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MCPL may end test proctoring


The Monroe County Public Library may soon end its test proctoring service, which a Library employee said has become too popular. Christine Eykholt-Friesel, the coordinator for the Library’s Indiana Room, where the tests are proctored, says the increased use of electronic devices in schools has also made test proctoring more difficult.

The Library charges 30 dollars to proctor a test. So far this year, Eykholt-Friesel said the Library has made $1,800 on the service. And although there was concern about losing the revenue, Board members mostly spoke in favor of ending the service. Board member Kari Isaacson Hartig, who is also a literacy coach at Templeton Elementary School, said state rules about test taking have become more strict in recent years.

The Board is scheduled to vote on whether to end the test proctoring service at its next meeting August 21st.

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