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Better Beware – Cybercrime

Hacking has reached “epidemic proportions” and it’s getting worse. Here are the best current ways to protect yourself, because the professionals can’t do it all.

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Daily Local News – September 7, 2016

Two local politicians and a labor leader called a press conference on the side of a highway this morning to draw attention to what they called a mess and a failure related to construction of Interstate 69; A South Bend family is still searching for answers about their collective eighteen dollar award after police punched, handcuffed and stun-gunned their then-seventeen-year-old …

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Daily Local News – September 6, 2016

9/6/16 The Bloomington Police Department provided fewer than six copies of body or dash camera footage to citizens during the five months before the city dramatically increased the cost of accessing the records; In a meeting last week, the Monroe County Election Board received assurances voting machine vendor Hart InterCivic that their machines will allow the county to comply with …

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Interchange – The Backyard Edition: Local Flavor for Fund Drive


WFHB’s longest-running public affairs program, Interchange, wants to talk about everything, any topic, in a desire to make connections across the categorical. Our feelings and opinions about Macbeth, and college students, and guns, and dying, and movies, and Moby Dick…do speak to and for each other. Looking closely at one illuminates all the others also. And in a like manner, …

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CDC Funds Opioid Overdose Prevention Program in South Central Indiana

In a growing struggle to address high drug overdose rates, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded $520,000 to the Indiana State Department of Health to expand overdose prevention outreach. An IU news release reported that 12 Indiana counties with high overdose rates are targeted for education about the drug naloxone and the role it plays in opioid-overdose …

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Google Offers Trekker Camera Rig to Record Trail Systems

A 50-pound, 15-lens Google Trekker backpack camera is on loan to Brown County this fall, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau has a long list of volunteers to wear it on hiking trails, including around Yellowood Lake. According to the Herald-Times, Bloomington officials loaned the camera this summer, capturing footage on local trails and the B-Line – and now that …

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Activate! – Black Lives Matter Rally : Zoe Reed and Peyton Wombach


In this episode of Activate!, we interview a few of the organizers of the Black Lives Matter Rally that took place in Bloomington earlier in 2016. Zoe and Peyton talk about how they were influenced by BLM rallies in other cities, and how that led them to work together with other members of the community to organize the Bloomington Black …

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Daily Local News – September 5, 2016

Native Americans from around the country continue to protest in North Dakota today, in opposition to an oil pipeline they say threatens a major water supply; Despite attempts by Governor Mike Pence and conservative groups to block the entry of Syrian refugees, they continue to settle in Indiana; On Friday, Monroe County Commissioners declined to accept the county treasurer’s monthly …

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Hola Bloomington- September 2, 2016

En nuestro programa de hoy Exsenet Esler entrevista a estudiantes, Mayra Meza, Yadira Guiterrez, y Erika Vazquez de la Universidad de Indiana para hablar sobre su experencia en el colegio y que consejos tienen para los estudiantes de primer año. Nos cuentan de como decidieron ir a la Universidad de Indiana en Bloomington y que han aprendido en su tiempo …

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Kite Line – September 2, 2016: Bend the Bars


This week, we recorded at Bend The Bars, a conference in Columbus, Ohio, that brought together former prisoners, various organizations, and people who are interested in prisoner support. First off, we read a letter from an inmate at the Monroe County Jail. We learn about the upcoming September 9th National Prison Strike, speak with attendees at the conference, and get …

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