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Lieutenant Governor Designates Communities for Revitalization

Two Indiana communities have been designated by the Lieutenant Governor to receive help funding revitalization projects. Bedford and Richmond were selected as the two winners of the 2013 Stellar Communities program, which is a collaboration among the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

“It was a way to look at pooling sources to communities to fund their long term comprehensive strategic goals in targeted areas of their community,” said Public Information Officer Emily Duncan of The Housing and Community Development Authority.

“So instead of having to go to each individual agency to apply for funding, they could kind of do one grand proposal, and then see what could happen for their communities.”

Duncan says Bedford and Richmond’s proposals, which suggest nearly $20 million each in improvements, impressed officials during the selection process. Each proposal included efforts to revitalize the two communities’ downtown areas with projects like business development, bike trails and murals.

“We just finished the 2013 designation round which was the third year for the program,” explained Duncan.

“We put out a request for proposals, so any community that is not a entitlement community, meaning they do not receive funds from the federal government