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Kilroy’s Announces Donation to the Shalom Center


A twenty-two thousand dollar donation from the Kilroy’s franchise will reportedly go towards expanding the Shalom Center’s hours to seven days a week.

On Wednesday, owner Kevin Fitzpatrick announced that Kilroy’s would match a twenty-two thousand dollar donation made by the Cook Group in July.

These developments follow Mayor John Hamilton’s call to address Bloomington’s homelessness.

Hamilton proposed the city, county and private sector split the sixty-five thousand dollar cost of keeping the Shalom Center open year round last week.

Since the Mayor’s proposition, the private sector has donated forty-nine thousand dollars. Mayor Hamilton told WFHB that he’s pleased over the private sector’s support for the Shalom Center.

Mayor Hamilton said the city will follow through on its proposed third of the total contribution, although an official statement has not been made. Hamilton said the last needed step is for the County and city to come to an agreement.

Monroe County Commissioners will meet tomorrow, and are expected to discuss supporting the Shalom Center.

Monroe County Commissioner Amanda Barge said Shalom Center being open seven days a week could benefit the community.

Commissioner Barge said the sixty-five thousand dollar amount given to the Shalom Center was a bare minimum. According to Barge, exceeding that amount will only help Shalom in the long run.

Barge said the Monroe County Commissioners will meet to discuss potentially providing the Shalom Center with a grant contract.
The county commissioner meeting will occur at 10 A.M at the Bloomington Courthouse.

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