volan introduced his proposal by first framing it in what he called a mission statement for the City’s parking meter program.

Volan said, “I don’t think that we’ve actually defined what our goal is for our parking system so I have offered a few suggestions…we want to incentivise diversity and fairness for populations who use the downtown that have unique needs. And also consider that the excess revenue when we are not using it to pay for the cost of parking itself, to use it to increase the economic and social sustainability of the downtown.”

Volan’s proposal would change meter hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.. Currently the meters run from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. He also recommended keeping the dollar per hour charge for meters in the downtown core, while reducing the charge to fifty cents for meters on the periphery of the core. He suggested offering three hour free parking at the Morton Street Garage and allowing parking fee waivers for volunteers of non-profits. After considerable discussion on Volan’s proposal, Council member Darryl Neher introduced his proposal for changes in the city parking policy. City Clerk Moore summarized that proposal.

Moore explains, “This is in regard to shortening the hours of enforcement on street metered parking, eliminating the credit card convenience fee for meter use, authorizing the mayor to declare parking holidays, and extending hours of enforcement to Lot 9 which is the 4th street garage.”

Council member Volan pointed out that his proposal and the one from Council member Neher are complementary. A special session of the City Council has been scheduled for this Wednesday to discuss the parking issue further.

Increasing Number of HIV Cases in Southeastern Indiana

The reported number of HIV cases in Southeastern Indiana has increased to 106. That’s up from 89 declared cases just four days earlier.

Those numbers are all from the State Department of Health. The department has helped establish what it calls a One-Stop Shop in Scott County, where many of the cases have been discovered.

There is also a new clinic there as well as a public awareness program titled ‘You Are Not Alone.’ A 30-day needle exchange program opened in Scott County on April 4.

An Executive Order by Governor Mike Pence has suspended Indiana Code regarding needle exchange in Scott County, allowing clean needles to be freely given and dirty needles to be turned in. More than a thousand clean needles have already been distributed.

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