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Monroe County-based Artists Receive Indiana Arts Council Grants

Several Monroe County-based artists have received Indiana Arts Council grants for the 2014 fiscal year that begins July 1st. Of the 39 statewide artists in a variety of disciplines who received the awards, five live and work in the immediate Bloomington area. IAC Grants for Individuals rants are given to artists in dance, literature, music, and theater.

“It is a career development grant to helping travel to New York City this summer and to be able to watch some of the current shows in the city and to use that to develop my abilities more,” said Chad Rabinovitz, producing artistic director of the Bloomington Playwrights Project.

“Mostly focusing on musicals, because my career is currently taking a turn in that direction and it is just unbelievably helpful to see what is cutting edge in the field and to learn some new styles and techniques.”

Rabinovitz will be in New York for eight days from July 12-19th. He has been awarded $1,754 to cover travel, hotel, and meal expenses as well as Broadway’s hefty ticket prices. Among the many musical theater creative types he’s scheduled to meet are the composer and lyricist of the play “Island Song.” In addition to helping individual artists develop their skills, the IAC grants benefit the communities in which the artists work. Local arts patrons can experience enhanced performances and exhibitions and businesses like nearby restaurants get a bump from theater-goers and live music lovers who make a night of it.

“The grant requires that there is an affordable or free to the public performance,” said Rabinovitz.

“There will be a pay-what-you-can performance for the BPP production of ‘Island Song.’ Theater tells us about the human condition as it is now. It is not only a place to relax and to be entertained; it is to be educated on what your values are, to question those values. Arts education is about learning collaboration, working with one another. Acting is understanding why different people are different from you.”

Besides Rabinovitz, local artists getting the good news today include singers Janiece Jaffe and Krista Detor, choreographer Tamara Loewenthal, and oboist Guy M. Hardy.

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