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Kite Line: The Debut Episode – August 5, 2016


This first episode of Kite Line is an introduction to some of the issues we want to cover here on the show. We give updates on prison news, talk about some prison basics with a local professor, an inmate in Ohio and an organizer with Black Lives Matter in Gary, Indiana.

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Standing Room Only: Drawing and the Brain

On April 7-10, The Indiana University Center for Art and Design hosted the Drawing and the Brain conference. Many speakers from all over the world met to talk about the relationship between drawing and the brain. Architects, researches, and artists were among the speakers, and they gave insight into the complicated relationship between art and the brain. For this week’s …

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Voices in the Street – “Anything for a buck: Jobs at their worst”

Not everyone can have a glamorous, well paying job. Most people, at some point in their lives, have been paid to do something they hated. Inspired by the approaching labor day weekend, we ask Bloomington residents about the worst jobs they’ve ever had on this week’s edition of Voices in the Street.

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Big Talk: Cathi Crabtree On Her Experience at the DNC

Cathi Crabtree spent last week in Philadelphia as one of the Indiana 9th Congressional District delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. It was her first party convention and she went as a Hillary Clinton delegate. Crabtree, a mechanical engineer for the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, is active in the Monroe County Democratic Women’s Caucus and is a volunteer …

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Daily Local News – August 4, 2016

The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District’s Board of Directors meets today to discuss the District’s budget and the fate of the long-debated MRF project; The Brown County Humane Society will hold its annual Barn Sale next weekend; Several members of the Bloomington Redevelopment Commission voiced their opposition to a proposed plan to add more streets to the Certified Tech …

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Interchange – How We Talk About Our Dying: Susan Gubar On Living with Cancer

© Donald J. Gray

In 2008 Susan Gubar was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer which means that the cancer had metastasized beyond the ovaries into the abdomen or nearby lymph nodes. The statistical prognosis for life expectancy when ovarian cancer is diagnosed in this stage is 3-5 years. In 2012, Gubar became a participant in a Phase One drug trial that she describes …

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Bring It On! – August 1, 2016

Cornelius Wright and William Hosea host Monica Johnson, director of the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center at Indiana University. Once called “The House”, the Neal-Marshall BCC is a home away from home. A team of staff members and volunteers work to make a difference. Listen how the staff and center combine to make students truly welcome. PART ONE Cornelius Wright and …

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Voices in the Street – “Another first in U.S. Politics. Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic Presidential Nod.

On Tuesday, the Democratic National Convention made Hillary Clinton the first woman to head a major party Presidential ticket, putting quote, “the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.” Hillary is a former first lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State and will take the stage tonight in her official acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Voices in the …

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Big Talk: “Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon.”

Kelley Benham French and Tom French are journalists, both now teaching at Indiana University’s Media School. Both were award-winning newspaper reporters for the Tampa Bay Times. They met when she was young and he was closer to middle age. Years later, after his first marriage ended, they finally became a couple, married, and tried to have a baby. For years, …

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Daily Local News – July 28, 2016

Despite an expected loss of state funding, Monroe County’s day reporting program for juvenile offenders is positioned to continue operations; The county council also heard about efforts to fully fund a 35-hour-a-week Problem Solving Court Program Director; The race for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat could become the most expensive general race in Indiana state history, according to political observers; Downtown …

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