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MCCSC Cancels Auxilio Bus Services Contract


Transportation services company Auxilio Services was delivered a public letter by the Monroe County Community School Corporation stating that its school bus contract will be canceled due to parent complaints, delays, and a shortage of drivers.

The letter, sent to Auxilio late last week, stated the contract will be terminated on October 13th.

The move by MCCSC officials comes after repeated outcry and complaints from parents and community members, including members of the Bloomington Solidarity Network.

On the first day of school in August, many students were either late or not picked up at all.

On August 14th, Auxilio was sent a warning that five terms of its agreement had not been met, and that if they were not corrected within 30 days the contract would be canceled.

The delays, buses driving off their routes, and missed pickups and drop offs occurred as officials from Auxilio and MCCSC spokesperson Andrew Clampitt assured parents the school year would begin smoothly.

Parents and residents became concerned when, one week before MCCSC opened the 2016-2017 school year, Muncie Community Schools suffered extensive problems with their bus system, run primarily by Auxilio.

The cancellation of Auxilio’s contract with MCCSC comes after a similar move by Muncie Community Schools.

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