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Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson wrote an op-ed, stating the Russian government probed state voter registration weaknesses.

Lawson: Russians Probed State Election Databases


Federal intelligence services believe Russian government employees probed state voter registration rolls for possible weaknesses in 2016, according to Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson.

Lawson published an editorial this morning, which says the Russian government targeted voter information databases across states. Indiana Secretary of State Communications Director Ian Hauer says Russian agents probed for weaknesses in state voter registration records. Hauer says his office is confident no personal information was taken from Indiana residents.

Secretary of State Lawson is also an Executive Member of the newly-formed Government Coordinating Council, which works with intelligence services to direct federal resources to local and statewide election security. A Secretary of State is the highest-ranking elections official in each state, ultimately responsible for a state’s election integrity.

In the op-ed, Lawson writes the GCC is the first collaboration between federal, state and local officials, to prevent interference in elections. Lawson also stressed spending on cyber-security measures at both the local and federal levels, “Upgrading technology and investing in staff with cyber expertise at the state and local level will carry a significant price tag and must be a continuous effort. This is a race with no finish line.”

Lawson also encouraged Indiana residents to continue taking part in the electoral process and to vote in state and local elections.

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