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Interchange – The White Coats Are Coming: Explanation and Power in Psychology and Neuroscience

‘The CIA contracted Bruce Jessen, left, and James Mitchell to design, lead, and direct harsh interrogations of a Qaeda operative,’ The New York Times wrote of the two psychologists in December 2014. ‘The men are pictured in images from ABC News.’

Last month novelist and social critic Curtis White joined us to discuss his latest book We, Robots: Staying Human in the Age of Big Data. One of his major points is that we are being told stories about the ways our technologies will organize us (positively) and though some of us will be left behind (a lot of us), the …

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City of Bloomington Observes Rising Levels of Disinfectant Byproducts in Drinking Water

The Bloomington Utilities Department is collecting more data about disinfectant byproducts in the city’s water. The city has observed increasing levels of byproducts, which are linked to health problems including cancer. The interim director of the department, John Langley, told the Utilities Service Board last night that state environmental regulators requested the data. City officials are negotiating with the Indiana …

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Indiana Forest Protection Bill, Once Stifled, Could Be Resurrected

Advocates for the preservation of Indiana forests have argued for years that the state is allowing too much logging to occur in state forests. And in recent years, attempts to address the issue with legislation have gone nowhere. But earlier today, news broke that Indiana State Senator Brent Steele, from Bedford, intends to support a measure that would protect some …

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The Ins and Outs of Money – Be Your Own Boss…Better!

Itching to put your talents to work for you? Freelancing might be the answer, but be careful—being your own boss is risky and potentially hazardous to your finances.

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Daily Local News – February 23, 2016

IU Health has announced they are increasing the minimum wage for clinical and non-clinical employees at their hospitals to eleven dollars an hour; The Bloomington Utilities Department is collecting more data about disinfectant byproducts in the city’s water; The Indiana Department of Environmental Management recently fined the medical waste disposal company Medassure $11.250 for accepting containers of medical waste, some …

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Elementary Schoolers Research Bloomington African American Leader Elizabeth Bridgwaters


This year is the 100th anniversary of the original Banneker School, a segregated elementary and middle school in Bloomington. Elizabeth Bridgwaters was one of the major influences on Bloomington’s integration movement; she was a leader and Monroe County’s first elected African American elected official. Through the work of Bridgwaters and other remarkable African American leaders, Fairview School was integrated in …

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Activate! New Life New Leaf : Mary Goetze


Mary Goetze regales her experiences volunteering with New Leaf New Life, an organization using the framework of therapeutic justice to support incarcerated individuals in their efforts to make a successful transition back into the community. New Leaf New Life offers programs for both inmates and the formerly incarcerated, and also offers support to the families of the incarcerated. Listen to …

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IU Alum Evolves Poem from Personal Experiences

A poem is often a snapshot, a moment of life preserved in the pages of a book. But what happens when a poem becomes a tool for understanding the changes in the author’s life? Recent IU graduate Harlan Kelly has a poem that’s changed with him through a life experience we all face – growing up. Carter Barrett brings us …

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NTSB Suggests Stricter Restrictions for Legal Blood Alcohol Level

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit for drunk driving. The current national standard is .08 ; The NTSB wants to drop that to .05. According to the NTSB, more than a 100 countries already use the .05 standard for drunk driving. They estimate deadly crash numbers in U.S. would be reduced by half if …

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Daily Local News – February 22, 2016

The City of Bloomington Utilities Department reports there was an accidental chlorine release into Clear Creek last week; The Monroe County Board of Commissioners approved an education and job training agreement between the Monroe County Jail and the non-profit organization, New Leaf New Life; The Indiana Right to Life organization announced that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is suing Planned Parenthood …

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