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IU Professor David Baker To Be Honored With Black History Month Living Legend Award

A lifetime combining a love of music and public service has won an IU professor the 2015 Black History Month Living Legend award. David Baker has spent decades exploring and excelling in many facets of music. A gifted composer and musician, Baker has penned over 2,000 pieces and been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy, and has performed …

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The Second Red Carpet Affair Will Be Held At The Buskirk-Chumley Theatre Sunday

Six short films from local artists will be part of a competition at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre this Sunday. The competition will be part of the second edition of a theatre event known as the Red Carpet Affair. Rebecca Stanze (STAN-zuh), the associate director of the theatre, says the aim is to keep the event open to artists from as many …

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Interchange – Bloodier Than Tarantino: The Real Slave Narrative and Its Complexities


The last few years in particular have seen a re-popularization of slave narratives: from Tarantino’s fictional Django Unchained to the award-winning 12 Years a Slave. But why did ex-slaves argue for their humanity through narratives rife with depictions of life in a brutal system which treated them as beasts? What were the stakes and aims for ex-slaves narrating their fight …

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Daily Local News – February 17, 2015

The current cold snap has ended the warmer than average winter Indiana had been experiencing this year; The state is moving toward allowing Sunday alcohol sales but possibly with more restrictions that will apply to all liquor sales every day; and the construction of a long-debated recycling facility is moving forward, but not without further complications in the process. FEATURE A six-and-a-half-hour …

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Sunday Alcohol Sales One Step Closer To Being Legal In Indiana

The state is moving toward allowing Sunday alcohol sales but possibly with more restrictions that will apply to all liquor sales every day. In late January, the Daily Local News reported that bills had been introduced into both branches of the state legislature to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana. We spoke to representatives from the two retail groups that …

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Activate! – VITAL: Sarah Buchanan and Susan Welsand


Volunteers Sarah Buchanan and Susan Welsand share their experiences working for the Volunteers in Tutoring Adult Learners (VITAL) program at the Monroe County Public Library. Also, volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. LINKS VITAL at the Monroe County Public Library RSVP Tutoring in the Schools  ESL Tutors  VITAL Volunteers 

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Global Climate Change Awareness

Last week local residents participating in Global Divestment day joined an estimated 450 events in 60 countries to bring awareness to the connection between climate change and the use of fossil fuels. Correspondent Alycin Bektesh has that story for today’s WFHB community report.

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Bring It On! – February 16, 2015

Clarence Boone and Jim Sims welcome Akwasi Owusu-Bempah. PART ONE On tonight’s show, Clarence and Jim welcome Akwasi Owusu-Bempah to the show. An Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and an Adjunct Professor within the Department of African American and Diaspora Studies. He is also a Faculty Affiliate, within the Center for Research on Race, Ethnicity and Society. Dr. Owusu-Bempah joins us …

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Daily Local News – February, 16, 2015

The influx of proposed developments in Bloomington is raising concerns at the city’s Commission on Sustainability. Last week, Rebecca Swanson gave a report to the Commission and listed five projects that she called “eye openingly large.” She included the recent passage by the Bloomington Plan Commission of a 30-foot height variance for a hotel on Kirkwood Avenue. FEATURE Last week …

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Books Unbound – “Benito Cereno” by Herman Melville, Part Four

A four-part presentation of Herman Melville’s classic and problematic historical fiction “Benito Cereno” concludes. In the final episode, Captain Amasa Delano has realized what underlies the unease and disorder he’s been witnessing all day aboard the San Dominick. The Spanish captain Benito Cereno has been the puppet of Babo, a Senegalese slave who has led his fellow Africans to revolt. …

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