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Mayor Hamilton Proposes Annexation of Nearby Land


Bloomington Mayor, John Hamilton, is asking the City Council to annex more than 15 square miles of land into the City of Bloomington.

Hamilton made this announcement on Friday: “City boundaries have been adjusted many times. Expanding the city limits to incorporate the urbanized areas surrounding the city. Despite the ongoing growth in those urbanized areas of the county since the last minor annexation in 2004, appropriate adoption of those areas into the city has not been pursued until now. I’m proposing today a long-considered annexation plan that would allow all those households and business in the community to be a part of the same future of Bloomington.”

Most of the affected areas are located just past city limits in unincorporated parts of Monroe County. Annexing the land would mean more property tax revenue for the city, but it would also mean the city must provide services including police, fire, and trash pickup. The plan requires approval from the City Council. The city plans to hold six public information meetings about the annexation, from March 20th to the 25th, at City Hall.

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