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Daily Local News – September 1, 2016

The City of Bloomington and developer HM Mac have come to a final agreement on how much of a tax break it will give on what’s been dubbed the Chocolate Moose project; the City Council give Duke Energy its approval to build a controversial substation in the Maple Heights neighborhood; the Monroe County Council approved a 2017 budget of $2.5 …

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Voices in the Street: “The power behind politics: defining “The Elite.”

Political Elite are defined as a small group of powerful people in political and sociological theory, such as an oligarchy, that controls a disproportionate amount of wealth or political power in society. It has become common practice to accuse a political opponent of elitism and this year’s Presidential election is no different. But WHO are the elite? Voices in the …

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EcoFeature – Sher and Bruce Schwartz Discuss Their Farm Restoration Project in Eastern Oregon

In today’s EcoReport Feature, Correspondent Bob Kissel interviews Sher and Bruce Schwartz about their farm restoration project in Eastern Oregon.

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EcoReport – September 1, 2016

In today’s EcoReport Feature, Correspondent Bob Kissel interviews Sher and Bruce Schwartz about their farm restoration project in Eastern Oregon. EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships with nature and the Earth …

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Bring It On Interviews Police About shootings and Citizen Response

On Monday, the hosts of WFHB’s African American Public Affairs show, Bring It On, sat down with two members of the Indiana State Police Department to discuss recent police shootings and citizen responses. Hosts William Hosea and Amrita Myers spoke with Sergeant Todd Durnil and Captain Ruben Marte. We bring you a portion of their conversation now for today’s WFHB …

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Better Beware – Android, Instagram

Android phones urgently need to update their software to patch a huge hole that’s just been discovered, and Instagram users need to watch out for scammers and swindlers who are using this handy app more and more.

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Daily Local News – August 31, 2016

The Indiana University Police Department has decided to implement police body cameras on campuses in Bloomington and Indianapolis, with the stated goal of improving officer accountability and police-community relations; The Bloomington City Council conducted four nights of departmental budget hearings last week; There may soon be another place that Twitter cannot go. The Times of Northwest Indiana reports that Indiana …

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Interchange – Staging the Nation: Douglas Harvey on Performing Empire

Edwin Forrest as Metamora (1890s engraving)

Just a moment of watching the daily activities of our national public life reveals that ‘performance’ is consequential — far beyond the confines of the playhouse. In fact, ritual, performance, and theater foster and embody the myths of our culture, the assumptions we hold — often without even being aware of it — and have done so for longer than …

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Bloomington and Ellettsville: How a Developer’s Lawsuit Reveals Differences In Planning Policies


Earlier this month, WFHB reported on a lawsuit filed by a developer against the Ellettsville plan commission. Today, correspondent Jerrod Dill brings the in-depth story behind the lawsuit, and what it says about the differences between Bloomington and Ellettsville. The Ellettsville Plan Commission’s full findings of fact in the case concerning is available here.

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Daily Local News – August 30, 2016

A new investigative report from the Indianapolis Star has revealed that the state of Indiana has spent millions of dollars on tax incentives for companies that offshored more jobs than they created; The Indiana State Department of Health reports the infant mortality rate amongst the state’s black population is twice that of the overall state average; City parks officials are …

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