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New and Improved Monroe County Website Is On the Way

The Monroe County website is getting an upgrade. That’s according to Eric Evans, the County’s Chief Technology Officer. Evans made the announcement at  a work session of the Monroe County Council yesterday. Evans says the current website is about two years past due for an update and should have been replaced a long time ago as it is now very behind in its capabilities


The age of the website causes various issues and certain browsers are not able to read it. Evans says the website upgrades will enable the County to add new features to the website, such ad online tax payments and a better display for mobile devices.  He says that the new website will be much more dynamic in that it will be capable  of eventually handling all e-commerce transactions that the current site cannot.


The County is finalizing the hire of eGov Strategies, an Indianapolis-based contractor that specializes in state and local government websites to take on the web development work. The website upgrade is scheduled to launch by the end of the year.

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