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Books Unbound – The Life Of Lazarillo de Tormes, Part 1


The Life Of Lazarillo de Tormes, His Fortunes and Misfortunes is a classic of Spanish literature, written anonymously and one of only six novels on the Index of Prohibited Books during the Inquisition. Lazaro is a clueless but sly servant boy who learns to survive a series of abusive masters through trickery and petty crime. The original book was controversial mainly for its satire of Catholicism and the clergy, and the version available to modern readers is an edition censored for re-publication. A sequel that was critical of the political power structure remained banned.

Written in the 16th century, Lazarillo is an early example of the picaresque novel, episodic fiction in which a roguish protagonist evades conventional authority and navigates a series of predicaments. Novelist Jane Smiley calls Lazaro the first protagonist in fiction to represent the ordinary person whose primary concern is eking out a living. Set mostly in Toledo, Spain, the novella is also notable for its depiction of poverty amid the anti-poor laws enacted during the period, and the changing attitudes toward charity in an increasingly capitalist society.

Excerpted from the translation of Robert S. Rudder, the Books Unbook presentation of The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes is newly expanded two-part program from a version first broadcast in the fall of 2014 as part of a series on classic satiric fiction. Tony Brewer is the reader, Sarah Torbeck the host, and Berklea Going the announcer.

The episode was written and produced by Cynthia Wolfe, with production assistance from Robert Shull and Doug Storm.

Lazarillo features period music by the 16th-century Spanish composer Diego Ortiz, who was born in Toledo, performed by Jordi Savali on his albums La Folia and Recercadas del Trattado de Glosas. Books Unbound theme music by The Impossible Shapes.

Broadcast on MCCSC Commencement day, the episode concludes with the poem “The Writer” by Richard Wilbur, read by Cynthia Wolfe and dedicated to the Class of 2015.

Series producer: Cynthia Wolfe
Executive producer: Joe Crawford

Interchange – Creating the Subject: Hildegard Keller’s Annemarie Mahler


Host Doug Storm is joined by literary critic, author, and filmmaker, Hildegard Elisabeth Keller, who teaches German literature at Indiana University and at the University of Zurich.

Keller’s most recent project, the film Whatever Comes Next, is a documentary about Bloomington painter and scholar Annemarie Mahler. Born in Vienna in 1926, Mahler fled by herself as a twelve-year child to the United States and since 1955 has lived in Bloomington, IN, and in the summers in Woods Hole, MA.

The documentary portrays the artist’s outer and inner lives, which bridge two centuries and two continents.

A major theme of the film and the interview is identity, particularly that of the immigrant and the artist. Keller also discusses her projects on Mystics like Meister Eckhart and Hildegard of Bingen, as well as her “muse,” the modernist Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni, of whom she is writing a biography due out in November.

Special thanks to Hildegard Keller for letting us hear parts of her film in this program. Ann Malcolm reads excerpts from the writings of Annemarie Mahler. Music in the film is by composer Olav Lervik and cellist Ivan Turkalj.

Sonia Velazquez read Alfonsina Storni’s “Voy a Dormir.”

“Alfonsina y el Mar” by Mercedes Sosa
“Alfonsina y el Mar” by Shakira

Next time on Interchange
“What Went Wrong: Assessing Obama’s Legacy.” Doug Storm speaks with Yale Professor David Bromwich, critic, scholar, and political essayist who has tried, and failed, to find a President who has put any of his eloquent words into political action. Assessing Obama’s legacy on Interchange next Tuesday (6/9).

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Bring It On! – June 1st, 2015


William Hosea and Liz Mitchell welcome Marsha Cummings

On tonight’s show, William and Liz welcome Marsha Cummings. Marsha, a long time friend of our co-anchor Liz Mitchell, recently join her on a fact finding tour through the south that delved into our nations’ dark past. she comes on to discuss this adventure along with Liz.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: William Hosea and Liz Mitchell
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer is Joe Crawford
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

Activate! – New Hope Family Shelter: Elaine Guin & Rachel Guiglielmo


New Hope Family Shelter executive director and volunteer Rachel Guiglielmo talk about the experience of working with family homelessness and the growing awareness in our community to the many different faces of homeless families. Elaine also talks about the shelter’s volunteer needs, which are even greater in the summer with student volunteers away from Bloomington. And more volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.


Spencer Pride’s Judi Epp discusses this Saturday’s Pride Festival


The 9th annual Spencer LBGTQI Pride Festival will take place this Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. This year’s theme is Color our World with Pride. The festival is held by the Spencer Pride group. Correspondent Kara Tullman spoke with the group’s director, Judi Epp, for this WFHB community report.

Daily Local News – June 1, 2015


Just twelve percent of eligible voters in Indiana cast ballots in the May 5th municipal primary election; A state biologist has just photographed one of Monroe Lake’s original and oldest bald eagles; The Bloomington City Council has shown support for new financial control measures that would affect the city’s Redevelopment Commission, also known as the R.D.C.; Rhino’s Youth Center is hosting a week-long multi-media exhibit beginning this Friday to showcase student work; The Bloomington Rotary Club’s 13th annual Race for Literacy will take place next Saturday, June 13th, to benefit Teachers Warehouse.

The 9th annual Spencer LBGTQI Pride Festival will take place this Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. This year’s theme is Color our World with Pride. The festival is held by the Spencer Pride group. Correspondent Kara Tullman spoke with the group’s director, Judi Epp, for this WFHB community report.

New Hope Family Shelter executive director and volunteer Rachel Guiglielmo talk about the experience of working with family homelessness and the growing awareness in our community to the many different faces of homeless families.

Anchors: Maria McKinley, Doug Storm
Today’s headlines were written by Kara Tullman, Jordan Guskey and Sierra Gardner
Along with David Murphy for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Kara Tullman
Activate! is produced by Jennifer Whitaker, along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network
Our engineer is Chris Martin
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Executive producer is Joe Crawford

Hola Bloomington – Desde los pasillos de la Academia


The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship’s Spanish Club talk about what is going on with their club. This podcast segment was created and produced by El Club de Español, Advised by Janeth Carillo-Rivera. The club fosters a mutual relationship between school and local community through events, activities and learning of Spanish language and cultures. For more information on The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship’s Spanish Club visit http://www.mccsc.edu/ase.

Hola Bloomington – May 29, 2015


Los locutores de Hola Bloomington Maria Auxiliadora Viloria y Raquel Anderson entrevistan a Harlene Haro y Ricardo Munoz. Harlene es coordinadora de programas de salud para El Centro Comunal Latino, una organización sin fines de lucro que sirve la comunidad Latina de Bloomington. Hablen de los servicios que proporciona El Centro y como la comunidad puede participar.

Hola Bloomington hosts Maria Auxiliadora Viloria and Raquel Anderson interview Harlene Haro and Ricardo Munoz. Harlene is the Health Programs Coordinator for El Centro Comunal Latino, a grassroots non for profit that serves the Latino community in Bloomington. They discuss the services El Centro provides and how the Bloomington community can get involved.

bloomingOUT – May 28, 2015


Tonight, hosts Jeff Poling and Ryne Shadday interview Spencer PRIDE president Jonathan Balash and volunteer Katie Zuber. We also hear the next part of “Lost in the Initialism”, segment by Megan McCollough. The music tonight was “Goodbye” by Who is Fancy. The bloomingOUT staff would like to thank the Spencer PRIDE representatives Jonathan and Katie for their time.


Hosts Ryne Shadday, Jeff Poling

Executive Producer Joe Crawford

Producer Olivia Davidson

Board Engineer Andrew Sims, Jorge Guillen

Social Media Coordinators Megan McCullough, and Jacob Samples

Monroe County Council Gives More Life to West Side TIF District


The Monroe County Council voted four to three Tuesday night to support extending the life of the West Side TIF district by 15 years. The Council also showed approval for issuing a $3.5 million bond to pay for road projects there. A TIF district allows the local government to spend property tax collected within the district exclusively on projects in that area. The Council meeting was held at the same time as a meeting of the County Plan Commission, which was addressing the same issue. At one point, the Council temporarily adjourned its meeting to attend the Plan Commission meeting and await its decision on the issue. After the Plan Commission approved the TIF proposal, the Council resumed its meeting. Before opening up debate on the issue, the Council heard from Greg Guerretaz, a consulting auditor to the county Redevelopment Commission. Guerretaz discussed tax revenues and expenditures within the west-side TIF. One issue of concern he addressed was the potential departure of the General Electric facility from the district.

“No matter what we talk about on this bond issue, we have to be concerned with GE” Guerretaz explains. “Its not to protect the bond holders its to protect, ultimately, the county”

Guerrataz then explained the rationale behind the proposed amount of the $3.5 million dollar bond. He said there is a need to balance anticipated expenditure needs with anticipated tax revenue, to cover annual bond interest payments. He also talked about why the Redevelopment Commission, which controls TIF tax revenues, had never released any of its TIF revenue to other local tax assessing bodies, such as the Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation. Council member Marty Hawk commented on this policy.

“I just have to say the people in Richland and Beanblossom would appreciate a tax relief even if it was occasionally” Hawk had to say about the TIF Policy”

The proposed bond is to help build a road between Daniel’s Way and Hartstraight Road. The county highway department estimates the project will cost four-point-one million dollars. Council president Cheryl Munson asked about this and other possible road projects in the TIF district.

“One thing, that I think is very important and I’m not sure is well understood that has to do with the project, is that the bond will fund”, Muson says.

County Attorney Jeff Cockerill re-iterated that the prime project is the Daniel’s Way-Hartstraight extension. Richland Bean Blossom school district superintendent Mike Wilcox and School Board president Dana Kerr again re-iterated their opposition to the west-side TIF extension and bond, due to the loss of tax revenue to the district. Bloomington Chamber of Commerce president Jim Shelton and Redevelopment Commission chairman Lynn Coyne spoke in favor of the TIF extension and the bond, saying they would stimulate economic expansion and job creation in the district. In the end, the County Council voted four to three to approve the three-point-five million dollar bond.

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